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Last August, HRC used exactly the same words as Bibi to justify his No Two-State stand.
Within days of each other last summer, Benjamin Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton announced to the world that they both had decided that they effectively oppose a two-state solution between Israel and ...
leveymg 03/21/2015 86 12 1 -
As UN Security Council Mulls ISIS Oil Sanctions, Most Funds Still Flow from Saudi and Gulf Donors
Proposed UN Sanctions Do Not Go To Most ISIS Funding from Wealthy Donors There is broad agreement that "substantial" funds are still reaching ISIS from wealthy elites in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and ...
leveymg 02/07/2015 20 7 - -
Selective Shutdown Over for Pentagon. The Light just got turned on the Kabuki Theater Stage
In other words, the Tea Party got EXACTLY what they wanted from the SELECTIVE shutdown of the federal government. What did the Democrats gain from this? The federal government just got shrunk in ...
leveymg 10/05/2013 33 15 - -
On Wall St, the Shutdown and Sequester prompt rally. Austerity brings cheers and a buying mood.
As hundreds of thousands of federal workers faced their second day of unpaid furloughs, investors and Republican lawmakers were in a jubilant, upbeat mood. Six months into the Sequester, stock ...
leveymg 10/02/2013 36 2 - -
Did anyone else notice this? Obama just said that it may have been an unauthorized strike, here:
The transcript of the President's press conference at the G20 Summit was just released. It's unfortunately a very long transcript and he went on at length about the situation in Syria and the ...
leveymg 09/06/2013 40 16 - -
McCrazy voted yes only after tougher Syria war resolution was crafted to his tastes
Might as well call it the McCain Syria War Bill. The vote came after Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., raised objections to an earlier draft. The objections forced lawmakers to renegotiate the measure; ...
leveymg 09/04/2013 17 6 - -
Syrian "gas rockets" appear homemade and incapable of flying 5-10 miles to target.
Photos of devices allegedly used to carry Sarin gas show they appear to be homemade and are clearly incapable of accurately reaching targets 5-10 miles away. That is crucially important because the ...
leveymg 09/02/2013 47 16 1 -
Why is the Administration Withholding Israeli-Provided Intercepts That "Prove" Responsibility?
This afternoon, nine days after the event, the U.S. Government has issued its first official account of events in the northern Damascus suburbs. The State Department released a report, U.S. ...
leveymg 08/30/2013 15 10 - -
Events in Syria Lead Back to Israeli Report of Imminent US-Led Attack from Jordan
On August 17, DEBKAfile, an Israeli defense blog reported that Gen. Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was in Jordan inspecting command and control facilities from which the ...
leveymg 08/24/2013 29 14 1 -
Yet Another NSA Program Raises Questions About Obama's Statements to Charlie Rose
Two days before President Obama's revealing interview with Charley Rose, the Washington Post published an overlooked article about the many programs run by NSA. Deep in the story was this revelation ...
leveymg 06/20/2013 42 20 1 -
Director Mueller: 9/11 Hijackers were, in Fact, Under NSA Surveillance
NSA Surveillance of 9/11 Plot Was Known to FBI Outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller made a startling claim yesterday to a Congressional Committee overseeing the NSA inquiry. The Director described ...
leveymg 06/14/2013 8 18 2 -
Is Universal Profiling of phone users in America the next revelation?
In a post on The Guardian's website, Glenn Greenwald seems to suggest that another major revelation about mass telephone surveillance might be imminent. "I'm Looking Forward to future revelations ...
leveymg 06/07/2013 9 7 - -
Your Permanent Record: What NSA Does With All They Know About You
Until yesterday, if you had posted with a straight face, "Everyone's phone is tapped," most people would have blinked, laughed, and the DKos debunking squad would be all over you. You might have ...
leveymg 06/06/2013 9 20 1 -
AP report contradicted White House statement that there was no know AQ plot on bin Laden anniversary
Here's the AP report of May 7, 2012 that spurred the DOJ to secretly collect AP phone records. That article draws into question statements previously made by the White House and Homeland Security ...
