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O'Malley isn't aiming for VP
Today, in a speech at Harvard University, former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley made it pretty clear that he isn't running for VP on a Hillary Clinton ticket. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (
leevank 04/16/2015 75 29 1 -
Elizabeth Warren for President!
I know she says she's not running, but she NEEDS to run. I worked hard to nominate and elect Barack Obama. I spent an entire month in Iowa at my own expense to volunteer for him in deeply hostile ...
leevank 12/12/2014 7 19 1 -
The question that should be put to Republicans
Any Republican who objects to the measures that the President just announced should be asked a very simple question: If you think the parents of American citizen children should be deported, are ...
leevank 11/20/2014 20 8 - -
MD-Gov: I'm officially worried
I'm becoming more and more worried about the Maryland gubernatorial election. Anthony Brown has run an absolutely dreadful campaign, the worst I've seen in this state since Kathleen Kennedy Townsend ...
leevank 10/30/2014 43 7 - -
BREAKING: Israel has launched a ground invasion of Gaza Strip
CNN is reporting that the Israeli government has announced that a ground operation is underway by essentially all branches of the Israeli military: Infantry, armored forces, artillery, and combat ...
leevank 07/17/2014 275 95 1 -
In 2000, there were those who argued that there was really no difference between George W. Bush and the "corporatist" Al Gore. Many of them voted for Ralph Nader. Had essentially all of the Nader ...
leevank 06/30/2014 307 234 3 -
Presbyterians vote to allow same sex marriage
The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), by far the biggest Presbyterian denomination in the United States, voted this afternoon to permit its clergy to perform same sex marriages in ...
leevank 06/19/2014 33 35 - -
Call a waaahbulance for Senate Republicans: UPDATED
After two all-night sessions to "debate" nominations that they know are going to be approved, but that they insist on fully"debating," Senate Republicans are upset. Today's New York Times has an ...
leevank 12/13/2013 86 212 2 -
Are there corporations in heaven?
I don't mean this question literally, since I know that there are many (perhaps most) here who don't think heaven exists. But it's a relevant question for the owners of Hobby Lobby, and the judges ...
leevank 11/25/2013 11 13 1 -
Joe Scarborough just told a bare-faced LIE!
He was talking about Harry Reid saying the Senate isn't working, and claimed that this was Harry Reid's fault. He then went on to say that the Senate hasn't passed a single appropriations bill, and ...
leevank 11/22/2013 133 282 4 -
Two GREAT PBS documentaries were on tonight
The first one was the first hour of what is to be a 6 hour series entitled "The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross." It was put together by Henry Louis "Skip" Gates. Tonight's episode began ...
leevank 10/22/2013 7 19 - -
The Tea Party Bolsheviks
In the popular American imagination, the essence of the Bolsheviks was their leftist political and economic views, but there were lots of other groups around during the Russian Revolution that were ...
leevank 10/15/2013 7 2 - -
How are furloughs of Congressional staffers being handled?
I just watched the rebroadcast of tonight's edition of CNN's Crossfire, and I'm completely puzzled about something. At the very end of the program, the hosts asked Tom Coburn and Debbie Stabenow ...
leevank 10/01/2013 5 9 - -
Saturday night Republican lies
There were a lot of lies told by House Republicans during the debate on Saturday night about the Continuing Resolution, but I want to concentrate on just one category of those lies -- those ...
leevank 09/28/2013 4 10 - -
If you believe in prayer, pray for the Biden family
The Vice President's 44 year old son, Beau Biden, who is the attorney general of Delaware and served a tour in Iraq, is currently hospitalized at an undisclosed location in Houston, TX after ...
leevank 08/19/2013 81 503 3 -
About those terrible contraception coverage mandates
Remember when certain Catholic bishops, prominent among them Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, were protesting the fact that religiously-affiliated employers who served and ...
leevank 05/27/2013 26 10 - -
WSJ article endorses 100% inheritance tax!
