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University of New Mexico Law Student Brutalized by Albuquerque Police Department, Loses Testicle
If you are especially squeamish you might want to pass on this story, but if you are willing to get past some really awful stuff and are angry about police brutality dig in. I will say that I know ...
liberaltruthsayer 05/02/2014 74 143 2 -
Remember Me? Anyone?
For a long time I was a very active blogger with DailyKos. I had a few personal blogs of my own, too. I was active in the chat and I was frequently posted. Even front paged a time or two. Well, ...
liberaltruthsayer 03/13/2014 118 536 3 -
Liberaltruthsayer: The 40 Year Old Junior
Some of you may remember me, I used to post here frequently, then joined the Richardson for President staff and went on hiatus, then just sort of flaked out. I admit it. I got lazy. I fell out of ...
liberaltruthsayer 03/17/2009 8 4 - 25
Michigan's Republican "Election Integrity" Voter Purge Scheme
I don't know why we should be surprised that republicans in hotly contested Michigan think that purging thousands ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/11/2008 23 19 - 15
NM CD1: New Martin Heinrich Ad (Featuring My Adorable Son!)
While here on the internets I am known as Liberaltruthsayer, humble blogger, in my home state of New Mexico I am better known for having really adorable and photogenic kids. From time to time they ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/07/2008 6 9 - 12
NM Senate Race, Introducing Wootdall Site, Friday Haiku Fun
I have been challenged to write a haiku di'ry For Rep. Tom Udall Tom's brilliant web team has created a spoof site like woot dot com but This one is ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/05/2008 39 7 - 3
Caribou Barbie's Introduction Video Scandal...
Sick making, yes. Hilarious fade in and outs, yes. But there is something staggeringly funny about this video, and that is the whole sale ripoff of the theme song from Dallas. See for yourself ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/04/2008 48 8 2 -
Fabulous Freeper Update (Vote again today!)(Shameless Pimping for a Good Cause)
Good morning peeps! Yesterday I published a link to Steve Pearce's website. For those of you who don't know, Steve Pearce is the idiot who gave up a safe republican congressional seat to take ...
liberaltruthsayer 08/06/2008 39 13 - 15
Steve Pearce's Wacky Online Poll (Go Vote!)
The geniuses at the Steve Pearce campaign (for those of you who don't know Pearce, he is the guy who is going to lose the US Senate race in a landslide to Tom Udall, one of the greatest guys I have ...
liberaltruthsayer 08/05/2008 47 16 - 34
Someone Help Me 'Splain to John
A friend of mine sent around an email this morning, and it struck me as one of the most eloquent and pointed queries I have seen in a long time. I am sharing this with you with his permission. He ...
liberaltruthsayer 06/21/2008 31 14 - 11
New Videos: Tom Udall: The Un-Politician
My friend, Tom Udall, is running for the US Senate seat being vacated by Pete Domenici. He is unopposed in the primary, but will face either Heather Wilson or Steve Pearce in the general. Tom is ...
liberaltruthsayer 05/23/2008 20 11 - 15
A Really Fun Thing To Do This Saturday in Albuquerque..I PROMISE!
The Democratic Party of Bernalillo County is holding a free picnic at the NM Expo (aka the fairgrounds) in Albuquerque, at the Spanish Village Saturday afternoon, from 12 noon until 4 pm. This is ...
liberaltruthsayer 05/22/2008 25 7 - 8
MSM Takes Another Casualty:  I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!
I am a pretty avid news junkie. I have vivid memories of watching the news as a small child, of being a big fan of Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Morley Saffer...and I have finally had it. I have ...
liberaltruthsayer 05/01/2008 45 16 - 9
Project RISE
Many of you know me from blogging for Bill Richardson over the past year or so, and since the campaign ended I have been a little quiet. Most of that was just catching up with the kids, and on my ...
liberaltruthsayer 04/16/2008 1 1 - -
Real Estate Market Woes:  Reality Does, Indeed, Bite
Five years ago Mr. Liberaltruthsayer and I purchased our first home in St. Louis. It was a 112 year old rehabbed 2 family flat, nearly 3000 square feet, shotgun style. We had rooms for our girls, ...
liberaltruthsayer 02/17/2008 49 14 - 1
Liberaltruthsayer Returns!
