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This week in the war on workers: Death on the job
This week, in honor of Workers Memorial Day, the AFL-CIO released its Death on the Job report. Some facts: In ...
Laura Clawson 05/02/2015 8 31 - -
Baltimore's curfew hits service workers and small businesses hard
If you work something close to a 9-5 schedule, a 10 p.m. ...
Laura Clawson 05/01/2015 6 29 - -
Daily Kos Labor digest: Port truck drivers explain why they're striking
Here's more on the strike. In other news: University of Chicago nurses narrowly avert a strike . Here are all the ...
Laura Clawson 04/30/2015 2 7 - -
Screw $10.10, Democrats now pushing for a $12 minimum wage
Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) ...
Laura Clawson 04/30/2015 77 46 2 -
Daily Kos Labor digest: Massachusetts takes over city's schools despite protest
Despite the hundreds of community members who turned out Monday to protest and testify against a state takeover of schools in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the state Board of Elementary and Secondary ...
Laura Clawson 04/28/2015 2 8 - -
Bumble Bee Foods faces charges for worker killed in pressure cooker
Here's something you may find less than appetizing after reading this story. What does it take for criminal charges to be filed in a workplace death? ...
Laura Clawson 04/28/2015 63 49 1 -
Democrats push for higher wages for Senate janitors and cafeteria workers
Days after Senate janitors and cafeteria workers walked out to protest low wages, and after one janitor's homelessness made news, ...
Laura Clawson 04/28/2015 17 48 1 -
Trumka: 'Will our candidates listen' to workers' concerns in 2016 race?
AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka The union movement is beginning its traditional campaign season dance with Democrats, in which union leaders push Democratic candidates to make working ...
Laura Clawson 04/28/2015 36 30 1 -
This week in the war on workers: The scary GOP plan for transportation funding
There are 61,000 structurally deficient bridges in the United States, and this is what congressional Republicans want to do to transportation funding:
Laura Clawson 04/25/2015 41 32 - -
Teacher explains how standardized testing is hurting her first graders
A New York teacher has written a remarkable letter to Diane Ravitch explaining how the focus on standardized testing is hurting her students. Her first-grade students . Even though these kids won'...
Laura Clawson 04/25/2015 120 111 3 -
The economy is increasingly rigged against workers with less education
It probably won't come as a surprise that less-educated American workers have been struggling to make a living in recent years, but the ...
Laura Clawson 04/25/2015 149 34 1 -
Scott Walker and Chris Christie show off the GOP's job-creation chops
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) Republicans have been itching to show how much better ...
Laura Clawson 04/24/2015 27 46 2 -
Daily Kos Labor digest: Wage theft, expendable workers, and taking on the chain
Laura Clawson 04/23/2015 2 10 - -
Taco Bell brings 6,000 tacos to Capitol Hill in annual lobbying event
Don't say the fast food industry never did anything for all that it gets from Congress, like a low minimum wage and support in the industry's efforts to keep workers from organizing unions or ...
Laura Clawson 04/23/2015 36 21 - -
Judge approves NFL concussion settlement
A federal judge has approved ...
Laura Clawson 04/22/2015 11 9 - -
Senate janitors and cooks walk out in fight for $15
Contract workers in federal buildings once again walked out and rallied with supporters on Wednesday as they continue pressing the federal government to raise employment standards. Workers ...
Laura Clawson 04/22/2015 57 219 2 -
$70,000 minimum pay turns out to be good for business
Remember Dan Price, the CEO who cut his own pay to raise the minimum annual pay at his company to $70,...
Laura Clawson 04/22/2015 106 236 4 -
Daily Kos Labor digest: Fair shares and Common Core concerns
Pennsylvania's Republican-controlled legislature is trying to pass a law that would block Philadelphia's paid sick leave law retroactively and prevent other cities and towns in the state from ...
Laura Clawson 04/21/2015 4 7 - -
Workers say Walmart closed stores to retaliate against activists
Workers strike at the ...
