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Breaking: shots fired at Capitol
Placed on lockdown. Shots appear to be on west front.
lbl1162 10/03/2013 1 1 - -
To G, for 24 meaningful years
For my beloved friend, partner, lover, spouse, wife and confidant, Thanks for leaving your car door unlocked, so many years ago.
lbl1162 09/24/2013 2 6 - -
Needing some medical records advice
My partner/significant other/spouse, etc has a somewhat uncommon last name. Occasionally, it'll evoke some sort of harmless comment but that's been about it over her 50-something years. She's used ...
lbl1162 07/17/2013 51 9 - -
Guns don’t kill, people do.
How many times do we have to hear this defense of gun ownership? This is ...
lbl1162 12/17/2012 19 3 - -
The power of a dog.
Lucy. Action pics are hard to come by! Today I took my girl up to the "park". The park is a huge cemetery a few miles away. We drive up there. Lucy hates to ride in most any vehicle but if I tell ...
lbl1162 11/29/2012 204 575 9 -
Veteran's Day is a time to remember those that give to our country. .
My service came about courtesy of the Selective Service. At the time, if your number was drawn in the lottery you were able to enlist in any branch of the services up until the day you were ...
lbl1162 11/11/2012 2 1 - -
Juvenile in Justice written by Richard Ross
This project was funded in part by the non-profit my partner works at and was a collaboration with their juvenile justice unit. The book is the winner of the 2012 Best News and Documentary ...
lbl1162 09/25/2012 2 1 - 10
Ann Romney's Plane makes Emergency landing
All okay but I suspect the smoke was coming from her ears. "Stop it. This is hard."
lbl1162 09/21/2012 8 1 - 216
Mail from Mitt. Why me?
Disclaimer: I'm a Dem. Voted for our President in 2008. Gave a grand total of $584 to his 2008 campaign. I voted in the Democratic primary. Support Mr. Obama this time around, too. Unemployed these ...
lbl1162 09/19/2012 12 5 - 56
RIP Romney 2012
There was no rose on my bedside table this morning.
lbl1162 09/18/2012 7 1 - 68
Looking for a good book re Colonial history?
This isn't a review, simply a recommendation. "Roger Williams and The Creation of the American Soul. Church, State and the Birth of Liberty." John M. Barry. Published by Viking earlier this year. ...
lbl1162 09/17/2012 5 3 - 43
Sad news from the equestrian world
At an unscheduled campaign stop this afternoon, Governor Mitt Romney spoke to the assembled group and press corps to share what he called “An important speech to take your mind off some of the ...
lbl1162 09/14/2012 21 - - 291
Mitt and me. A biographical journey
I've always liked politics and was excited to finally get the chance to actually vote. My first vote was for Milhouse in 1972. I've spent the past 40 years trying to right my wrong. I do not know ...
lbl1162 09/13/2012 4 4 - 31
Please, call me Richard
Recently I have learned that many Americans are calling me a "Dick". I am unfamiliar with the word used in this way but my staff tells me it is a most positive term, as in "Boy, Mitt, you really ...
lbl1162 09/13/2012 3 1 - 75
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