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Next Steps: Taking the Gun Away
Like many other people here, I was, more than anything, just relieved that we were able to re-open the government and avoid economic catastrophe without Obama and the Democrats giving in to the ...
leshrac55 10/18/2013 18 3 - -
Government is closed and Republicans purposely waste everyone's time
Ok, I suppose this has been the case leading up to the shutdown as well, but at least it involved actual bills being passed and sent to the Senate. On the first day of the government shutdown House ...
leshrac55 10/01/2013 2 2 - -
A New Speaker?
I am increasingly pessimistic about the chances that the government won't be shut down tonight. I simply don't think that Boehner has the ability or will to control his caucus and let a "clean" CR ...
leshrac55 09/30/2013 38 13 - -
Cue the crappy GOP Pollsters: Wenzel Strategies OH - 49 R - 46 O
So, of course with all the great polls confirming over and over that OH was fairly solidly in Obama's camp, it was pretty obvious we were going to see these Republican pollsters (and there are a LOT ...
leshrac55 11/01/2012 84 1 - -
538 Forecast: Obama up to 74.4%
I know I'm not the only one obsessed with Nate Silver's numbers each day, so I noticed he updated them today and Obama is up another tick up to 74.4%. The Nowcast is at 78.6%. Can Obama get back up ...
leshrac55 10/26/2012 12 10 1 -
PPP CO - O 51 - R 47
Sweet poll from PPP... Up a point from last time and Obama over 50%, I like what I'm seeing. Our new Colorado poll finds Barack Obama leading 51-47, up a tick from our one last week that had him up ...
leshrac55 10/25/2012 51 28 - -
PPP National tracker: R 49 - O 47
Sigh.. just in time to rain on my debate parade, PPP comes out with their tracker numbers with Romney 49 - Obama 47. This covers Saturday-Monday. PPP had mentioned that Friday was a good night for ...
leshrac55 10/22/2012 59 3 - -
PPP NH and IA: R 49 - O 48
Yes, those numbers apply to both New Hampshire and Iowa. These numbers come from their tweets. Mitt Romney leads our new New Hampshire poll 49-48. Obama had led by 6-8 pts in our polling before the ...
leshrac55 10/19/2012 42 4 - -
Gallup: R 51 - O 45
This is only a very slight improvement for Obama in the Gallup poll, as he is down 6 instead of 7. But, I do think this is the beginning of bigger drops for Romney and (hopefully) increases for Obama.
leshrac55 10/19/2012 10 1 - -
Nate Silver has Obama at 70.4% to win now
Big day for Obama in the polls, increasing Obama back up to a 70.4% favorite to win... Can we get back up to the days of near 85-90%?
leshrac55 10/18/2012 51 17 - -
PPP CO: O 50 - R 47
I would qualify this as relatively good news... It's down from his high of a 6 point lead from before the first debate, but still fairly solid and Obama at 50%. PPP also points out that this matches ...
leshrac55 10/18/2012 105 25 - -
New PPP National Tracker: Race Tied 48-48
Not much to say here, but it is improvement from their last regular poll of the race... They also mention on twitter that Wednesday was Obama's best day, but that there wasn't a ton of movement ...
leshrac55 10/18/2012 49 12 - -
Gallup: R 49 - O 47
First post debate day has dropped off and it didn't get better for Obama. Actually, it got worse. Its looking like whatever bounce Romney got out of his first debate is here to stay, unfortunately. ...
leshrac55 10/12/2012 230 7 - -
Another way to look at Obama's lead
I just thought of this while in the shower (where the best ideas come from!) so thought I'd share. One of the reasons McCain was able to keep the race close for a long time was, essentially, ...
leshrac55 10/14/2008 10 4 - -
Carlos Zambrano Pitches a No-Hitter
I apologize for the off-topic, but this was just awesome. Playing the Astros at Miller Park in Milwaukee (relocated due to Hurricane Ike), Zambrano pitched a no hitter in 110 pitches, the first ...
leshrac55 09/14/2008 120 29 1 37
Edwards Affair AFTER Campaign started (but before announcement)
*Edit* Sorry, I guess I was sort of wrong here. I suppose he could (and should) have just not announced his candidacy at the end of 2006. I think that, unofficially, his campaign had basically ...
leshrac55 08/08/2008 25 2 - 1
Analysis: AP reports garbage instead of news
What the hell? Why is the AP running a completely ridiculous, partisan opinion piece under the guise of "analysis"? Under the already ridiculous headline "Analysis: Obama chose winning over his ...