Laura Clawson 04/21/2015 49 51 1 -
Not just fast food: Full-service restaurant chains pay poverty wages, too
Fast food isn't the only part of the restaurant industry where workers are seriously underpaid. A recent report from the ...
Laura Clawson 04/20/2015 35 44 2 -
This week in the war on workers: Union membership falls. The middle class falls. Not a coincidence.
Oh, look. Another chart showing how declining union membership goes hand in hand with the declining strength of the middle class. Shall we look ...
Laura Clawson 04/18/2015 30 49 - -
Daily Kos Labor digest
A push for a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in Connecticut . For-...
Laura Clawson 04/16/2015 1 2 - -
Workers hit the streets in 200 cities in fight for $15
Laura Clawson 04/15/2015 27 39 - -
Daily Kos Labor digest
Glass ceiling? Some of us are still trying to earn a living wage. A setback for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner 's anti-
Laura Clawson 04/14/2015 1 5 - -
Low wages mean more than $150 billion in public assistance for working families
Republicans tend to talk like there are two distinct ...
Laura Clawson 04/14/2015 57 80 1 -
This week in the war on workers: Federal janitors and zoo groundskeepers file wage theft complaint
Education Secretary Arne Duncan's office is cleaned by an underpaid janitor. The minimum wage isn't the only wage rate that applies—or should apply—to many federal contract workers, and a group ...
Laura Clawson 04/11/2015 6 29 2 -
Yacht deductions and fancy meals: How the rich rake in government handouts
Mitt Romney did at least do us the favor of putting a face to legal tax avoidance for rich people. Warren Buffett's line about his secretary paying a higher tax rate than he does has become pretty ...
Laura Clawson 04/10/2015 241 171 7 -
Wall Street has gobbled up billions of New York City pension dollars
New York City Comptroller Scott ...
Laura Clawson 04/09/2015 81 78 1 -
Federal contractors now banned from discriminating against LGBT workers
Even with a terrible Congress, the ...
Laura Clawson 04/08/2015 11 44 - -
Top 400 Americans got a huge income boost and low tax rates in 2012
The 400 highest-earning Americans had a really good year in 2012, with their incomes rising by an average of $...
Laura Clawson 04/08/2015 30 30 2 -
Missouri city repeals LGBT discrimination protections
If you live in Springfield, Missouri, and wish to engage in housing or hiring discrimination against someone based on sexual orientation or gender identity, fear not. ...
Laura Clawson 04/08/2015 75 48 - -
Daily Kos Labor digest
The Obamas have effectively opted Malia and Sasha out of high-stakes testing . Even if you can't afford a private school, you ...
Laura Clawson 04/07/2015 3 8 - -
Kansas to limit welfare recipients to $25 a day, ban them from spending on cruise ships
Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS) Because grinding poverty isn't enough, Republicans ...
Laura Clawson 04/06/2015 256 159 - -
This week in the war on workers: Judge blocks effort to shut workers up in Chicago mayoral election
Chicago Mayor Rahm ...
Laura Clawson 04/04/2015 24 41 - -
When Walmart and McDonald's talk big about wages, be cynical
A few low-wage corporations have been talking a ...
Laura Clawson 04/03/2015 14 22 - -
Missouri Republicans to poor people: Steak and seafood are too good for you
If you needed another piece of evidence that Republicans ...
Laura Clawson 04/03/2015 490 231 2 -
Government reports slowdown in new job creation to 126,000 in March
In the weakest jobs report in 16 months, the economy created 129,000 new seasonally adjusted private-sector jobs in March, the government's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. That made it ...
Meteor Blades 04/03/2015 45 25 1 -
Daily Kos Labor digest
The poor are treated like criminals everywhere— ...
Laura Clawson 04/02/2015 3 5 - -
McDonald's to raise pay ... but only in a small percent of McDonald's restaurants
Six weeks ...
Laura Clawson 04/01/2015 19 20 - -
U.S. has 61,000 structurally deficient bridges—and highway funding is about to run out
Just a little reminder of what can happen. There are 61,064 structurally deficient bridges in the United States, according to an analysis of federal data, and just the highest-trafficked 25 out of ...
