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What the hell is wrong with OFA?
There is something seriously wrong at OFA - Organizing for Action, President Obama's "grass-roots" support organization. The warning sign that all is not well is that Jim Messina is still co-chair ...
kmoorh 01/02/2015 163 214 5 -
Romney and Big Bird: satiric art - caption contest
Here is my contribution to the Mitt Romney - Big Bird Rumble. I like the art I did, but I'm sure someone at dkos can think of a better caption for it than I have. Below is the art with a blank ...
kmoorh 10/10/2012 7 - - 63
The Execution of Fozzie Bear
The budget carnage in the House is truly appalling. Where to start?? Since I'm a filmmaker, I noticed the elimination of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which means PBS - ITVS and ...
kmoorh 02/19/2011 9 12 - 122
A dangerous blame game
We've all read it. Congresswoman Giffords shot while meeting with constituents. It is not the first attack on democracy and we all fear it won't be the last. The GOP – supported by large ...
kmoorh 01/11/2011 9 6 - 72
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