leveymg 05/14/2013 22 4 1 -
Haaretz: Jihadists, not Assad, apparently behind reported chemical attack in Syria
Haaretz now reports that the chemical attack that occurred two days ago at a military checkpoint near Aleppo, Syria was likely the work of Jihadi forces in the opposition. The explosion claimed the ...
leveymg 03/24/2013 12 10 1 -
UPDATED: First Petraeus, now Top Pentagon Covert Operator Vickers under Investigation
McClatchy Newspapers reports that the top Pentagon covert operations chief, Michael G. Vickers, is under Justice Dept. investigation for alleged leaks of classified information used in the making of ...
leveymg 12/18/2012 9 8 - -
Rice’s Exit Seen Improving Chances of Renewed Syria Peace Talks
Events in Syria this week, particularly reports of chemical weapons being readied, overshadowed news of renewed US-Russian talks to resolve the conflict. The two powers agreed at a surprise ...
leveymg 12/15/2012 10 2 - -
Why Susan Rice's Withdrawal Offers Some Reason for Hope
Even by the rather warlike standards of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, she's a hawk. The fact that Susan Rice will not be the next Secretary of State should give us some reason for hope, ...
leveymg 12/13/2012 65 9 - -
Syria Boxed into a Use-'Em-or-Lose-'Em WMD Dilemma Holding a Deadman Trigger
In the last few days we’ve started to see hints that Syrian End-Game is expected to involve a launch of some of Syria’s giant, and very real, stockpile of chemical and biological weapons (CBW). ...
leveymg 12/03/2012 52 8 1 -
Susan Rice Vocally Supported the Iraq War, and Every Mid-East War Since
After weeks of dog whistles and GOP bullshit, the truth about Susan Rice is finally emerging. It may not be what those Democrats who have circled their wagons around her may expect or want in the ...
leveymg 11/28/2012 153 31 1 -
The Selling of Susan Rice: “Dog Whistles" and Unlikely Republican Allies
Wars make for unlikely alliances, and so does the buildup to war. Take the case of Susan Rice, the leading candidate for nomination as the next U.S. Secretary of State. Dr. Rice is more than anyone ...
leveymg 11/27/2012 15 6 - -
Petraeus was the Original Official Source of Iraq "Biotrailers" WMD Deception
[Adapted from original post: PETRAEUS' IRAQ WMD DECEPTION: How the General Earned His Stripes With Bush-Cheney (September 11, 2007)] In the last few days, it's come to light that Gen. Petraeus was ...
leveymg 11/10/2012 33 34 5 -
Benghazi Blowback Confirmed: US Intel Confirms Attack Linked to Pipeline of Libyan Jihadis to Syria
Since the attack in Benghazi, tensions have grown between U.S. intelligence and elements of the Syrian opposition, as have concerns expressed that foreign fighters, many of them from Libya, may pose ...
leveymg 10/25/2012 68 15 - -
Times of London: Shipload of Looted Missiles From Libya Arrives in Turkey
A major story about the escalating war in Syria was overshadowed by news of the al Qaeda attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi. Three days after that attack, The Times (UK) carried a story that a ...
leveymg 09/28/2012 12 8 - 125
Libya Attack Casts Unwanted Spotlight on CIA and Blackwater Role in Syria
According to yesterday’s New York Times , the CIA station in Benghazi numbered a dozen Agency officers and contractors at the time of the attack that left the U.S. Ambassador and three other ...
leveymg 09/25/2012 12 15 2 111
Blowback in Benghazi: Attack Linked to Regime Change Operations in Libya and Syria
Questions have been asked why Ambassador Chris Stevens had such a small security entourage when he visited Benghazi in Eastern Libya. The answer to that is that Stevens believed that he was safe ...
leveymg 09/14/2012 15 21 - 248
Coordinated Attack on Ambassador and US Troops Points to Safe Haven in Libya for al-Qaeda
The attack which took the lives of the American Ambassador in Libya was far larger and better organized than first revealed, according to emerging reports, and points to the fact that Al Qaeda ...
leveymg 09/13/2012 71 6 - 167
Florida al-Qaeda fugitive Esam Ghazzawi linked to BCCI and two dead Saudi Princes
This follows up my posting yesterday, which commented on the Miami Herald report that the FBI had covered up the escape of a Saudi financier who had hosted Mohamed Atta at his Florida villa in the ...
leveymg 09/09/2011 5 9 - 107
Miami Herald: FBI covered up escape of high-level AQ cell in FL; Saudis fled on 08/30/01
In a breaking story published in the Miami Herald, noted author Anthony Summers reveals for the first time information that the FBI withheld about important terrorism suspects from Congressional ...
leveymg 09/08/2011 25 35 1 258
British Prime Minister: Murdoch wiretap and bribery scandal will reveal "how politics works too."