Howdy, peeps, from the Land of Enchantment. Five months or so ago I went on hiatus to join the Richardson for President campaign staff and help coordinate volunteers all over the country. Though ...
liberaltruthsayer 02/12/2008 17 5 - -
Liberaltruthsayer is On Hiatus
My dear friends and readers... As you know I have been a strong supporter and blogger for Governor Bill Richardson for a very long time. I believe with everything that I am that Bill Richardson ...
liberaltruthsayer 10/24/2007 13 8 - 20
Bill Richardson Featured on ABC World News Tonight
I have been diarying for Bill Richardson here for well over a year, and have often told the story of how I got to know Bill Richardson, and admire him, and how strongly I believe in our Governor and ...
liberaltruthsayer 10/05/2007 8 11 - 3
Draft Tom Udall for Pajama Pete's Seat!
Today joyous news for progressives in New Mexico, Pajama Pete Domenici is retiring! Now comes the mad dash for contenders for his seat. I am going to make my case for Tom Udall, Congressman from ...
liberaltruthsayer 10/03/2007 41 17 - 82
Where do YOU really stand on troop withdrawl...REPEAT CALL TO ACTION
I asked this question yesterday, and frankly I am a little saddened by the anemic response I got from the Daily Kos community, "Are you really serious about ending the war?" I expected better of ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/29/2007 24 6 - 1
Are YOU Really Serious About Ending the War? A Call To Action.
I have to ask this question of Kossacks, and no, this is no "tongue in cheek" rhetorical question. I want you to look at yourselves long and hard, and really think about this. Are you committed, ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/28/2007 21 9 - 1
Holy F'ed Up Foriegn Policy, Batman!
Darling husband just sent me an article from This is London: Saddam ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/27/2007 6 1 - -
Bill Richardson: Get Our Troops Out with Video
The Bill Richardson for President Campaign has just launched a new website, along with a very good informational video at Get Our Troops Out . More ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/24/2007 37 22 - 4
Richardson Comments on Patriots Spying Scandal
SPENCER, IA-- Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson, campaigning today in Iowa, issued the following statement regarding the recent "spying" incident involving the ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/14/2007 8 9 - 36
Richardson's WaPo Editorial on Iraq
Bill Richardson, my state's governor and democratic candidate for president, wrote an editorial piece that will be published in the Washington Post tomorrow, Saturday September 8. It can be ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/07/2007 24 15 - 7
Richardson's Contribution to Public Transportation: Rail Runner UPDATED
. You know, discussion of light rail in New Mexico has gone back and forth for years and years. We ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/06/2007 40 20 1 27
Richardson: Why POTUS and NOT Senate
Most of you already know that I have been diarying for Bill Richardson on Daily Kos for a long time. I firmly believe that not only is he the best candidate for President from either party and that ...
liberaltruthsayer 09/05/2007 29 11 - 4
Some Great, Random Video Testimonials for Bill Richardson
I think we can all agree that You Tube has revolutionized political campaigns. Instant clips of debates and fora, previews of snazzy new campaign ads, and for those not suffering from short ...
liberaltruthsayer 08/23/2007 2 4 1 5
What's a Mom to Do?
Many of you already know that I have four small kids. The oldest is Amanda, 9, followed by Sarah, 7. Maddie will be 6 Thursday and Willie will be 3 in a couple of weeks. My husband and I are ...
liberaltruthsayer 08/19/2007 47 11 - 21
Good golly, I lost my mojo!
I feel like Austin Powers... This week I found myself in a pie fight, and I lost my mojo.
liberaltruthsayer 08/18/2007 138 10 - 5
By Birth or By Choice...What REALLY Matters
You know, for the life of me, I have been reading these postings for days, and I still can't understand the furor over Governor Richardson's remarks at last week's HRC/LOGO forum. I am about as ...
liberaltruthsayer 08/14/2007 123 9 - 5
YK: What a Fantastic Time!