In a stunning reversal of the long-time position of conservative Republicans, the Wall Street Journal has run an article by Arthur C. Brooks, the president of the American Enterprise Institute, that ...
leevank 12/20/2012 8 15 - -
Why it's important to raise rates, rather than limit deductions
The Republicans seem to prefer to increase revenues by limiting the deductions that can be taken by high-income people, rather than increasing the tax rate on higher incomes (and on income that is ...
leevank 11/30/2012 6 7 - -
BREAKING: Goma has reportedly fallen to rebels
According to reports on NPR and from the New York Times and others, the M23 rebels, who are widely thought to be backed by Rwanda and Uganda, have entered Goma, in the eastern Democratic Republic of ...
leevank 11/20/2012 9 28 - -
Together we stand ...
In a frigid early December of 2007, I drove into Charles City, IA from my home in Maryland, to spend a month there volunteering for Barack Obama. As I watched his speech from Des Moines this evening,
leevank 11/05/2012 3 1 - -
Did Barack Obama kill Bill's Barbecue?
For those of you who are familiar with the Richmond, VA area, Bill's Barbecue was for many decades a popular fixture, serving pork barbecue sandwiches and good pies. My wife has family members in NC,
leevank 11/03/2012 13 14 - -
A Benghazi conspiracy theory debunked
Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, the Commander of the U.S.S. Stennis strike group was recalled to the United States for an investigation into what the Navy termed over the weekend "inappropriate ...
leevank 10/29/2012 10 16 1 -
Luke Russert: RNC appealed to the head!
Luke Russert thinks the RNC appealed to the had with "hard economic realities" whereas the DNC appealed to the heart. Here's a Tweet: Luke Russert‏@LukeRussert #RNC was more debt focused, is ...
leevank 09/05/2012 53 35 - 312
When our dogs get old ... and when we get old
I am sitting here tonight with our 13 year old greyhound. For a dog of her size, the equivalent human age is 96 years old. On occasion, she still acts like a puppy, but those occasions are ...
leevank 08/20/2012 16 31 1 157
So long Lefties, it's been good to know you!
It turns out, I've now become a Republican. And I'm not only a Republican, but I am "one of America's most notable Republicans ...." And it MUST be true, because I got a letter from Mitt Romney ...
leevank 08/07/2012 43 31 - 327
Then what the hell WERE you talking about, Mitt?
Mitt Rmoney, obviously stung by the criticism of his remarks attributing the differences between per capita GDP in Israel and Palestine being largely attributable to "culture," has now claimed in an ...
leevank 07/31/2012 15 10 - 164
Romney doubles down on outrage in Israel
Incredibly enough, pledging to reverse more than six decades of continuous U.S. government policy on moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, while standing in Jerusalem, ...
leevank 07/30/2012 104 216 3 1403
BREAKING: The latest Romney outrage
In what may well be the most outrageous statement on foreign soil by a Presidential candidate in this country's history, Mitt Romney today presumed to announce U.S. policy on Jerusalem being the ...
leevank 07/29/2012 372 454 5 4320
Judge exempts Catholic-owned business from including contraception
In what I consider to be a stunningly wrong-headed decision, U.S. District Judge John Kane in Colorado has granted a temporary injunction barring the federal government from enforcing the ...
leevank 07/27/2012 33 12 - 198 and Fox News pwned without even trying!
It's Opening Day for much of major league baseball, and so it seems entirely appropriate that and Fox "News" managed to get pwned without anybody even trying to do it. For those who ...
leevank 04/06/2012 21 18 - 327
A truly INSANE aspect of our health care system!
In connection with the fact that my wife may soon be at the stage of kidney disease where a transplant or dialysis is recommended, we've recently been researching the cost of and advantages/...
leevank 03/27/2012 37 69 2 624
Maybe SSgt. Bales wasn't such a good guy after all
Ever since the cold-blooded murders of 16 Afghan civilians, we've been hearing about what a great guy the accused murderer was, about how he enlisted in the aftermath of 9/11, and about how ...
leevank 03/20/2012 99 136 1 1278
Barack Obama's teaching style: What CONSERVATIVE scholars have to say!