Earlier this week, a UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, reported a notable quote from Prime Minister David Cameron. He made the extraordinary observation that the Murdoch wiretapping and police bribery ...
leveymg 07/10/2011 20 20 1 167
The Plan to Breitbart FDR
To those who curse Hollywood's supposed liberal bias, here's a remedy. A film in production casts Bill Murray and Laura Linney as live-in cousins involved in an extramarital affair in "Hyde Park on ...
leveymg 06/07/2011 14 5 - 106
Wiki: Israel pushed succession of Mubarak by Soliman in 2008
The succession of Mubarak by Soliman was pushed in 2008 by the Israelis who were concerned at the time that Mubarak appeared to be in declining health, according to a Wikileaks cable originating two ...
leveymg 02/08/2011 49 26 - 118
Wikileaks reveals 9/11 Team B - hijack team got away
Wikileaks Cable Details 9/11 Team B. 2nd Group of Hijackers Booked onto Flt. 77 Aircraft - Got Away Here's the cable.
leveymg 02/02/2011 30 14 - 168
Virginia GOP Trying to Bring Back Unverifiable Voting Machines
Prevent Voter Fraud in VA Keep the Ban, Save the Vote: Oppose HB 2080 Keep the Ban, Save the VoteACTION ALERT: contact VA legislators by Thursday afternoon to prevent voter fraud ...
leveymg 02/01/2011 5 19 1 129
After AIPAC Defendants Walk, Holder to Prosecute Wikileaks?
Last May, Attorney General Eric Holder dropped the federal prosecution against two AIPAC employees for their part in an unauthorized leak of Pentagon files. But, now, the Justice Dept. is ...
leveymg 12/20/2010 297 314 7 90
Cable Identifies Prominent Saudi funder of Taliban, Ongoing Saudi Finance of Terror
Cable 10Riyadh61: Taliban “receives significant funds ... from donors in Saudi Arabia and the UAE” , Saudi support ...
leveymg 12/06/2010 14 11 - 45
NOAA:  Toxic Air from BP Spill Measured in U.S. Cities
The toxic effects are making themselves known on people living in cities on the mainland U.S. and on Gulf shellfish miles from the site of the BP oil spill. The evaporating oil slick, which is ...
leveymg 07/27/2010 21 28 - 62
"Volunteer" Titanic Capt. Obama - the rich get the lifeboats Here's the problem with Van Jones' Titanic Captain Obama metaphor - the rich still get the lifeboats ...
leveymg 07/24/2010 77 14 - 38
A Giant Vat of Liquid Smog Mixed with Blood Thinner
Are you curious about COREXIT, and its effects on the biochemistry of marine life that comes in contact with it? COREXIT is the dispersant that BP has sprayed by the millions of gallons into the ...
leveymg 06/15/2010 46 26 1 61
Place a lien on BP's assets (OPA, Sec. 4301), begin liquidating them now.  
Start the administrative and civil penalty process immediately; apply the fines to compensate the people of the Gulf Coast. There's a very good reason BP doesn't want accurate discharge ...
leveymg 05/25/2010 30 17 2 112
Roll Heads, Kick Ass, Split the HCR Bill or We're Dead Meat in Nov.
Okay. We tried it their way. For six months, we handed the Senate Health Care Reform Bill to the "Gang of Six" conservative centrists in the name of bi-partisanship. Had it not been for the decision ...
leveymg 01/20/2010 45 13 1 42
Blackwater "Perimeter Guard" Failed to Search Bomber of CIA
The Virginia Pilot newspaper today identifies one of the dead in the suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan as Jeremy Wise, an employee of Xe/Blackwater. Wise was killed with six other Americans ...
leveymg 01/06/2010 47 34 2 95
"Jordanian Double-Agent Behind CIA Attack" - 9/11 Intel Failure Redux?
