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FSU Reacts to Petitions
9,000 petitions later, Floridians remarkably opposed the infamous Koch brothers and their deal to ...
leafletd 07/16/2011 7 12 - 147
No, I don't want to teach in Florida
No, I don't want to teach in Florida. And this is why. "Stop repeating yourself. We know you have earned tenure but we just have to let you go. See, here in Florida we really need to give ...
leafletd 05/27/2011 2 5 - 113
A Modest Proposal for Dean Cannon (Inspired by the Satirical Writing of Jonathan Swift)
leafletd 04/01/2011 1 - - 10
Muslim Capitol Day in Florida Receives New Recognition
I had reached the 22nd floor of the Capitol and stepped off of the elevator to find myself approached by half a dozen men and women with young faces and inquiring eyes, some with hijabs and some ...
leafletd 03/30/2011 3 2 - 30
The even more updated Rick Scott Inauguration Donors list
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, $25,000 (You know this is for Rick Scott, right?) Liberty Partners, $25,000 (It turns out they don't like liberty very much) United Automobile Insurance Co., $...
leafletd 01/03/2011 9 13 - 49
Could lowering the age of retirement also aid the concerns of the G.O.P?
Senate candidates like Florida-elected Marco Rubio partly campaigned on the issue of raising the age of retirement to 70 from it's current age of 65-67. Another complaint reverberating from his ...
leafletd 01/02/2011 13 10 - 29
Jimmy Johns Order Canceled Due to Contentious Sign
"Global Warming Conference Canceled Due To Snow," said a pithy sign on the parkway in front of a Jimmy Johns for about two weeks up until this morning. The appropriate response, "Then how about you ...
leafletd 12/31/2010 25 14 - 46
Debunking Talking Points: (DADT) Don't Ask Don't Tell Repealed
Talking point #1 "Straight Troops Must Shower with Gays" According to this gem, when you're Gay in the military you're not only labeled as immoral but that you're also assumed to ...
leafletd 12/20/2010 19 3 - 59
Meet David
While I was doing some holiday browsing I had just left a gaming store parallel to a Wally-world (walmart) parking lot, where David asked me for change. He said that he was hungry and like most ...
leafletd 12/12/2010 11 12 1 192
Sarah Palin: Less a rogue, more a thief
Just because something is time-tested doesn't mean the test wasn't a failure.
leafletd 12/06/2010 6 3 - 21
Rally to Restore Rent (video)
The investigation of Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity to see what the hubbub was really all about. The amount of effort put toward editing this footage has to constitute as a diary; it's not ...
leafletd 11/20/2010 11 - - 28
Rick Scott Watch
The latest news clips on Rick Scott.
leafletd 11/14/2010 12 3 1 65
How One Racist Woman Goes Postal
A woman believed to be Erica Winchester demands a collection letter be returned after she realizes that she didn't look at the information on it before signing.
leafletd 11/12/2010 35 7 - 179
Sign Up For Roots Camp! - Tampa Florida
Roots camp is going to be a goulash of new media, organizing and data brain storming in Tampa this Saturday, November 13, 2010 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Roots Camp is getting together midterm campaign ...
leafletd 11/10/2010 5 1 - 40
Orlando RNC Tea Party Interviews
I attended the RNC Rally in Orlando featuring Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin and, of course, Michael Steele. Watch Tea Party interviews about Socialist Healthcare, Juan Williams and Florida's new governor,
leafletd 11/08/2010 5 2 - 40
Never-Before-Seen Rick Scott Deposition Video
See Rick Scott lie under oath.
leafletd 10/20/2010 21 28 - 117
Reverse Racism is Like American Socialism - It Doesn't Exist
Whether it's the Tea Party , Bill O'Reilly calling for Shirley Sherrod's resignation, Rush Limbaugh in disapproval of Sonia Sotomayor's commission, Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachmann's ...
leafletd 10/15/2010 18 1 - 40
Rick Scott Cited in Business Ethics Textbook for Fraud
Rick Scott says he wasn't responsible as CEO of Hospital Corporation of America for the $1.7 billion in Medicare, Medicaid and Tricaid upcoding fraud. This college Business Ethics book says otherwise.
leafletd 09/30/2010 13 17 - 91
Voters (in Florida) will be turned away if they are wearing campaign apparel and Other Voting Myths
MYTH: Voters will be turned away if they are wearing campaign apparel.
leafletd 09/28/2010 21 13 - 150
Terror of Tallahassee - Now even scarier than before!
Terror of Tallahassee - Now even scarier than before! West Gaines Street could be the epicenter of Tallahassee's indie scene, so much that I am surprised it hasn't shown up yet in the look at this f*...
leafletd 09/27/2010 4 4 - 63
Libertarians like to say they're not Anarchists...
Libertarians like to say they're not Anarchists when many seemingly have this debate among themselves as of whether minimal state is necessary or for total Anarchism.
leafletd 09/05/2010 14 1 1 29
DNC Ausman discloses joining Greene Campaign 6 weeks too late
Per an email sent from Jon and Donna Ausman on July 31st 2010, Nearly six (6) weeks ago I wrote an email suggesting that Florida Democratic Party leaders at the state and county level take a ...
leafletd 08/03/2010 1 - - 43
5 Ways Republicans Don’t Care About Their Constituents
1: Old People When driving home from work nostalgically listening to a Good Clean Fun CD (what's a cd?), now and then I will catch a Marco Rubio or McCain bumper sticker in the corner of my eye, ...
leafletd 07/05/2010 20 - - 22
Netroots Nomination
Leaflet Descending is being nominated for Florida Progressive Coalition's Netroots Activist of the year! I have a hunch that this was the video that helped win the nomination...
leafletd 06/27/2010 1 - - 20
Go figure
If you remember reading this post titled, Meltdown Mogul's ...
leafletd 06/23/2010 1 - - 30
GOP's Financial Record
n Florida the GOP's financial records were released this past Friday under federal investigation for lavish spending and superfluous expenses....
leafletd 05/09/2010 2 7 - 49
Logic 101
It is worthwhile to look into smelly hyperlinks left on the blogosphere's doorstep because most of the time there is going to be information that goes against the point of linking it in the first ...
leafletd 05/01/2010 3 1 1 26
Mayday from Tax Day
This is footage I put together from the capitol in Tallahassee on the 15th of April.
leafletd 04/29/2010 1 - 1 29
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