And first of all, I want to say to all of you who came by the booth for Bill Richardson and said hi, THANK YOU for being so great and kind, for trying the New Mexico State Cookie...the biscochito, ...
liberaltruthsayer 08/06/2007 44 24 - 4
LTS is at YK NOW with COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, friends, I am here, right now at the Bill Richardson for President Booth with a bunch of tasty biscochitos and some great campaign swag! Behold the crunchy, golden deliciousness below the fold...
liberaltruthsayer 08/03/2007 55 18 - 10
LTS is Coming to YK and Bringing Cookies!
Yep, its true! Your humble pal, Liberaltruthsayer, will be in Chicago at YK tomorrow and is bringing cookies, specifically biscochitos, the official State Cookie of New Mexico, home of Governor ...
liberaltruthsayer 08/01/2007 18 8 - -
Why Women Should Support Bill Richardson
My whole life I have dreamed of the opportunity to vote for a woman for president. My father always told me that if I worked harder in school it could actually be me! (He didn't live to see the ...
liberaltruthsayer 07/17/2007 37 11 - -
We Deserve to Lose
I have always been patriotic. From the time I was a tiny little girl and my dad was watching a ball game, the moment I heard the national anthem I would run from wherever I was in the house, stand ...
liberaltruthsayer 07/14/2007 28 7 - -
Richardson calls security breach "astonishing"
The following is a statement from Governor Bill Richardson, democratic candidate for president, and will be cross published at two of my blogs, ...
liberaltruthsayer 07/13/2007 26 23 - 5
Richardson at NALEO: VAMOS A GANAR!!!!
Bill Richardson kicked serious ass at this weekend's NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials) conference in Orlando, and I have the video: ((youtube t7ip6C4D1LM))
liberaltruthsayer 07/02/2007 12 6 - 3
I Ask on Behalf of Bill Richardson
Many of you already know me, I am Cara, aka Liberaltruthsayer, the mom of four in New Mexico trying to make the world a better place for my four beautiful young kiddos. I belive in my heart that ...
liberaltruthsayer 06/30/2007 48 8 - -
Just Sign the Damned Petition Already, Wouldja?
Today I received an email from someone who supports Bill Richardson, who had read my diary from yesterday Why I Support Bill ...
liberaltruthsayer 06/15/2007 20 9 1 -
Why I Support Bill Richardson
I have been posting here for quite some time now, and a lot of it in favor of Bill Richardson's bid for the presidency, but usually on one topic or another. I haven't really summed up my reasons ...
liberaltruthsayer 06/14/2007 39 20 1 26
Bill Richardson's Brilliant New Campaign Ad
The incredibly brilliant and talented guys over at Murphy Putnam Media have struck gold again with Bill Richardson's latest ad. This is the third in a series of really popular ads for the Governor, ...
liberaltruthsayer 06/12/2007 28 17 - 5
Join Richardson: Demand Congress Act NOW to Deauthorize the War
Bill Richardson is the only candidate in the field now with a plan to get us out of Iraq immediately, and he is calling on YOU for your help. If you visit his website ...
liberaltruthsayer 06/08/2007 17 13 - 6
Bill Richardson Was GREAT on Meet the Press
Sorry peeps for my protracted absence. I have been in the midst of moving off the mountaintop and into the city so I can reconnect with the human species. In the midst of that I have had two laptops ...
liberaltruthsayer 05/31/2007 98 14 - 11
Because Who Ever Heard of a "Good Piece of Elephant" Anyway?
Ok, so maybe I am suffering from some melancholy today, and with good reason. My beloved Grandmother died about 9 days ago and the memorial was yesterday. On the day she died I picked up her mail, ...
liberaltruthsayer 05/26/2007 13 1 - -
Two HOT New Richardson Ads!!!
The Bill Richardson campaign has two really snazzy new commercials out. I just got them today and wanted to share them with you guys. For those of you who loved his western ad, you won't be ...
liberaltruthsayer 05/09/2007 342 115 7 21
Governor Richardson welcomes Senators Clinton and Byrd Support
Finally, Senate Democrats are backing Governorn Bill Richardson's Iraq plan. Yesterday Senators Clinton and Byrd introduced legislation deauthorizing the Iraq War, which ...
liberaltruthsayer 05/04/2007 31 9 1 -
Richardson Responds to LA Police Brutality
This is the response of Governor Bill Richardson, candidate for the democratic nomination for President in 2008, to the news of another egregious example of LAPD brutality....
liberaltruthsayer 05/03/2007 54 12 - 17
What is the Stupidest Thing YOU Have Heard Bush Say?
