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Hillary Clinton on foreign policy: Critical perspectives from the Left
Still Life with Deciders and ...
koNko 05/03/2015 252 57 6 -
Breaking: Mosby to File Homicide Charges in Freddy Gray Case
The Washington Post is reporting that Maryland State Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby has found probable case to file homicide charges in the death of Freddie Gray. Baltimore prosecutor: Probable cause to ...
koNko 05/01/2015 21 48 2 -
Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 Crash in France, 148 Assumed Casualties
This will be quick: news services are reporting a Germanwings Flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf has gone down in the French Pyrenees Alps after take-off with 142 passengers and 6 crew aboard. The ...
koNko 03/24/2015 8 10 - -
Can the US and China be trusted to deliver on their Climate Agreement?
Questioning Obama's sanity and Chinese motives has little basis in fact. Since the announcement of the US-China agreement on GHG emissions reduction , there has been much debate on Daily Kos about ...
koNko 11/16/2014 34 18 - -
US & China Announce Break-though Climate Deal in Beijing
To the wire negotiations reverse downward spiral in co-operation WaPo: China, U.S. agree to limit greenhouse gases LA Times: U.S. and Chinese leaders make major breakthrough on climate ...
koNko 11/12/2014 81 69 1 -
Selling Fear Did Not Work
For Dems. Over the fold I promise to be brief.
koNko 11/05/2014 25 7 - -
Troll Army Occupies ReaganBook
Trigger Warning: Graphic Images of Ronald Reagan Below Via: Ars Technica , The Daily Beast , ...
koNko 08/02/2014 21 15 - -
Is this the end of arms trade and proxy war?
Yesterday, 2014.07.17, Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 lost contact with flight controlers over Ukraine because, as we have learned, it was hit by a ground to air missile, exploding in a fireball mid-...
koNko 07/18/2014 118 56 1 -
Join NSA's XKeyscore Database by Clicking These Convenient Links
About that awesome time I was an "extremist": My extremist profile: • foreign national/foreign resident • Linux user/coder • occasional Linux Journal reader • occasional Tor/TAILS user (...
koNko 07/04/2014 26 32 1 -
Wikileaks Posts Secret TISA Draft - GREAT News for Obedient Serfs !
Sure. I know what you are thinking: "The TPP will not make us surfs subservient enough, and besides, it will be debated in public for at least 20 minutes before it is ratified by Multinational ...
koNko 06/22/2014 80 150 12 -
House Votes to Cut NSA & CIA Funding and Ban Clandestine "Backdoor" Surveillance
Bipartisan majority cuts funding for warrantless spying on Americans and bans insertion of "Backdoor" surveillance measures on IT products and services In an unexpected late vote Thursday 2014.06....
koNko 06/20/2014 10 19 - -
Landmark Ruling by 11th Circuit Court on Cell Phone Tracking & Metadata
Ruling rejects 3rd Party Doctrine underpining warrantless metatdata collection On Wednesday, 2014.06.11, the United States 11th Circuit Court of Appeals made a landmark ruling in United States v. ...
koNko 06/15/2014 45 69 4 -
Is it time to take back the internet & rein-in mass-surveillance?
One Year Ago ... ... in its 2013 June 06 UK edition, The Guardian published an article by Greenwald, MacAskill & Ackerman, "NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily" , ...
koNko 06/05/2014 260 74 3 -
CNN's Amanpour interviews Chinese Ambassador to USA Cui Tian-kai
It has been a bumpy ride for US Foreign Policy in Asia since the Obama Administration decided to re-engage after neglect by the Bush Administration. After inserting itself back into regional ...
koNko 05/22/2014 21 10 1 -
Cisco CEO requests Obama to curb NSA hacking of US IT equipment
Hot on the heels of disclosure of NSA-TAO bugging US made IT infrastructure equipment in Glenn Greewald's book, No Place to Hide , Cisco CEO John Chambers has sent a letter to President Obama ...
koNko 05/21/2014 13 20 - -
WaPo Breaking: US to prosecute China for Cycberspying
The Washington Post has just published a breaking story .... U.S. to announce first criminal charges against China for cyberspying Yes, you read correctly, the country who recently got caught with ...
koNko 05/19/2014 77 26 - -
Did Hayden and Alexander violate the ODNI "Pre-publication Review" policy?
Effective 2014 April 08, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) which oversees 16 US national intelligence agencies including the NSA, issued INSTRUCTION 80.04 (PDF) , an ...
koNko 05/11/2014 9 15 - -
NSA Reform Bills Suddenly Appear !