Laura Clawson 04/01/2015 48 70 4 -
Walmart raised its pay. But it's still so low workers qualify for government aid.
around $900,
Laura Clawson 04/01/2015 26 35 1 -
Daily Kos Labor digest: Rahm tries to muzzle transit workers
Laura Clawson 03/31/2015 3 19 - -
Obama's fourth veto: Protecting workers
As threatened , President ...
Laura Clawson 03/31/2015 40 100 2 -
Seattle seafood chain is abolishing tips and giving its workers a raise
A Seattle restaurant chain that's an area institution is now going to become a no-tip, living-wage role model : On Wednesday, Ivar’s will raise the ...
Laura Clawson 03/31/2015 65 74 - -
Fight for $15 bringing strikes and protests to 200 cities on April 15
The next wave of what we used to call fast food strikes ...
Laura Clawson 03/31/2015 25 29 - -
Amazon makes even temp warehouse workers sign sweeping noncompete agreements
Noncompete agreements, originally intended to keep skilled workers from bringing trade secrets from their employer to a competitor, are starting to show up in low-wage work. Companies are ...
Laura Clawson 03/30/2015 15 22 - -
Arkansas woman fired for telling a reporter she was glad of minimum wage increase
An Arkansas woman says she was fired because she was quoted in the Washington Post saying she was ...
Laura Clawson 03/30/2015 182 266 2 -
Union cancels Indiana conference over 'un-American' discrimination law
Who knew—it turns out there's a cost for legalizing discrimination, as Indiana is finding out. One of the latest to cancel an upcoming event in Indiana because of the state's new license-to-...
Laura Clawson 03/30/2015 134 167 3 -
This week in the war on workers: Holyoke, MA, students protest likely state schools takeover
Schools in the economically struggling city of Holyoke, MA, face a takeover by the state because of low standardized test scores. Students and teachers alike are fighting back, but the city's ...
Laura Clawson 03/28/2015 11 23 2 -
Teachers push for Los Angeles charter chain management to stay neutral in union drive
Laura Clawson 03/27/2015 20 33 3 -
Walmart and 20 other companies are lobbying hard to gut workers' comp
One more thing to protest Walmart over. Many states ...
Laura Clawson 03/27/2015 44 67 4 -
Daily Kos Labor digest
The Fight for $15 isn't just about fast food : The Fight for 15 and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU)
Laura Clawson 03/26/2015 1 4 - -
Democrats keep up the fight for fair pay even though Republicans will block it
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)
Laura Clawson 03/26/2015 23 22 - -
Washington state moves to protect workers from paying to get their paychecks
Low-wage employers have found a way to simultaneously save themselves money and hand over some of their workers' scanty pay to the financial industry. Naturally, this is a big draw, ...
Laura Clawson 03/25/2015 34 82 3 -
Supreme Court refuses to sign off on pregnancy discrimination
Peggy Young (right) leaving the Supreme ...
Laura Clawson 03/25/2015 15 55 - -
Republicans want to privatize air traffic con​trol
Here's a great Republican idea : Let's privatize air traffic control. Don't you want corporate profits to be a factor in your safety in the air? Republicans ...
Laura Clawson 03/25/2015 109 75 - -
Corporate astroturf king lurks behind business lobby's anti-worker campaign
Rick Berman The king of the astroturf corporate front group is playing a key role in a recent outrage campaign against the National Labor Relations Board's decision that, since McDonald's controls ...
Laura Clawson 03/25/2015 16 31 - -
Daily Kos Labor digest
David Cay Johnston eviscerates shoddy anti-union reporting from NPR .
Laura Clawson 03/24/2015 1 4 - -
Few nurses are men, but they're still paid more than women
Nursing is an occupation massively dominated by women. But ...
Laura Clawson 03/24/2015 65 41 1 -
Urban sprawl adds a long commute to the difficult path out of poverty
Urban sprawl isn't just taking a toll on the environment or on quality of life by keeping Americans stuck in their cars. It's also making it harder for low-income people to get and keep jobs, ...
