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can we just get some good management please?
JOBS could be created repairing roads, bridges, updating America's SYSTEM instead of the obscene amount being spent on reckless defense contracts. There are some good things in defense, but a lot, a ...
lctced 11/02/2013 5 1 - -
Stuck in ID
I live in Texas. Folks here LOVE their guns. Yesterday, a close friend and average position Texas gun owner posted "Gun laws prevent shootings? Tell me more about how criminals follow laws?" ...
lctced 07/26/2012 26 2 - 102
Ann Romney does not speak for me.
I am a woman. I work outside my home. And I am a mom. Ann Romney does not speak for me.
lctced 04/12/2012 10 11 - 77
Irene's message
As Irene carves an extra large swath of destruction up the eastern seaboard and folks recover from epic disasters all over the world,
lctced 08/26/2011 5 4 - 65
Sue the banks
Since it's obvious that criminal proceedings will never be brought against the banks because what they did was technically NOT illegal (they took advantage of loose laws and gutted regulations) and ...
lctced 03/17/2010 12 2 - 9
Going Rogue...
It's hard to believe that Sarah Palin had enough real content from her life to fill up 432 pages, much less that any of it would be worth reading. It's even harder to believe that the title of ...
lctced 09/30/2009 43 7 1 31
Who the Heck is Beck?
It's pretty clear, to people who are rational, that Glenn Beck is crazy. He truly believes the crap he is peddling, and that's the reason he can sell it. Historically, leaders have always ...
lctced 04/14/2009 23 3 - 5
Who needs 'em? Seriously.
From an article in MSNBC today: "This is a big deal. This is a problem," said Scott Talbott, chief lobbyist for the nation's largest financial services firms. "It undermines the current ...
lctced 02/14/2009 4 5 1 3
My Midnight Musings; to be religious right
In thinking about this whole idea of the “religious right”, I begin to wonder what really defines that, and in turn what that means to the people living this “religious right”
lctced 12/15/2008 7 1 - -
My Midnight Musings
The most recent public evidence of corruption and greed in our political system comes with the exposure of Blagojevich.
lctced 12/12/2008 3 4 1 -
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