As we crawl toward the one year anniversary of the end of The Pre-Snowden Era, suddenly, after a long pause of the sausage grinder, the sort-of and not-really NSA reform bills (USA Freedom Act - H.R.
koNko 05/07/2014 5 17 1 -
Offered Without Comment: John Oliver Interviews Keith Alexander
Without further ado ....
koNko 04/29/2014 8 9 - -
No, Brothers & Sisters, Edward Snowden is NOT Spartacus
I have seen Edward Snowden compared to Jason Bourne , Joan of Arc and now Spartacus .
koNko 04/19/2014 102 23 - -
Surprise CERN announcement rocks EU scientific community
Speaking from CERN headquarters in Bern, Switzerland today, ATLAS spokesperson and UN Scientific Advisory Board member Fabiola Gianotti announced that effective today, in celebration of their 60th ...
koNko 04/01/2014 30 18 - -
NSA Shootout : Snowden v. Ledgett
This week at TED 2014 - The Next Chapter , the 30th anniversary of the conference series, Edward Snowden, Whistleblower, was invited to address the audience from Russia via the internet in a Q&A ...
koNko 03/22/2014 45 51 2 -
Snowden Breaks Silence (sort of)
Monday, Edward Snowden broke radio silence for the second time in a week (after addressing the EU in writing - PDF ) when he participated in a keynote interview to the SXSW 2014 Monday. Hosted by ...
koNko 03/11/2014 32 36 4 -
Kiev Burns While the EU calls for Sanctions & Putin for Head Cracking
Things are spinning out of control in Ukraine today, demonstrations turning to violence and spreading from Kiev to other cities. Germany, Sweden and France will call for an emergency meeting to ...
koNko 02/19/2014 12 10 - -
Clapper Fingers Snowden & "Accomplices" at Intelligence Hearing
恭禧发财 Citations & Background : WaPo 2014.01.30 Transcript: Senate Intelligence hearing on national security threats National Journal 2014.01.29 :
koNko 01/30/2014 73 72 - -
We Are All Newton : Shots Felt Around the World
On Friday December 14 2012, as Adam Lanza emptied rounds of bullets into students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I was taking an evening flight home from a business trip. After ...
koNko 12/14/2013 20 47 - -
500+ Writers Petition the UN for Digital Rights
Hot on the heels of the IT industry's Reform Government Surveillance group open letter to the US Government yesterday, today a group of 560 international authors from 81 countries, including 5 Nobel ...
koNko 12/10/2013 18 16 1 -
ACT NOW - Hour of Code Starts Today
Do you stand for education? Do you stand for jobs? Do you stand for equal opportunity? The time to act is now because the Hour of Code campaign starts TODAY. Hit the link above or join me after ...
koNko 12/09/2013 14 55 1 -
Is the Syrian Weapons Agreement Designed to Fail?
The breaking news is the US and Russia have announced they have reached an agreement on the handover of Syrian chemical weapons to international authorities for transport out of the country and ...
koNko 09/14/2013 38 8 - -
Why I Tolerate Daily Kos
It's not like we get paid to do this - most of us don't anyway. And it's not like this is the only blog on the internet, or the only one I'm a member of, for that matter. Or that it covers all or ...
koNko 09/08/2013 34 25 - -
Snowden Walks : Asylum Granted
News services are reporting Edward Snowden's Russian lawyer has stated he was granted a temporary one year visa by the Russian Federation and has left the Moscow Airport transit lounge where he has ...
koNko 08/01/2013 30 18 1 -
Gary Younge's Guardian OP-ED on Trayvon Martin Verdict Burns
UPDATE: For whatever (unknown) reason the Gary Younge OP-ED was temporarily pulled by The Guardian, it is now back up and very worth reading, so click-through to the main diary or just hit this link:
koNko 07/14/2013 44 81 1 -
DEF CON to Feds: "We're just not into you that much anymore"
FEDS, WE NEED SOME TIME APART. Front Paged by The Dark Tangent @ DEF CON 07.10.13 (repost archive) For over two decades DEF CON has been an open nexus of hacker culture, a place where seasoned pros,
koNko 07/11/2013 17 21 2 -
What Does Commie Coward Snowden Have To Do With It?