Laura Clawson 03/24/2015 32 45 1 -
Wisconsin's middle class is shrinking faster than in any other state
Inequality is rising and the American middle class is shrinking. ...
Laura Clawson 03/24/2015 68 92 3 -
New ad in Chicago: 'Rahm can't change his record. We need to change mayors.'
Chicago Mayor Rahm ...
Laura Clawson 03/23/2015 19 45 - -
This week in the war on workers: Judge tells T-Mobile to stop breaking labor laws
T-Mobile has been breaking the law, as a matter of corporate policy, a National Labor Relations Board administrative law judge ruled on Wednesday. Judge Christine Dibble wasn't hearing complaints ...
Laura Clawson 03/21/2015 24 34 2 -
Target to give in and follow Walmart to $9 hourly pay
When ...
Laura Clawson 03/19/2015 37 45 1 -
Tennessee Republican would sacrifice a whole lot of jobs to keep unions away
Tennessee Republican state Sen. Bo Watson Tennessee Republican state Sen. Bo Watson really does not like unions. ...
Laura Clawson 03/19/2015 78 70 1 -
Daily Kos Labor digest: Starbucks wants to talk about race? Okay ...
ROC United Has Some Thoughts on Starbucks' plan to get baristas to talk to customers about ...
Laura Clawson 03/18/2015 7 5 - -
Walmart heirs' foundation advises hedge funds on how to profit from charter schools
Walmart heir Rob Walton Charming. The "charitable" foundation of the Walmart heirs got together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation last week to help hedge funds ...
Laura Clawson 03/18/2015 57 76 1 -
New York voters really hate Andrew Cuomo's education agenda
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) Gov. Andrew Cuomo is on an education crusade. Unfortunately, it's ...
Laura Clawson 03/18/2015 38 23 - -
Scott Walker's plan for Wisconsin education: Slash it to the bone
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) As ...
Laura Clawson 03/18/2015 47 61 3 -
McDonald's workers: We get burned on the job, told to 'put mayonnaise on it'
The fast food worker strikes of the past few years aren't just about higher pay, they're also about improving working conditions. This Monday, a group of McDonald's workers pressed that part of ...
Laura Clawson 03/16/2015 77 45 2 -
Boston lawyers seek to undermine public schools in the name of 'civil rights'
Unlike many states, Massachusetts caps its number of charter schools, and last summer, the state Senate voted not to lift that cap . Now,
Laura Clawson 03/16/2015 29 53 - -
This week in the war on workers: California backs off of high-stakes testing
Big news in the rebellion against standardized testing-dominated education: California is taking a break from relying mostly on standardized test scores to evaluate schools.
Laura Clawson 03/14/2015 12 26 1 -
Percentage of out-of-work Americans receiving unemployment compensation now a paltry 23.1
Thanks to cutbacks in nine states in the past three years and an end to federal extensions of the program in 2013, the percentage of out-of-work Americans receiving compensation from unemployment ...
Meteor Blades 03/13/2015 51 69 2 -
Daily Kos Labor digest: Striking oil workers have a tentative deal
Striking oil workers and Shell have ...
Laura Clawson 03/12/2015 2 5 - -
Wisconsin unions sue to block Scott Walker's latest anti-union law
Laura Clawson 03/12/2015 55 107 3 -
Obama highlights Walker's role in 'sustained, coordinated assault on unions'
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) On Monday, President Obama released a statement saying he was "deeply disappointed that a ...
Laura Clawson 03/11/2015 60 58 1 -
Daily Kos Labor digest
Oh, hey, look. A second NFL team is paying its cheerleaders a settlement after being sued for not paying them the minimum wage. Papa John's forced to pay millions in workers' stolen ...
Laura Clawson 03/10/2015 4 9 - -
There's a better way to use food stamps to encourage healthy eating
One of the changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that well-meaning people on the left and not-so-well-meaning people on the right sometimes float is to make it more like the ...
Laura Clawson 03/09/2015 59 57 - -
Scott Walker brings another anti-union law to Wisconsin
Same as it ever was: Scott Walker signs an ...