Boy, I am opening a huge can of worms here... Yes, things are terrible. Bush has been the worst president in history, I am sure you will all agree. Things are so horrible it is hard to find ...
liberaltruthsayer 05/02/2007 129 19 - 7
Bill Richardson
I watched the debates last night, of course, watching debates has been a favorite thing of mine to do since I was four years old and watching Nixon debate McGovern (yes I am a serious politics nerd).
liberaltruthsayer 04/27/2007 161 22 1 19
How The Wingnuts Think: Confessions of a Heartsick Daughter-In-Law
I knew what I was getting myself into. Twelve years ago I met this guy, he was younger than I was, but he was a sweetheart. Tall and a bit goofy, especially if he had been drinking...but cute, ...
liberaltruthsayer 04/25/2007 60 5 1 1
Bill Richardson First Campaign Ads in Iowa and NH
Governor Bill Richardson is the first to air television spots in the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. The two ads, Life's Work and The Wall, began airing in NH and Iowa Monday. They ...
liberaltruthsayer 04/24/2007 59 19 - 22
Thoughts on the Eve of my 39th Birthday
You know, I sit here today, perusing the diaries, CNN droning on in the background about the tragedy at Virginia Tech, and trying to decipher my 2 and a half year old son's urgent pleadings, "Na, ...
liberaltruthsayer 04/17/2007 40 6 - -
Bill Richardson: Man on Fire and Getting Recognition
I found this nifty little quote from Donna Brazile, political commentator and campaign guru to Al Gore.... Political commentator Donna Brazile, who knows a thing or two about presidential ...
liberaltruthsayer 04/11/2007 73 31 2 21
Breaking! Richardson Scores Nuke Deal with North Korea
In what was billed as a diplomatic attempt to retrieve the remains of US soldiers killed in the Korean Conflict, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and candidate for the democratic nomination for ...
liberaltruthsayer 04/10/2007 364 250 2 27
Mea Culpa: For My friend JVolvo
Because you asked me, and because you have been so kind to defend me over the past two days, I will offer my humble apologies to my fellow Kossacks for inadvertently hurting some feelings, and for ...
liberaltruthsayer 03/24/2007 36 - - 3
Skankbeast Limpballs Slurs Edwards AGAIN!
Rush Limbaugh, the drug addled nazi gasbag, took Ann Coulter's penis out of his mouth long enough to unleash another attack on John Edwards today, this time to posit that The Edwards's announcement ...
liberaltruthsayer 03/22/2007 549 14 - 22
A Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton
this letter is cross posted at my blog Liberaltruthsayer.... this letter is cross posted at my blog Liberaltruthsayer....
liberaltruthsayer 03/02/2007 73 4 - 2
Silencing the Left: Don Williams Dumped By Knoxville News-Sentinel
I received an email today from reknown columnist Don Williams of the Knoxville News-Sentinel. It contained his last column for the paper, which they declined to publish. At the risk of violating ...
liberaltruthsayer 02/23/2007 16 24 - 6
So, What's YOUR Favorite School House Rock???
As your body grows BIGGER! Your Mind will FLOWER!!! It's GREAT to learn 'Cause KNOWLEDGE is POWER!!! It's School House Rocky, a chip off the block of your favorite School House,
liberaltruthsayer 02/15/2007 148 20 3 10
Road to the White House Paved in Platinum?