The right-wing's latest meme is that the "Breitbart video" is significant because it shows that Barack Obama was friendly with that dangerous radical Derrick Bell. If you go to this ...
leevank 03/09/2012 71 248 9 1387
Joe Arpaio joins the birther lunacy today
Sheriff Joe Arpaio says that he will hold a press conference at 3 pm Eastern Time today to announce the "preliminary results" of an investigation by a special "Cold Case Posse" into the President's ...
leevank 03/01/2012 9 10 - 145
CNN projects that Romney ekes out a narrow win in Wyoming
I didn't think it would be this close in the state having the third-highest percentage of Mormons in the nation, but while Romney has apparently won Wyoming fairly handily if one simply counts the ...
leevank 02/29/2012 9 13 - 175
Wyoming still (barely) in touch with reality!
Sometimes, you just can't make this up, so I'll quote the beginning of the article: CODY, Wyoming (Reuters) - In a sign of rising consumer confidence prevailing over go-it-alone pessimism in the ...
leevank 02/29/2012 27 9 - 135
Birthers still chasing their tails
Every once in a while, I take a look at FREEP to see what the lunatics are up to. They're still up to their birther craziness, and now they're saying that armed revolution will be necessary to ...
leevank 02/17/2012 15 18 - 161
Mitt Romney flip-flops twice in his victory speech!
Mitt Romney has outdone himself with the flip-flops in his victory speech last night. Within about a minute, he said the following: He [President Obama] wants to turn America into a ...
leevank 01/11/2012 3 3 - 73
Rick Perry: Product instructions should only be in English
At least, that seems to be what he's saying when he agreed with a guy in Iowa who made the following statement when Perry asked for questions from the audience: "I don't know how the ...
leevank 12/31/2011 81 33 - 307
A Question About the GOP Caucus Process In Iowa
I spent a month in rural Iowa before and during the last caucuses, volunteering for Barack Obama, and I understand how the Democratic caucuses work -- or at least how they worked four years ago. ...
leevank 12/30/2011 11 1 - 52
Has the Newt swan dive begun?
The Republicans' latest non-Romney flavor-of-the-month has of course been Newt Gingrich, but there are reasons to suspect that his swan dive, like those of diva non-candidates Sarah Palin and Donald ...
leevank 12/12/2011 31 7 - 304
Joe Scarborough takes apart the GOP field
Those of us who are to the left of center aren't the only ones who think this season's crop of GOP Presidential candidates are a bunch of clowns. Joe Scarborough agrees with us, and has an article ...
leevank 10/20/2011 16 8 - 276
Update on debt limit negotiations
I was just watching CNBC World to try to get an indication of how it looked like the Asian markets would react to the apparent continuing stalemate on the debt limit negotiations, and they had a ...
leevank 07/24/2011 199 57 - 1368
Herman Cain: Communities have a right to ban mosques
Republican Presidential candidate and former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain, a darling of the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, has been opposing a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
leevank 07/17/2011 73 28 - 232
BREAKING: DSK released on own recognizance
The major networks are all reporting that the prosecution has said that as they've continued their investigation, new facts have come to their attention that have caused them not to oppose the ...
leevank 07/01/2011 29 3 - 239
GOP priorities at their most nakedly selfish!
According to today's Des Moines Register , the Republicans have now revealed, ...
leevank 06/17/2011 3 11 - 64
Two top Ehrlich aides indicted in Maryland
Two top aides to former Governor Robert Ehrlich of Maryland have been indicted for making illegal calls designed to suppress the Democratic vote in Maryland in last year's gubernatorial election, in ...
leevank 06/16/2011 10 25 - 130
Funniest FREEPER thread in a while!
The FREEPERS frequently do some funny stuff (as well as some frankly scary stuff), but a diary this evening struck me, at the end of a fairly unique week, as much funnier than even their normal ...
leevank 05/07/2011 21 19 - 536
Anatomy of a Right-Wing Smear
The right-wing blogosphere is all a-twitter about allegedly being suckered into publishing an article, allegedly authored by conservative columnist Walter Williams, saying that the ...
leevank 04/26/2011 3 8 - 111
Maryland same sex marriage vote within the hour
The Maryland State Senate is expected to pass a bill permitting same sex marriage later this evening. My state senator appears to have been the previous opponent whose vote was the last of the 24 ...
leevank 02/24/2011 7 2 - 26
It's like watching Hitler in the bunker!
