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Kansas Democratic Party Names New Executive Director
The Kansas Democratic Party has completed their search for the next executive director of the party, and the answer came from within. Kerry Gooch, formerly political director for the Kansas ...
Chris Reeves 05/04/2015 1
Missouri Republicans Prepare Veto Override to Cut TANF/SNAP
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon last week sent Senate Bill 24, "Strengthening Missouri Families Act", back into the hands of the Missouri legislature with a veto. The legislation, which was designed ...
Chris Reeves 05/04/2015 8
Chuck Todd had to be schooled again, this time by Martin O'Malley
Egberto Willies 05/04/2015 125
TX Republican Lawmaker Wants Women To Carry Deceased Fetuses - To Full Term
Last week in Texas, a Republican lawmaker proposed an amendment so outrageous, that even some of his own GOP colleagues were repulsed. ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/03/2015 308
A constitutional amendment is the only solution to our fraudulent politics
Does ‘we the people’ matter anymore? Will it always be pay to play for the foreseeable future? Will we ever get our country back? Not the tea party type ‘get our country back’ but actually ...
Egberto Willies 05/03/2015 144
D.L. Hughley embarrasses GOP neocon on Real Time with Bill Maher
Egberto Willies 05/02/2015 65
Martin O'Malley's Baltimore Visit Reminds Us Why He Will Never Be President
Martin O'Malley's drive for the White House hasn't been a secret. He's appeared in Iowa 13 times already with more than 35 events. The former governor has given speeches at places like the Kansas ...
Chris Reeves 04/30/2015 54
Missouri Legislature Moves to Limit Use of Deadly Force by Police Officers
The state of Missouri moved forward Tuesday with legislation aimed at making the use of lethal force by police officers less likely.
Chris Reeves 04/29/2015 16
25 Years Ago This Month: Fear of a Black Planet
On April 10, 1990, Public Enemy dropped it's third album to a waiting crowd, eager to hear what the self proclaimed "Spokesman" had come up with in their third effort. Do The ...
Chris Reeves 04/28/2015 3
California's Automatic Voter Registration Bill Advances
Last night, a California Assembly panel approved a proposal to automatically register Californians to vote when they get a driver’s license. The bill was introduced in the Assembly by ...
unapologeticliberal777 04/28/2015 27
Fox News's Shepard Smith smacks down cohosts covering Baltimore riots
Egberto Willies 04/28/2015 356
"Fleeing Kansas Saved My Life" A Teen Unable to Get Cancer Treatment Finds Hope in Tennessee
When Levi Ross was diagnosed with Cancer things looked bleak. A High School Senior looking forward to his future, the diagnosis of a form of spinal cancer called epitheliod sarcoma had put his ...
Chris Reeves 04/27/2015 7
Chanute, Kansas Families Tell Brownback: "No One Chooses to be Poor" Demands End of Ridicule
Chanute, KS isn't one of the first names you'd think of as an area of the state with a progressive, populist attitude. Ensconced in small Neosho County, Kansas, Chanute is more famous for the ...
Chris Reeves 04/27/2015 63
What game is Obama playing with the TPP? A bargain? A ruse?
Egberto Willies 04/26/2015 359
After Action Report: DailyKos Connects Kansas City - What a Weekend! (And Some News for Attendees)
You never know what you'll get at a meetup of Kossacks. How many will actually show in person, how many will be conflicted out, and how will the meeting go? In a day that had shifts of persons ...
Chris Reeves 04/26/2015 55
President Obama hits right wing and media at 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner
President Obama appeared at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this weekend. The president was self-deprecating at times. He continued to milk the "Obama as a foreign Muslim" angle to loud ...
Egberto Willies 04/26/2015 107
John Fugelsang slams Bobby Jindal's New York Times op-ed as bigoted
John Fugelsang appeared on the Ed Show and did what he does best. He called out faux Christianity and bigotry. This time Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was in his crosshairs. Bobby Jindal wrote a ...
Egberto Willies 04/25/2015 90
Kansas Debt Spirals: $800M in the Red, With No Solution Yet
Barring an insider lottery win, the state of Kansas budget situation continues to grow more dire. Breaking out the large point type, the Topeka Capital Journal highlighted the problem this ...
Chris Reeves 04/24/2015 22
Mental Health Advocates and Hospitals Scramble as Sam Brownback (KS) Proposes More Cuts
Governor Sam Brownback today released his proposal for a new round of $72M in cuts and revenue generation to take a stab at the now $400 million dollar shortfall.
Chris Reeves 04/23/2015 5
Kansas Legislators Face $400M Shortfall, No Plans Yet How To Remedy
Legislators in Kansas return to Topeka to begin the veto session, but the recent publication of tax revenues complicates significantly the work in the statehouse.
Chris Reeves 04/21/2015 121

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