I initially published this in my blog Liberaltruthsayer Liberaltruthsayer back in December, and it just seemed like something I should bring back, ...
liberaltruthsayer 02/09/2007 13 4 1 1
Praise the Lord and Pass the Astroglide: Haggard Finds His Moral Center
This diary is cross posted over at my blog... Pastor Ted Haggard has emerged from meth and man rehab clean and straight, and his former ministry has urged him ...
liberaltruthsayer 02/06/2007 88 13 - 14
Announcing "Richardson Brings Hope": A Grassroots Movement
I would like to introduce you all to a new website: Richardson Brings Hope This is a grassroots, netroots movement to further the candidacy of Governor Bill Richardson for the ...
liberaltruthsayer 02/01/2007 12 6 2 -
LTS's Angry Uncle
I have this uncle. I must admit, I love this man dearly, though it pains me often to admit this. He does have good qualities, such as a quick and easy laugh, a passion for raunchy jokes, an ...
liberaltruthsayer 01/14/2007 21 4 - 1
Richardson Brokers Cease Fire in Sudan
This just in from the Office of Governor Bill Richardson...
liberaltruthsayer 01/10/2007 319 453 3 40
Why WE NEED to Nominate Bill Richardson
There are very few people who posess the ability to walk into a situation that the world regards as untenable, sit down with parties that don't want to negotiate, and hammer out agreements that are ...
liberaltruthsayer 01/09/2007 76 22 - 7
Governor Richardson on Immigration
I give you, unedited, Governor Richardson's speech today on Immigration...
liberaltruthsayer 12/07/2006 44 19 1 17
Kos Snarks Attack Schumer-Time to Shut the Farq Up Kids
liberaltruthsayer 11/16/2006 151 15 - 8
Happy Veterans' Day!
liberaltruthsayer 11/10/2006 7 4 - -
Republicans Take a LONG NEEDED BATH
liberaltruthsayer 11/08/2006 4 - - 2
Kerry Grows a Pair
liberaltruthsayer 10/31/2006 54 9 - 5
The Jerk Factor: What To Do When Your Candidate is a Nimrod
liberaltruthsayer 10/30/2006 33 3 - -
F-Bomb Fallout: NM 01 Heather Wilson Going Down
liberaltruthsayer 10/20/2006 51 25 - 8
Hey Republicans...Are You Happy Now?
liberaltruthsayer 10/18/2006 26 9 1 -
America's Biggest Threat: The Axis of Ignorance
liberaltruthsayer 10/12/2006 10 14 1 4
My Fight with My Republican Brother on IM
liberaltruthsayer 10/11/2006 24 14 1 8
liberaltruthsayer 10/06/2006 12 2 - -
Why this Foley Thang Feels Sooooooooo Good
liberaltruthsayer 10/05/2006 47 6 - 9
Foley's Taint...The Sequel
liberaltruthsayer 10/02/2006 14 - - -
Foley's Taint
liberaltruthsayer 10/01/2006 22 8 - 8
Snarks, Sharks and Nattering Nabobs of Negativism
liberaltruthsayer 09/18/2006 10 9 - -
The Greatest Campaign Ad EVER
liberaltruthsayer 09/16/2006 45 14 - 10
Islamotards are Politically Asstoot
liberaltruthsayer 09/15/2006 12 2 - 6
Republicans are Islamotards
liberaltruthsayer 09/14/2006 15 2 - 7
Sheeps Be EVERYWHERE...Are EWE One of Them?
liberaltruthsayer 09/13/2006 12 5 - -
Confessions of a Reluctant Madrid Supporter
liberaltruthsayer 09/12/2006 16 4 - 13
How the Fuck Did We Get HERE???
liberaltruthsayer 09/10/2006 34 13 2 -
Regarding Commentary about Richardson's Looks
liberaltruthsayer 09/09/2006 39 3 - 5
Richardson Secures Journalist's Freedom
liberaltruthsayer 09/08/2006 12 11 - 6
Skanky Republican Bastards and the Network Shills that Love Them
liberaltruthsayer 09/06/2006 6 3 - -
America's Love Affair With Xenophobia Continues
liberaltruthsayer 08/25/2006 13 3 - 9
Madrid/Wilson in Dead Heat Despite Nasty Ads
liberaltruthsayer 08/23/2006 11 12 - 8
Greedy Bank Bastards, A Cautionary Tale
liberaltruthsayer 08/22/2006 92 12 - 22
This Week's Red Herring: Jon Benet
liberaltruthsayer 08/20/2006 52 7 - 3
Why I am supporting Bill Richardson for President in 2008
liberaltruthsayer 08/12/2006 125 8 - 10
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