Predictably, the main stream media and legions of other brave and noble individuals have spent the last few days poking their noses down Edward Snowden's butt crack looking for the tell-tale signs ...
koNko 06/18/2013 574 194 4 -
Everything you don't want to know about the NSA & didn't ask
Since the disclosure of the PRISM program by Edward Snowden, debates on what, why and how the NSA does what it does, and the appropriateness of it, have cranked-up the volume across the internet ...
koNko 06/16/2013 208 159 19 -
Background checks would not have prevented this shooting
CNN -- A 6-year-old New Jersey boy has died after being shot in the head by a 4-year-old playmate as their parents stood in the yard nearby, a local police chief said. Brandon Holt was pronounced ...
koNko 04/10/2013 48 5 1 -
Baroness Thatcher dies; Wikileaks publishes
British media is reporting the news that Ex-PM Baroness Margret Thatcher has passed away from a stroke at the age of 87. BBC News The Guardian Condolences to the family and friends. In other news,
koNko 04/08/2013 5 4 - -
Death by the Numbers: Global Data Correlates Guns to Deaths & Homicide
Firefighters pray at a memorial at Sandy Hook Elementary ...
koNko 12/15/2012 28 28 3 -
So, Mitt, where are the investment bankers?
Just a thought: If Mitt Romney thinks it's "immoral" for for the Federal Government to provide and coordinate disaster relief and the private sector would do a better job, why is he passing out milk ...
koNko 10/30/2012 9 9 - -
Debate Question #1
Will the coming debates include questions from the public?
koNko 09/19/2012 7 4 - 37
2012 Paralympics - Cheers and Cheers
Had enough lies and Sex Lies, Lies and Lies Videotape for one week? Join me after the little orange lie detector to celebrate the .... 2012 Paralympics Day One Cheers and Jeers Cheers ...
koNko 08/30/2012 5 2 - 30
Coming Soon to iOS : Mitt Romney
Hot on the heels of Apple WWDC 2012 next Monday and the usual hot gossip and rumors about software and product introductions such as iOS6 ,
koNko 06/10/2012 15 3 - 75
Bad News for Mitt: Chen Resting in Beijing Hospital (updated)
Things are not going well for foreign policy wonk Mitt Romney. Head south.
koNko 05/02/2012 88 98 1 1180
43 Hot Seats & a Lady in a Red Dress (updated)
Sunday, the people of Myanmar went to the polls for parliamentary elections producing a historic landslide result with the National League for Democracy (NLD) party lead by Aung San Suu Kyi taking ...
koNko 04/02/2012 26 10 - 66
Anonymous hacks The Great Orange Satan
2012 Jan 01 - In what appears to have been a coordinated attack against the tools of capitalism, hundreds of unsuspecting liberal bloggers have been targeted, baiting them with emails containing a ...
koNko 01/01/2012 54 203 - 2556
The ABC's of the Durban Climate Agreement
As FishOutOfWater noted in his breaking news diary ...
koNko 12/11/2011 22 14 2 64
COP17 : New Day/New Dawn in Durban?
As the the final scheduled day of roller-coaster negotiations at COP17 in Durban neared deadline Friday with growing support for the EU proposal but no deal in sight, observers seeking a deal but ...
koNko 12/10/2011 14 10 - 46
NOW - Thousands Protesting in Egypt
It's after 01:30am here so I'm going to keep this short to get the news up and log off. Approximately 5,000 protestors are now marching in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt protesting poverty and ...
koNko 01/25/2011 56 33 2 182
eKos : Rare Earth Elements – The Party is Over
This diary is in response to eKos: Greenpower, Tech & Comm Hit by China REE ...
koNko 01/01/2011 282 215 12 135
Showdown in Korea
This is a developing story so I will be brief. The US and Republic or Korea have announced their intention to conduct War Games off the coast of Koreas in response to the DPRK bombing of ...
koNko 11/27/2010 136 35 - 68
The Delicate Hand of Aung San Suu Kyi
Today Aung San Suu Kyi addressed her supporters assembled outside the headquarters of the National League for Democracy (NLD) in Yangon, speaking in conciliatory terms as she called for freedom of ...
koNko 11/14/2010 9 14 - 30
Love Letters
Baseball is not very popular in China. It needs too much space and equipment to capture a grassroots following amongst children I suppose, unlike Basketball, which is wildly popular (China probably ...
koNko 11/03/2010 8 6 1 186
AGW: Tianjin10/04-09 & 350 ppm
You won’t hear about it on CNN, MSNBC or the front page of the New York Times. It won’t make your teeth whiter, your breasts larger, grow hair to cover your bald spot or get you laid ...
koNko 10/03/2010 28 20 2 236
China Floats Yuan, Global Markets Surge
Monday, China floated the Yuan, ending the two year fixed peg to the US Dollar. In response, international markets surged as expected, a rally led by the Shanghai Exchange. Notably, it saved my ass ...
koNko 06/21/2010 77 19 - 96
Greek Protests Are Turning Ugly; 3+ Dead
Anti-Government demonstrations in Athens are turning ugly as tens of thousands of protestors have taken to the streets, clashing with police, burning vehicles and throwing petrol bombs. News ...
koNko 05/05/2010 88 16 1 23
Sky Burials, Smoke and Silence
It's been almost a week since a 6.9 earthquake turned life upside-down in Yushu, Qinghai, China, leaving in its wake, 2,039 dead and 12,135 injured and reducing 85% of structures in the quake zone ...
koNko 04/20/2010 33 25 - 198
"I'm sorry for the trouble" Another day in Qinghai.