I am watching Muammar Gaddafi deliver a speech on Libyan state TV, which is being carried live with a translation by Al Jazeera English. The setting appears to be some kind of a ruin. Perhaps it's ...
leevank 02/22/2011 50 6 1 214
Cleaning up the garbage
One of the stories that most struck me is the story of young, educated, Egyptian men cleaning up the garbage in Tahrir Square. Thomas Friedman describes the scene as follows ...
leevank 02/10/2011 4 5 - 87
The Tragedy Of The Dream Act's Defeat
My wife and I were on vacation without internet access last week, so I was unable to post about my personal reaction to the tragedy of the Dream Act's defeat last weekend. That defeat struck very ...
leevank 12/20/2010 9 3 - 34
Game planning the tax cut endgame
The majority opinion here, and in the rest of the liberal blogosphere, seems to be that Congressional Democrats should reject the deal negotiated by the President, and demand something better. I ...
leevank 12/09/2010 26 4 - 31
GOP to unemployed Americans: "BAH! HUMBUG!"
Doing their best imitation of Scrooge, House Republicans this afternoon killed a Democratic effort to expedite ...
leevank 11/18/2010 14 11 - 53
MD-Gov: Gov. O'Malley opens clear lead over Ehrlich
Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley has now opened a clear lead over Republican challenger (and immediate past Governor) Robert Ehrlich, according to the newest Washington Post-ABC News poll.
leevank 09/29/2010 26 19 - 44
More on the Research 2000 matter
Justin Elliott at TPM Muckraker has a story up in which he describes ...
leevank 07/02/2010 30 19 - 44
The lies about this President continue
In a particularly shameless attempt to stir up the right wing, has a story up, complete with video of the President's commencement speech at West Point, with the banner headline,
leevank 05/22/2010 51 28 2 32
House passes Puerto Rico Democracy Act on bipartisan (but lopsided) vote
I've looked and haven't seen this diaried anywhere, so I'll post one of my rare diaries. I'm amazed that this hasn't been headlined. Today, the House of Representatives passed the Puerto Rico ...
leevank 04/29/2010 29 19 - 102
It was all worth it!
I got on the Obama bandwagon fairly early, and our then-small group here in Maryland did some visibility events, including in neighborhoods and at an Orioles game in the early summer of 2007. It ...
leevank 03/21/2010 2 10 - 25
A modest proposal for a Constitutional Amendment
It's clear, it's concise, and I think it's now necessary: "(a) Except as provided in section (b) of this amendment, the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and all amendments ...
leevank 01/21/2010 50 17 1 28
Good news:  The Comfort has received its first patients!
This will be a short diary, but I thought we might welcome some GOOD news today, and there is some. The USNS Comfort, although it apparently hasn't yet arrived in Port-au-Prince harbor, is within ...
leevank 01/20/2010 15 36 - 22
USNS Comfort to be at full strength for first time in history
The USNS Comfort , which deployed from Baltimore on Saturday morning, only 3 1/2 days after the earthquake hit Haiti, and which will ...
leevank 01/18/2010 31 56 - 209
WHEE:  A Great Tool for Healthier Eating
WHEE (Weight, Health, Eating and Exercise) is a community support diary for Kossacks who are currently or planning to start losing, gaining or maintaining their weight through diet and ...
leevank 01/03/2010 40 28 3 51
Kudos to Georgetown University Law School
Georgetown University Law School, in a move that I hope is copied by every other major law school in this country, has announced a plan under which graduates who are employed in the public or non-...
leevank 11/16/2009 200 487 3 492
WHEE:  An interesting way to do more walking
WHEE (Weight, Health, Eating and Exercise) is a community support diary for Kossacks who are currently or planning to start losing, gaining or maintaining their weight through diet and ...
leevank 10/29/2009 30 23 2 179
URGENT ACTION ALERT:  Transportation Appropriations Bill
Senators McCain and Coburn have introduced two amendments to the FY10 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill which, if passed, would eliminate the majority of available ...
leevank 09/15/2009 16 14 - 48
WHEE:  The best $25 I've ever spent!