leshrac55 06/19/2008 9 5 - 1
Note to Media: Hillary DID NOT Apologize
At least, she did NOT apologize to the right people, or even for the right thing. She completely missed the point. But some in the media are already reporting her response as an "apology". Here's ...
leshrac55 05/23/2008 26 27 - 26
A Question for Clinton
TPM managed to listen in on a "private" Clinton conference call with Super Delegates where she ...
leshrac55 05/10/2008 10 1 1 -
Wright Won the Campaign for Obama
I realize this is sort of counter-intuitive, but bear with me here. Just after PA, the sort of "CW" was that Obama would probably win NC by around 20 points and that IN was a tossup. Somehow or ...
leshrac55 05/08/2008 23 2 - 1
Clinton at her best, Obama at his Worst, and we now know the results
What's remarkable is the fact that these results came out with Clinton at near her best (at least, according to the punditry, she had found her "voice" and seemed more confident than ever, etc), and ...
leshrac55 05/07/2008 9 6 - 1
Attention Obama Surrogates: IN is NOT a Tiebreaker
I just watched Larry King where Carville is spewing this BS about "Indiana is the tiebreaker" without much of a complaint from any of the Obama supporters. I know Obama said this at one point, but ...
leshrac55 04/23/2008 26 16 - 15
The Big Missed Story from the Debate?
I actually missed the debate, so didn't really catch this point since pretty much all the post-debate analysis I saw talked about how unbelievably bad it was, or how Obama seemed a bit off his game.
leshrac55 04/17/2008 19 10 - 5
Why Is the Media So STUPID About This?
I know, I know... the media is always idiotic, particularly when you have blowhards like Matthews and Dobbs on the air. But everywhere you look, even on many blogs, even with Pro-Obama comments, ...
leshrac55 04/16/2008 17 6 1 -
Not a Democratic Convention, an Intervention
This has to stop. Throughout this ugly primary, I've still maintained that I would vote for Clinton if she received the nomination. Every time she would hit a "new low", while I hated it, I would ...
leshrac55 03/25/2008 16 11 - 8
New FL Compromise Proposed?
CNN has the scoop : The plan recommends seating half of Florida's 210 delegates based on the results of the ...
leshrac55 03/19/2008 60 2 - 4
Obama should offer to pay half for new MI/FL elections
It seems the one big obstacle to getting new elections in MI and FL is money. Who is going to pay for them? While new elections in FL and MI could very likely be advantageous to Clinton, Obama ...
leshrac55 03/07/2008 129 6 - 10
Hillary Courts the Youth Vote
Hillary Clinton appeared on Saturday Night Live tonight for an "Editorial Response" to a skit (which I unfortunately missed) that, once again, made fun of the "media bias" towards Obama. Clinton is ...
leshrac55 03/02/2008 27 2 - -
Is McCain Eligible to be President?
Now, I'll be up front and say that I think McCain SHOULD be eligible, and that it'd basically be ridiculous if he weren't. With that said, the NY Times has an article about whether the fact that he ...
leshrac55 02/27/2008 143 5 - 12
Why "Personally" Defunding The War is Wrong
I realize I'm a bit late to the game here, but when I saw Meteor Blades' post about how he and his wife were going to " personally ...
leshrac55 11/05/2007 27 3 - 11
"[Gore] has the ambition to use the peace prize as a springboard to run for president"
I really wasn't going to post this because of the barrage of Gore posts already, but I didn't see this mentioned. CNN claims to have talked to a source who said that Gore "definitely has the ...
leshrac55 10/12/2007 7 - - -
Kansas Tornado Cleanup "Strained" Because of Iraq: Thanks Bush!
As if we need any more examples that Iraq is seriously straining not only our military's ability to respond to real threats around the world, but also the resources we need to respond to threats ...
leshrac55 05/07/2007 2 - - 4
Ted Nugent Makes Stuff Up, CNN Lets Him
I'm not a gun advocate, but I understand the argument that people make for more concealed guns. Certainly, it's the same argument that Ted Nugent makes in his commentary at CNN, which can be found ...
leshrac55 04/20/2007 40 5 - 12
Is the Majority Always Right?
This is something that has been bugging me for awhile, but I haven't really thought about how to express it until now. Before I start, please understand that I'm not trying to undermine support for ...
leshrac55 02/06/2007 52 3 - 1
CNN Headline: Experts slam upcoming global warming report
Am I crazy, or does that sound like "experts" are disputing global warming claims? Did anyone else see this headline from yesterday? You can view it here:
leshrac55 01/30/2007 23 8 - -
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