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We need to stop ridiculing Republicans...
...And start focusing the scorn on our President. It's hard to believe there is still all this giddy talk of Republican rebranding as though everything was fine and dandy on our side. Protecting the ...
klir2m 04/15/2013 23 1 - -
The terrifying implications of McConnell's sequester plan
McConnell has proposed giving the President the flexibility to choose what cuts go into effect under sequestration, propose his alternative to Congress, and give Congress the option to reject this ...
klir2m 02/27/2013 5 4 - -
Obama steals another plank from the GOP platform
Funny: Obama is now positioning the Democratic party as the defender of the military against House Republicans eager to gut it, stealing yet another plank from the GOP platform, having already ...
klir2m 02/05/2013 21 14 1 -
Things I learned from the Hagel confirmation hearings
1) McCain wants Hagel to confess: McCain rules, Hagel drools. 2) As a corollary, signing on to The Surge was the single towering achievement of McCain's career - according to McCain. 3) To be in the ...
klir2m 02/01/2013 20 15 - -
US execs call for raising retirement age to 70: Reuters
For both Social Security and Medicare. Business Roundtable intends to lobby the WH to raise eligibility age, but not increase taxes on high earners (Reuters' words). Thought it worth putting on our ...
klir2m 01/16/2013 61 28 - -
Perhaps the smartest thing Pat Buchanan has ever written
Pat Buchanan has a great column up at The American Conservative that I think is worthy of posting here as in the purview of dkos readers. He says many things that I and some others around here have ...
klir2m 01/15/2013 14 9 - -
Maddow just blew my mind
I had no idea that when Fox News calls Dick Morris a "former Clinton aide", they mean the former president's one time re-election campaign manager who happened to be fired for soliciting a $200/hr ...
klir2m 01/04/2013 74 47 1 -
Grover insists: Democrats are the party of low taxes
So Grover Norquist claims that since rates went up Jan. 1, Republicans who voted yes on the McConnell-Biden bill were actually voting for a tax cut. Too clever by half, but let's run with it: ...
klir2m 01/02/2013 5 3 - -
Obama isn't GOD, folks: We got 98% of what we wanted
We got a deal that raises taxes on the wealthy, preserves tax rates for the middle class, extends unemployment uninsurance, extends stimulative tax measures for FIVE YEARS (who saw that coming?), ...
klir2m 01/01/2013 20 10 - -
Why is Boehner insisting it's up to Senate Dems now?
I believe he's waiting for Reid to put forward a proposal so that McConnell can filibuster it; that way, Boehner can claim the "Democrat Senate" couldn't pass its own bill either. Would explain why ...
klir2m 12/27/2012 36 6 - -
Raise rates, Medicare age; truce on Obamacare incl. subsidies 65-66
Progressives will rage, but I suspect a deal that looked something like this would have us all coming to terms with the political genius of the maneuver years down the road: 1. Raise Medicare to 67 ...
klir2m 12/09/2012 196 4 - -
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