WHEE (Weight, Health, Eating and Exercise) is a community support diary for Kossacks who are currently or planning to start losing, gaining or maintaining their weight through diet and ...
leevank 09/14/2009 40 22 2 48
Joe Lieberman does it again!
Joe Lieberman, not being satisfied with having done his best to make John McCain President, has now apparently decided to do his best to assure that President Obama's administration is "broken," in ...
leevank 08/24/2009 38 15 - 25
Do you live in MD-01 (Frank Kratovil's district)?
If you live in Maryland's 1st Congressional District (basically the Eastern Shore, Harford County, extreme northeastern Baltimore County, and an area around Annapolis), you need to contact your ...
leevank 07/26/2009 21 2 - 88
Shameful WaPo Hit Piece on Judge Sotomayor
If there were any doubt left about whether the Washington Post that once existed is dead after the recent revelation that it was willing to prostitute its reputation and integrity by selling access ...
leevank 07/09/2009 50 27 - 26
Senator McConnell, YOU picked the battleground!
Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, in a floor speech yesterday , insisted that Americans won't stand for a health care system such as ...
leevank 06/16/2009 263 713 54 261
The stunning ignorance of Michelle Bachmann: Even worse than you think!
David Waldman had an excellent front page article pointing out the inanity of some of Michelle Bachmann's recent statements, including some of the absurd factual errors in those statements. But it'...
leevank 04/30/2009 63 13 1 75
Earth Hour in about 1 hr. in Eastern Time Zone
Earth Hour , when we're all being asked to turn off all possible lights and other things consuming ...
leevank 03/28/2009 14 13 - 21
An antidote to depressing diaries: A photo diary
I simply can't live my life in a constant state of outrage. Even during the eight years of Bush, I couldn't stay outraged about EVERYTHING, as many here seemed to do. In recent diaries, we're told, ...
leevank 03/22/2009 31 25 1 16
Health care reform: The scare tactics begin
AP is now running a story with the banner headline: "Health care overhaul may cost about $1.5 trillion." Left ...
leevank 03/17/2009 25 18 - 228
Is there light at the end of the world's economic tunnel?
I realize there's no sign of it in the commonly reported indicators such as the stock market averages or the unemployment figures, but there's one leading indicator that suggests we may be seeing ...
leevank 03/08/2009 66 35 4 18
Private health insurers afraid to compete with bureaucrats!
Having spent approximately 2/3 of my working career in the public sector, I'm always amused when the people who constantly seek to convince us how efficient the private sector is when compared to ...
leevank 03/06/2009 33 32 - 18
Bill Kristol: Repubs must "obstruct and delay" Obama agenda
Bill Kristol, the neocon chickenhawk pundit who assured us in early 2003 that the way to become more respected in the Arab world would be to go to war against Iraq, who repeatedly assured us of how ...
leevank 02/26/2009 43 28 - 29
Republicans are against volcano monitoring????
I was unable to watch Jindal's speech last night, but has an item that I hadn't seen mentioned in any of the other diaries, and which is simply astounding to me. They point out that ...
leevank 02/25/2009 109 55 1 17
"Joe the War Correspondent:" Abolish war correspondents
Sometimes, you just can't make this stuff up. After intense preparation, including how to [ "pronounciate"] (not ...
leevank 01/11/2009 48 8 - 4
Even those with good insurance may soon be unable to get health care!
I will preface this by saying that I'm generally highly sympathetic to the complaints of doctors about insurance company and Medicare reimbursement. I've got three relatives by marriage who are ...
leevank 11/19/2008 35 27 3 16
It's time to put a stop to piracy on the high seas!
I hope that President-elect Obama will, as one of his first foreign policy actions, call a meeting of the world's major maritime nations to develop plans to stop the scourge of piracy on the high ...
leevank 11/17/2008 59 11 - 17
Did McCain sell his soul on E-Bay?