Source: Foreign Policy Magazine, from Wash Post report Jordanian double agent behind CIA ...
leveymg 01/05/2010 57 7 - 25
Erik Prince: American Bin Laden - CIA Asset, Money & Gunmen
Erik Prince is the American Osama Bin Laden: a CIA asset with a lot of money and gunmen working for him. The parallels extend further than recent reports that Prince was a paid CIA agent. See, http:/
leveymg 12/04/2009 17 39 4 495
AP: CIA Torture Damaged Brains, Recall of 9/11 Suspects
A new scientific study supports what I've been reporting since 2007. The effect of waterboarding and other torture techniques used on "high value" detainees during the Bush Administration led to ...
leveymg 09/22/2009 23 29 - 122
Jane Harman Reveals All: Ask No Questions, Tell No Lies.  
Rep. Jane Harman posts a revealing Op-ed in today's LA Times . It reveals a great deal about the questions that weren't asked by the so-called Gang of Eight intelligence overseers in ...
leveymg 07/25/2009 27 25 - 95
"CIA Weighs 'Targeted Killing' Missions" - WaPo 10/28/01 CIA Weighs 'Targeted Killing' Missions Administration Believes Restraints Do Not Bar Singling Out ...
leveymg 07/17/2009 52 7 - 4
Over Before It Began: Terry McAuliffe's Folly
Let's call this The Tale of Two Tranches . Terry McAuliffe was an extraordinarily effective political fundraiser, but that would prove to be the undoing of the candidates who took ...
leveymg 06/10/2009 46 12 - 52
Reuters: Disappeared CIA Ghost Detainee Reported "Suicide"
We learn today of the death of at least one member of a group of CIA “ghost prisoners”, captured detainees who have since simply disappeared, their current whereabouts still undisclosed.
leveymg 05/11/2009 11 23 2 55
NYT: Harman-AIPAC Target was “Israeli Official”
There’s an awful lot of smoke and mirrors about the identity of the person targeted by the Harman-AIPAC wiretap, what that person was doing, and which agency ordered the wiretap. The ...
leveymg 04/29/2009 27 19 - 34
Harman-AIPAC: Second Mossad Agent Emerges
Earlier this week, I was cited at [ Justin Raimondo's Anti-War blog] for my conclusion that the identity of ...
leveymg 04/26/2009 104 28 - 30
The Larger Scandal Behind Harman-AIPAC - Israeli Spying in the U.S.
Harman-AIPAC-Gonzalez is really several scandals - Harman is actually the least of it. One thing I couldn’t quite figure out is why Jane Harman, an old Washington hand in the spy game, ...
leveymg 04/21/2009 39 24 4 89
MORE MADOFF MYTHS: Pt. 2 - The Made-Up Madoff
There was a notable small minority who responded negatively to Part One of this series: see, Their basic thrust is that Bernie’s game ...
leveymg 03/20/2009 36 14 2 16
MYTHS ABOUT MADOFF'S "PONZI SCHEME" - Bernie's Game Wasn't What They Told You (UPDATED 3X)
Bernie Madoff’s colossal investment fraud is almost everywhere described as a “Ponzi scheme”. That echoes the very words Madoff, himself, used to describe it to the FBI agents ...
leveymg 03/18/2009 356 410 53 156
As China Dumps Its US Real Estate Holdings, AIG Gets Another $30 Billion
As China flees US investments, why is the Fed and Congress continuing to prop up AIG? On Monday, China dumped a huge chunk of its U.S. residential mortgage holdings held by HSBC bank. Meanwhile, ...
leveymg 03/04/2009 29 13 2 26
THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUTH COMMISSIONS - Why America Doesn't Try Its Own War Criminals
There’s only one group who seems to want an actual trial for high-level Bush Administration officials less than the defendants who face indictment – those who succeeded them at the ...