:: A group of workers (at Yushu Vocational School) found a girl trapped for more than 12 hours under the debris. "I can't feel my arm," said the girl, who was curled up ...
koNko 04/15/2010 20 16 - 178
Breaking : Troops Fire on Kyrgyzstani Protestors (updated)
Chinese news sources and BBC News are reporting anti-government protests in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan have turned violent after government ...
koNko 04/07/2010 118 142 1 58
Ball in Your Court, Dennis
If the report in this Rec List Diary proves accurate, tomorrow, Dennis Kucinich ...
koNko 03/16/2010 16 2 - 18
Breaking: 7.2 Aftershock Strike Chile, Tsunami Alert Issued
CCTV is reporting a series of aftershocks with maximum magnatue 7.2 have hit Chile within the last hour and a precautionary Tsunami alert has been issued warning people in costal regions to move to ...
koNko 03/11/2010 28 16 - 22
Updated: 8 Americans, 5 Canadians, 8 Afghans die in attacks
The Washington Post is reporting ..... Suicide bomber attacks CIA ...
koNko 12/31/2009 28 11 - 48
Liveblog: "we Wuz cheated" ReThugs wrek total eclipse
It's raining cats + dogs out of a black sky. We're soaking wet so you can't see the tears in our eyes. The chance of a lifetime ruined by anti-science ReThugs who made it rain. ...
koNko 07/21/2009 40 3 - 1
Why Obama’s Position on Lieberman is Correct
Joe Lieberman is rightfully repudiated by Liberal Democrats as an opportunistic political hack. I, as much as anyone on this site, wish to see him subject to Congressional discipline and to be ...
koNko 11/12/2008 27 6 - 14
NN Exclusive : Dog Eats Homework, Mom Delivers Baby
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! We can't go to Netroots Nation, there’s a mouse in our house! And ... It’s a Girl !
koNko 07/21/2008 53 36 - 35
3 Days Mourning for Wenchuen China Earthquake Victims
Chinese people will observe 3 days mourning for the Wenchuen Earthquake victims starting today at 14:28 Beijing Time, exactly 1 week from the time of the first quake. In this period, all Chinese ...
koNko 05/18/2008 40 36 1 31
Racing against time to survive another day (Updated)
They worked all night in the darkness digging without rest. You can't save everyone. Maybe you can't save anyone. But if you can it means a second chance even if you can only save yourself. ...
koNko 05/13/2008 30 52 - 22
We had a terrible earthquake today in China
In Sichuan Province today we had a 7.8 7.9 scale earthquake at 14:28 that was felt across the country and all the way south-west to Vietnam and Thailand and east to Taipei. Needless to say it ...
koNko 05/12/2008 196 474 5 37
Another one bites the dust ($@!*% edition)
I've decided to swear-off Candidate Diaries. I regret this since it's a decision to disengage from important political dialogue in an historic election and an admission of my own failure. However, I ...
koNko 02/01/2008 11 8 1 13
China Bans Disposable Plastic Bags
China , with a population of 1.3 billion people, consumes up to 3 billion plastic shopping bags daily , equivalent to 37 million barrels of ...
koNko 01/20/2008 45 14 1 61
International Day of Action for a Free Burma - Today
Burma. We asked you to care. We're asking again. As you read, someone lays beaten and bloody for the crime of caring too much, for the sin of fighting with ideas not guns.
koNko 10/06/2007 17 24 - 13
Myanmar: UN-SC Takes Strong Position
The UN Security Council met Friday in New York to receive a report from Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari. Speaking in diplomatic but clear terms, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Gambari ...
koNko 10/05/2007 25 22 - 11
Free Burma Day Oct 4 - Please Blog for Freedom
Make a Difference - ...
koNko 10/04/2007 32 28 - 9
(Updated) Coup/Army Mutiny in Myanmar
The dissident website The Burma File in London is reporting news of an Army Mutiny and Political Coup with Than Shwe disposed by No. 2 General Maung Aye. Note on October 1 - sorry no ...
koNko 09/28/2007 285 368 3 42
Google : George W. Bush is a Failure
koNko 11/07/2006 10 - 1 7
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