I am 59 years old, and I've been interested in politics for literally as long as I can remember, from the time my father hoisted me onto his shoulder to watch Dwight Eisenhower make a whistle stop ...
leevank 09/10/2008 25 4 - -
Let's stop whining and start WORKING!
People, stop getting depressed by polls – ESPECIALLY by those purportedly based on “likely voters.” It's way too early to measure "likely voters," and in this election, it's way ...
leevank 09/08/2008 10 3 - 7
I HAVEN'T always been proud of America
The recurring theme in the Republican Convention seems to be to attack Michelle Obama by the speakers saying, "I've ALWAYS been proud of America," or "There's never been a day in my life that I haven'
leevank 09/03/2008 3 7 - -
Morning Joe EXPLICITLY plays the race card
I was just stunned watching Morning Joe, because I thought we had FINALLY gotten beyond the kind of thing that I just saw. The first hour plus were devoted to how Hillary's speech last night was a ...
leevank 08/27/2008 648 657 6 40
Great Cindy McCain quote
Thanks to [ Paul Krugman] for pointing out a Cindy McCain quote that, to my mind, is even better than John McCain ...
leevank 08/25/2008 62 34 2 23
Place your Veep bets here
I'm amused at all the "my source says ..." "[this or that media outlet] says ..." threads. Since I don't have a source, and don't believe that any of the media outlets do either, I figure anybody'...
leevank 08/22/2008 66 1 - -
Georgia -- Things are getting even stickier
The New York Times is reporting that [ Russian troops have detained 21 Georgian soldiers in the Georgian port of Poti].
leevank 08/19/2008 45 29 - 44
"Community credentials" for the Democratic Convention
I apologize in advance for the short diary, but does anyone know the status of notifying people about tickets for Barack's acceptance speech? I called and emailed confirming that I wanted them, and ...
leevank 08/13/2008 7 3 - -
BREAKING -- Verdict reached in first Gitmo case [Updated]
The networks and the New York Times are saying that a verdict has been reached in the first Guantanamo case -- the one involving Osama bin Laden's driver. It hasn't yet been announced what the ...
leevank 08/06/2008 15 13 - -
We may hold even acquitted Gitmo detainees forever!
This would be unbelievable, except that given the track record of this administration, it's totally believable. The United States government has announced that it may hold Guatanamo detainees ...
leevank 08/02/2008 23 30 1 16
A strong recommendation for digital cable
My wife and I recently switched from Comcast's regular (non-digital) cable package to Verizon FIOS. The channel selection on Comcast's digital package was pretty comparable, but they were only ...
leevank 07/20/2008 72 8 1 -
Bush Admin considers admitting Obama was right about Iraq and Afghanistan!
No, they're not considering admitting that IN SO MANY WORDS (and obviously won't do so), but that's the inescapable conclusion from the policy discussions that are currently going on and reported in [
leevank 07/13/2008 9 14 - 56
ABC News trashes Obama Iraq plans
It looks like the Bush politicization of the government has reached into the ranks of the military. Either that, or the military has abandoned its tradition or not getting directly involved in ...
leevank 07/11/2008 41 23 - 32
Great Thomas Friedman column in Sunday's NYT
Thomas Friedman has a superb column in Sundays' New York Times about what he calls the Bush administration's [ "massive, ...
leevank 06/21/2008 18 16 1 16
This one is for all of us, but especially for some people that I remember from my 59+ years of life: It's for the very elderly and frail black man who was the first voter I ever registered, as ...
leevank 06/04/2008 4 11 - -
Which historical figure does Hillary want to emulate?
Right now, it appears as though Hillary Clinton still has roughly the same chance of being the Democratic nominee as the Confederacy had of winning the Civil War on the day before Lee's surrender at ...
leevank 06/02/2008 32 6 - -
Lanny Davis: Until votes are actually cast at the convention, this isn't over!
Lanny Davis just appeared on "Morning Joeless," and gave the clearest indication yet that Hillary isn't pulling out until votes have actually been cast at the Convention. He told Mika Brzezinski ...
leevank 05/29/2008 87 16 - 23
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