leveymg 02/26/2009 30 41 5 245
BERNANKE: How to Avoid Depression - Better Bankruptcies, Efficient Foreclosures [Revised]
Ben S. Bernanke is an acclaimed authority on the causes of the Great Depression. From the very beginning of his career, he’s been seen as an expert in the causes of the long financial crisis ...
leveymg 02/24/2009 33 19 1 21
Unemployment figures released today show that more jobs were lost in 2008 than in any year since 1945 . Think about that for a second. A lightbulb should pop up – how did ...
leveymg 01/09/2009 13 10 - 35
WPA 2.1: Obama-Biden's New Deal
When George W. Bush nationalized the U.S. banking system, he may have had no notion where this would lead America. Just as Hoover led to Roosevelt, Obama is about to take the U.S. into the next ...
leveymg 12/22/2008 35 12 - 30
Obama & The Bomb: Iran & Israel Ready to Deal?  
It's time for the U.S. to reconsider its bargaining position toward Iran and Israel. Demands that Iran abandons its nuclear program have not worked, and it's time to try something else. Deterrence ...
leveymg 09/23/2008 9 4 - 78
AIG's Ties to McCain, Bush & China
AIG's former Chairman Maurice Greenberg has been compared to Citizen Kane for his political ambition. He's a major contributor to the Republican Party and, before his fall, had his hands on ...
leveymg 09/17/2008 36 12 1 24
Palin's $500 million Pipeline to Nowhere
Two days before she was selected as John McCain’s running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin signed a state law assigning a license for a $30 billion natural gas pipeline contract to TransCanada Pipelines,
leveymg 08/30/2008 8 11 - 69
McCain Still Receives Big $$$s from Keating S&L Figure Linked to BCCI and Organized Crime
A lot of people are familiar with S&L crook Charles Keating's illegal contributions to John McCain in the 1980s. What most don't know, however, was that Keating was implicated in the BCCI takeover ...
leveymg 08/22/2008 20 33 2 132
Suskind Transcript (Iraq WMD forgery) - Suskind and Giraldi are both right
Read the transcript of Ron Suskind's taped interview with former ranking CIA officer Rob Richer, now posted at Suskind's website: It ...
leveymg 08/08/2008 30 37 1 95
Bruce Ivins: A Dead Scientist and The Great Anthrax Vaccine Monopoly
How BioPort (with Ivin's help) Grabbed a a Billion Dollar Monopoly on Anthrax Vaccine There's an important, unnoticed backstory in the death of Bruce Ivins, the biotoxins ...
leveymg 08/05/2008 27 20 2 114
FISA Reform Bill: Here's What They Aren't Telling You
The Senate and House leadership (majority AND minority leadership, and heads of both Intel Committees) were in on warrantless wiretapping from 2003 on, just as they were briefed about new torture ...
leveymg 06/19/2008 11 22 - 18
AQ Khan & Iran - Does Bush Really Want to Open Up this Can of Worms?
The New York Times is trying to sell the story that Iran was the primary client of the A.Q. Khan nuclear network, and received miniaturized warhead designs.
leveymg 06/17/2008 5 15 - 20
SENATOR McCOVER-UP: Abramoff & the GOP Foreign Money Machine
I. Background: GOP Foreign Influence Peddling Senator John McCain has proved to be Jack Abramoff’s best friend. As Chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee ...
leveymg 06/05/2008 28 88 8 69
The Crimes And Coverups of "Reformer" McCain
Part 2: McCain’s 30-Years of Service to Saudi Bank Raiders and Junk Bond Kings Beginning tomorrow, the McCain campaign will bombard you with all the noble details about how John ...
leveymg 06/03/2008 13 34 7 241
Exactly what does Hillary Clinton mean when she says, “I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran"? Clinton told ABC, "In the next 10 years, during which ...
leveymg 04/22/2008 59 8 - -
US, UK Built "Replica" Iraqi DirtyBomb and Germ Labs Pre-War
2002 Death of Long-Time Associate of Dr. David Kelly Raises New Questions The UK Guardian revealed Monday that the US and Britain jointly ran a highly secret program to build radiological "...
