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How is this even controversial: the deficit
is because of reaganomics. Duh. Cutting taxes does not (surprise!) raise revenue and if there is also no political will to cut spending - I'm not even making any value judgments here - teh deficit ...
larri 01/16/2013 9 - - -
A modest proposal to save sports, maybe even football:
Go natural. - Ban weightlifting. - Reintroduce the idea of "seasons". No organized workouts or contact with coaches outside the actual playing season (and make sure those are relatively short, ...
larri 01/13/2013 14 4 - -
as a shoutout to
deadhead, it's pathetic that it should be me, but I just think somebody on Kos on this day should say out loud: Wounded Knee, December 29, 1890.
larri 12/29/2012 7 6 1 -
My first diary, which
should probably just be a comment somewhere but I'm having an Elvis Costello moment here, thinking for once over a long arc my aim is true. I think you have to have been an Ayn Rand freak 40 years ...
larri 09/06/2012 3 1 - 57
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