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Climate Change as a Moral Issue
The local papers here in southern Oregon will accept a letter to the editor 1x/month. So each month I labor away in rewrite after rewrite, until I can't stand it anymore and just fire them off with ...
leema 12/01/2014 3 - - -
Surveillance and Global Warming (with actions)
As citizens of the United States (and Earth) we face two pressing and major issues: 1) Global Warming/Climate Change 2) Loss of democracy/erosion of Bill of Rights Upcoming actions around the US ...
leema 07/29/2013 8 5 - -
Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Economist: Telling It Like It Is
We all know that there is major corruption in our U.S. government and that Wall St. rules DC and buys "our" legislators. It’s certainly nothing new. But it isn’t something we talk about ...
leema 05/05/2013 51 26 3 -
California CD 2 : Update
It ain’t over till ALL the votes are counted. And as we speak (or write) they are busy at the Marin County Registrar’s office counting some 40,000 more absentee ballots. Note that there ...
leema 06/06/2012 10 3 - 69
The Swarm & the bee whisperer
Friday we could see bees flying everywhere in the yard next door. Then they disappeared. We didn’t know where they had come from or where they had gone. Then yesterday, Saturday, a ...
leema 05/16/2010 28 55 - 205
Moving On to $$ Action Diary
No doubt we have all engaged in windmill tilting at one time or another (healthcare, the name the issue), but somehow the windmills continue to go round & round and new ones keep ...
leema 04/29/2010 3 1 - 33
The Ex-terminator back in action
I didn't vote for Schwartzenegger and am not generally enamored of him...but for today Arnold is once again a hero!! The Ex-terminator is back in action; not with a fusilade of bullets, but with ...
leema 02/21/2010 9 5 - 30
Schultz "advises" Gibbs
And I agree with him: “The President is losing his base”. It isn’t that Ed Schultz is one of the intellectual elites. It isn’t that I always agree with Ed (or anyone ...
leema 01/24/2010 35 7 - 15
Woolsey Calls Senate Health Bill Too Flawed
This morning bloomed with a glimpse of sun which we haven’t seen much over the past week. Rain storm after rain storm have been rolling through northern California without much of a break in ...
leema 01/23/2010 86 9 - 27
The Outsourcing of America (Campaign Finance Reform Poll)
I am not an economist...but I am cognizant of a few things economic, so at the risk of being pinged for stating the obvious I shall take the plunge into diary land: Economics is all about the ...
leema 01/08/2010 17 8 - 11
Back to the Basics: Healthcare Reform
Sometimes we get so caught up in the minutia of DC politics ...and the diaries that go there...we become distracted from the finish line. We find ourselves signing petitions galore, firing off ...
leema 11/30/2009 4 2 - 20
Love Song For Rachel (Public Option for All)
Cold clouds of winter Disperse to reveal the sun Rachel radiates. Today, Oct. 26, 2009, Rachel Maddow gave the clearest explanation of health care reform options for the US that I have ever ...
leema 10/26/2009 12 11 - 24
Limbaugh and Miss America
Think Progress reports that Rush Limbaugh is to be one of 10 judges for the Miss America Pageant in 2010. ...
leema 10/09/2009 27 11 - 23
Town Hall with Lynn Woolsey: impressions
Tonight I attended a Town Hall meeting held by my representative, Lynn Woolsey. She was finally compelled to hold it I think due to a certain amount of clamor by those who didn’t feel her ...
leema 08/31/2009 13 26 - 43
60 MINUTES Infomercial
Last night I felt a major disillusionment as I watched the puff piece, the infomercial, the propaganda offered by 60 Minutes when they profiled Bobby Jindal. Up until that moment I had thought ...
leema 03/02/2009 28 7 - 1
Please Help Me Counter this Anti Obama email
A person I think of as loving and kind (we both volunteers at the same humane facility) forwarded me the following Obama right wing attack that is obviously making the rounds in the conservative ...
leema 06/11/2008 34 5 - 4
Book Review: "The Lizard Cage" ode to the human spirit?
For the past few evenings I have been reading a book of fiction that held me horribly transfixed with the pathos and poetry that are the essence of our human selves and our potential. About ...
leema 05/26/2008 5 5 - 20
Superdelegate Lynn Woolsey update
Just a quick teeny diary on an issue that had been disturbing me for some time. My Congressional Rep. Lynn Woolsey had endorsed Sen. Clinton for President. This seemed sooooo wrong because Lynn ...
leema 03/24/2008 346 399 6 75
How YOU can influence PA
My family has roots in Northeastern rural PA going back three generations. Many of my Irish relatives (on my Dad's side) settled in Wayne county in the late 1800's. Some of the relatives lived ...
leema 03/20/2008 14 2 - 11
Mother Pelosi Intervenes w/poll
Emblazoned on the front page of today's SF Chronicle in big font: "Pelosi's Heard Enough"
leema 03/08/2008 29 3 - 1
Is Experience a Presidential Prerequisite? w/poll
I present the shortest diary in existence based solely on logic. Obama has made the case that judgment supersedes experience and I wholeheartedly agree. My proof is exquisitely small in ...
leema 03/03/2008 89 2 - 3
Faux Trials for Gitmo?
It sounds like we are about to have preordained or faux trials for 6 Guantanamo prisoners. And it just doesn't sound like American justice to me.
leema 02/20/2008 9 3 - 11
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