leveymg 03/27/2008 18 13 2 41
Abramoff GOP Lobbying Firm Indicted, Major HRC Donor
Greenberg Traurig (GT), a major GOP partisan law and lobbying shop, has been indicted on federal charges in the Marianas Islands sweatshop case. The firm employed notorious political fixer Jack ...
leveymg 03/14/2008 256 374 19 85
The Real Reason the Senate Passed the FISA Immunity Bill (it isn't blackmail)
It's worse than you think. For the Congressional leadership, the threat of prosecution for 4 trillion warrantless wiretaps is more than enough to pass an immunity bill. A self-immunization bill.
leveymg 02/14/2008 63 23 - 10
History Lesson: Rome’s Failed Occupation of Iraq and Iran, and the Fall of the Republic.
Rome Tries and Fails to Occupy Persia (The Parthian War)(53 BC) The only thing more vulgar than the abuse of historical analogy is the willful ignorance of history. Such reckless ...
leveymg 01/15/2008 27 32 6 156
Cofer Black Headed Unit Alleged to Torture Detainees and Withhold Pre-9/11 Warning Memo to FBI In the Osama bin Laden story, a former CIA official with the unlikely name “J. Cofer ...
leveymg 12/21/2007 63 64 19 225
CIA Used Banned Cold War “Brainwashing&rdquo​; Techniques on Detainees
[UPDATED] – With White House knowledge, the CIA destroyed tapes of interrogations that showed detainees being subjected to interrogation techniques that alter recollections, erase memories, ...
leveymg 12/18/2007 15 26 1 253
Who Got Water Boarded and Why: What Tortured CIA Detainees Had In Common.
The ongoing controversy over the destruction of CIA torture tapes raises several more unanswered questions. The answers call into question the very basis of the Bush Administration’s so-...
leveymg 12/17/2007 3 16 2 64
CIA Detainee Torture, Memory Loss, and the Bush Administration's Falsification of History
A pattern of torture and memory erasure is at the heart of the mistreatment of prisoners in George W. Bush's Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). Indeed, torture is not so much about extracting ...
leveymg 12/13/2007 12 17 3 74
Torture Tapes Weren't The Only Thing Erased by The White House
Newsweek reports today that the White House pressured the CIA to erase tapes recording the interrogations of two key, related al-Qaeda figures, Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahom al-Nashiri. ...
leveymg 12/12/2007 23 29 5 89
TORTURE VIDEO: What The CIA Doesn't Want You to Know
Re: the CIA torture tape erasure. The corporate media and Congress have finally focused on a story that casts doubt on the official version of 9/11. They're telling you that the reason ...
leveymg 12/10/2007 54 28 6 62
THE IRAN NIE: U.S. Intel Gives Bush, Cheney and Olmert a Time-Out
“Game over, turn off the X-Box, put on your pajamas, and go to your rooms.” In effect, that’s what the 16 agencies that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community just told George ...
leveymg 12/05/2007 22 14 3 19
Bush IRS Helps Hedge Funds Strip U.S. Assets, Evade Taxes
Wealthy Tax Exiles Hail IRS as It Generously Extends Deadline For Offshore Corporations to Report “Assets Stripping” Until After Bush-Cheney Leaves Office Put this is the ...
leveymg 11/30/2007 8 44 5 214
HILLARY’S WAR: Overplaying the Drums of War
What follows George W. Bush's failed mission from God to bleed Iraq until it embraces Foggy Bottom democracy and signs a hydrocarbon law drafted in Houston? Alas, there is no happy ending to his ...
leveymg 10/24/2007 8 8 1 -
PART II: The Great Bandwidth Rip-Off Yesterday, we covered the basics of how the NSA scoops up huge amounts of data about U.S. citizens without warrants. That’s a violation of the ...
leveymg 10/15/2007 21 34 16 143
CALEA – Now, Even Starbucks is Required to Spy on You While the wiretap law that’s supposed to protect Americans from warrantless government wiretaps, FISA, is now widely known, few ...
leveymg 10/14/2007 16 24 4 3
Court Papers: NSA Wiretapping ("The Program") Started Before 9/11
The Rocky Mountain News reports today that in early 2001, Qwest, a Denver-based wireless telecom company, pulled out of a major NSA program believing the spy agency was involved in illegal domestic ...
leveymg 10/11/2007 108 311 18 59
PETRAEUS' IRAQ WMD DECEPTION: How the General Earned His Stripes With Bush-Cheney
In the last few days, it's come to light that Gen. Petraeus was the original source for incorrect information released to the U.S. media in May 2003 that mobile biological warfare trailers had been ...
leveymg 09/11/2007 15 15 1 30
Dow loses another 250.  Points to worst recession in 50 years.
