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Minneapolis mayor responds to #pointergate
In a post to her blog , Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges responds to the #pointergate controversy started when local new station KSTP aired a news story on November 7th critical of the mayor using ...
legendmn 11/14/2014 12 19 - -
Begging for money in Mexico
I'm writing this diary after being inspired by julimyers well-written diary A LETTER TO FRIENDS OF A FRIEND; or HOW CAN YOU EVEN THINK THAT? describing ugly comments on Facebook about panhandlers. ...
legendmn 09/13/2013 44 56 1 -
Breaking: MN House passes marriage equality bill
MN House Marriage Vote passes 75-59... Now it's on to the MN Senate and the governor's signature!! Minnesota Senate will vote on May 13, so next week we will be the 12th state after the governor ...
legendmn 05/09/2013 36 27 - -
Breaking: Boxer Orlando Cruz comes out as gay
This story is rocking the sports world today.
legendmn 10/04/2012 6 17 - 125
My last Netroots Nation photodiary - Misc. pics, plus Waterfire!
These are the remaining pictures I have to post from Netroots Nation, including pictures from the wonderful Waterfire event on Saturday night. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to process ...
legendmn 06/13/2012 72 46 1 241
Chairman's Pub Quiz - photo diary
The official Chairman's Pub Quiz competition was a smashing success this year, especially compared to last year's Mayanmar/Burma debacle. There were twice as many teams this year, and there was ...
legendmn 06/09/2012 12 25 1 187
Cheers & Jeers party photo diary
The Cheers & Jeers party last night at Union Station in Providence was a smashing success, and had all the ingredients for a successful party...good food, good people and lots of beer. Here are a ...
legendmn 06/07/2012 26 64 - 348
Right-wing e-mails: President Obama disrespecting the troops?
Like most of you, I receive periodic political e-mails from family with various right-wing or religious themes to them. I usually just ignore them, but a recent e-mail sent to me by my cousin made ...
legendmn 05/22/2012 9 18 - 139
Let's have a real televised presidential debate this year
I don't know about you, but I'm tired of watching the same old televised presidential debates every 4 years. The topics discussed almost never go beyond whatever the punditocracy is currently ...
legendmn 04/13/2012 10 3 - 43
Poor students sacrificed on the altar of budget cuts as schools cut music classes
Without music, life would be a mistake. -Friedrich Nietzsche A recent report from the Education Department shows that fewer schools are offering classes in the arts, as severe budget cuts take ...
legendmn 04/05/2012 20 10 1 86
BOOK REVIEW: "Ghost Wars"
Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001 by Steve Coll When the mob broke in, William ...
legendmn 01/18/2012 10 7 - 75
Tales of a gay veteran...
On this Veteran's Day I decided to write about my experiences in the Army. Not only is it a cathartic experience for me to deal with the conflicted emotions I have, but the recent repeal of DADT ...
legendmn 11/11/2011 33 25 - 108
Thank You from Sandy Pasch
I just received the following e-mail today from Sandy Pasch. The entire e-mail is below the fold:
legendmn 08/11/2011 16 23 - 104
Netroots For The Troops - Photo Diary
On June 18 during Netroots Nation, a bunch of committed Kossaks and other caring members of the community got together to assemble care packages for our troops. We had a huge amount of volunteers (...
legendmn 06/20/2011 21 40 1 141
Netroots Nation photo diary - Day 2
Just some random photos from Day 2 of Netroots ...
legendmn 06/18/2011 17 54 1 339
Factcheck gets it wrong again on Medicare
Just as they did in their article on Social Security , when they made the startling claim that Social Security ...
legendmn 06/14/2011 9 6 - 107
Ranking the most tolerant states
In response the MLK holiday, The Daily Beast website recently ranked ...
legendmn 01/17/2011 45 8 - 95
Breaking: MN-Gov Democrat Mark Dayton solidifies lead in new poll out today
A new Minnesota Public Radio/Humphrey Institute poll out today verifies the lead by Democrat ...
legendmn 09/29/2010 10 13 - 48
Vietnam - A vacation photo diary including poll
My two week vacation to Vietnam was my most ambitious vacation to date. I didn't know the language, the customs or the religion of Vietnam. In short, I felt like a fish-out-of-water. And I ...
legendmn 01/05/2010 23 17 - 100
Which senator do you think groped David Brooks? Poll included
First, some background from this story: BROOKS: You know, all three of us spend a lot of time ...
legendmn 07/13/2009 74 10 - 23
Michele Bachmann STFU!!!
Being from Minnesota is normally something I would be proud of. The land of Prince, A Prairie Home Companion and the Mall Of America (not to mention Al Franken) is a great state, which makes it even ...
legendmn 06/12/2009 71 27 - 57
MN community rallies to help 60 families left homeless by apartment fire
For more than 100 people left homeless by fire on Tuesday, the true spirit of the holidays manifested itself when the local Burnsville, MN community rallied to help. From people donating food and ...
legendmn 12/24/2008 10 18 1 27
My imaginary speech at the Democratic Convention
Obama's speech on Thursday night was amazing of course, even by the standards that he himself has set this campaign season, but I also enjoyed the speeches by the average citizens talking about how ...
legendmn 08/29/2008 1 1 - 2
MN Republican takes advantage of VA Tech tragedy to push for guns on campus...poll added
This is my first diary, but I'm so mad that I just had to write. While MN is known as a liberal state, we still have our share of right-wing crazies...more than enough for my taste. One of them ...
legendmn 04/17/2008 11 1 - 31
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