Laura Clawson 03/09/2015 35 40 - -
This week in the war on workers: John Oliver makes infrastructure sexy
Continue reading below the fold for more of the week's labor and education news.
Laura Clawson 03/07/2015 16 50 2 -
Government says 295,000 new jobs created in February. Official unemployment rate falls to 5.5%
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that, on a seasonally adjusted basis, the economy created 295,000 new jobs in February. That's the 12th consecutive month new job generation has ...
Meteor Blades 03/06/2015 110 41 2 -
Daily Kos Labor digest
Where has all the money gone? The decline in faculty salaries at American colleges and universities over the past 40 years.
Laura Clawson 03/05/2015 1 6 - -
States slash workers' comp protections, leaving workers broke and suffering
Employers are paying less, and workers are getting screwed. Workers' compensation is yet another of the basic worker protections ...
Laura Clawson 03/05/2015 39 60 3 -
Fighting child hunger ... with money cut from food stamp program
Three states and two tribal nations will get $27 million in grants to help fight child hunger, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced. Nice, right? Wellll ...
Laura Clawson 03/04/2015 22 37 - -
Senate votes to block worker protections, but Obama threatens veto
The Senate voted Wednesday to block a new rule streamlining and ...
Laura Clawson 03/04/2015 18 43 - -
Daily Kos Labor digest
More shuttle drivers for major tech companies vote to unionize. The momentum continues: Bloomfield, New Jersey became the ...
Laura Clawson 03/03/2015 3 6 - -
Will Obama's next veto be to protect workers rights?
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell A new rule streamlining and modernizing union ...
Laura Clawson 03/03/2015 4 13 - -
More CEOs are men named John than are women
Man, it sure is great that American society has made such big strides toward gender equality, isn't ...
Laura Clawson 03/02/2015 37 34 - -
Union-busting is Scott Walker's answer to terrorism, and he's sticking with it
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) ...
Laura Clawson 03/02/2015 58 36 2 -
Poll: Voters don't want the Supreme Court to take Obamacare subsidies
Voters ...
Laura Clawson 03/02/2015 32 33 1 -
This week in the war on workers: Warren blasts Trans-Pacific Partnership
In a Washington Post op-ed, Sen. Elizabeth ...
Laura Clawson 02/28/2015 94 86 - -
Daily Kos Labor digest
There is not one working union coal miner in Kentucky right now. Sarah Jaffe does a deep dive ...
Laura Clawson 02/26/2015 1 6 - -
T.J. Maxx and Marshalls follow Walmart on $9 pay, but Target says no
Walmart's decision to raise 500,000 workers' pay to $9 an hour in April is having a ripple effect in the retail industry, with TJX,
Laura Clawson 02/26/2015 47 42 4 -
Daily Kos Labor digest
Recently unionized Facebook bus drivers have a new ...
Laura Clawson 02/24/2015 1 3 - -
NFL players union speaks out against Wisconsin anti-union bill
Wisconsin Republicans have started moving another anti-union bill toward Gov. Scott Walker's desk. Nothing seems likely to deter them, but for what it's worth, the union representing the state's ...
Laura Clawson 02/24/2015 40 60 3 -
Chris Christie can't keep breaking pension law, judge says
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) A ...
Laura Clawson 02/24/2015 58 47 1 -
House Republicans threatening to take paychecks from 230,000 Homeland Security workers
Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) doesn't think it's the end of the world if other people don't get paid. If House Republicans force a shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security, 30,000 workers will be ...
Laura Clawson 02/24/2015 77 38 1 -
Why Walmart's promised pay raise isn't enough
Laura Clawson 02/23/2015 33 31 - -
Fox News commentator 'appalled' by Patricia Arquette's call for equal pay
Patricia ...
Laura Clawson 02/23/2015 391 127 2 -
'Pride' and solidarity: When LGBT activists and coal miners joined forces
We're smack in the middle of the annual movie drought. The award bait all came out in late December, but the spring and summer blockbusters aren't being released yet. This leaves us with wannabe ...
Laura Clawson 02/22/2015 32 47 1 -
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