There was an excellent diary by New Deal democrat up just as the blood-letting got started this morning. What now spooks many is the ...
leveymg 09/07/2007 63 34 3 15
Thank Bush, Sr. for A.Q. Khan, UBL and the Plame Case
Lost in all the hullabaloo over Dubya's commutation of the jail sentence handed former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was this little gem of a news item from Pakistan:
leveymg 07/07/2007 30 34 15 238
The Pete Pace the Public Never Heard
Friday's diary, Pace Fired Because He Balked at Iran" -- -- has been updated to respond to several comments that reflected an unawareness ...
leveymg 06/10/2007 27 25 - 14
[UPDATE 2] Pace Fired Because He Balked at Iran
This isn't good news. THIS IS EXTREMELY OMINOUS I’ve been writing for over a year now that the Joint Chiefs have been blocking the White House’s efforts to expand the war to Iran. No ...
leveymg 06/08/2007 363 456 17 135
Harvard Business School Turns on Bush: "Failed Political Leadership"
We've heard that some of Alberto Gonzales' Harvard Law classmates think he's done a pretty lousy job as Attorney General. Now, what exactly does George W. Bush’s alma mater think of ...
leveymg 05/22/2007 22 33 3 5
THEY KNEW: Tenet's Book Reveals 9-11 Perjury
[UPDATED] George Tenet's new book, At the Center of the Storm , reveals something extremely important about events in the final weeks before 9/11. For the first time, the former CIA Director ...
leveymg 05/07/2007 505 644 34 143
OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE AT DOJ: The e-mails Gonzales didn’t want you to see.
On March 5, a day before the House Judiciary Committee held its first public hearing into the US Attorneys firings, there was an e-mail exchange instructing a key witness how to shape his answers so ...
leveymg 04/29/2007 213 490 17 38
Rove Defied Fitz’s Repeated Document Preservation Orders
Rove’s RNC e-mails Erased For 2 Years After Fitz Ordered Records Preserved Ten weeks before issuing a subpoena for records in Vice President Cheney’s office, Patrick Fitzgerald ...
leveymg 04/14/2007 11 24 1 13
E-mail Subpoenas Weren't For Rove: Where Is Rove's Subpoena?
[UPDATED] In the last couple days, a number of Diaries and blogs have referenced a set of newly-released documents in the Plame case that contain subpoenas and memos. There seems to be a ...
leveymg 04/13/2007 11 6 - 1
British Warned In Advance About Hostage Threat: Retired Israeli Spy Chief Foretold Iranian Reprisal
The capture of a 15-man squad of British Marines in a disputed area of the waterway separating Iraq and Iran last Friday should have come as no great surprise to the Government of the United Kingdom.
leveymg 03/26/2007 10 14 - 26
THE 240-DAY GAP: The Missing White House Memos
Where are the President’s records of internal deliberations about the USA firings? Earlier today, the Senate followed the House in announcing it was ready to issue subpoenas for ...
leveymg 03/22/2007 24 18 3 9
Another GOP vulture capital firm owner tied to USA firing scandal
In a companion diary, I pointed out that the operators of a huge global hedge fund, Cerberus-Gabriel, are implicated in the GOP funding scandal involving former Appropriations Committee Chair Rep. ...
leveymg 03/20/2007 22 35 6 81
Larger CIA and DoD Privatization Scandal Emerging from Walter Reed Story, US Attorneys Firing
Rumsfeld and Top GOP Figures Profited from Privatization of VA Hospital, CIA Contractors A large global hedge fund, Cerberus Capital Management (dba, Cerberus-Gabriel), is at the center of ...
leveymg 03/10/2007 608 798 178 208
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