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Cancer won my family lost
I had planned to write a series of diaries about and for my wife and her battle with pancreatic cancer but it wasn't to be. I wrote the last diary jan 18 2015 and had figured that we would have ...
lightarty 02/27/2015 92 186 1 -
Right Wing Wet Dream
The state of North Carolina has private contractors that fulfill some of its DMV functions.Its funny because it exposes the innate problem with private business doing government jobs .The right wing ...
lightarty 01/28/2015 7 10 - -
I just can't believe its happening
My wife ellie who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in December has her good days and bad.We have been married for 25 years .We have been around the world together not literally but ya ...
lightarty 01/17/2015 76 246 - -
My wife has cancer
We found out just before X-MASS the doctors had found a mass on her pancreas .The doctors did a biopsy and cat scan and confirmed stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver .They told us ...
lightarty 01/15/2015 173 177 1 -
Gas is $ 1.63/gal
Just a short diatribe .How can there be such a huge difference in price between the wholesale price and the price at the pump? Oil has been dropping like a rock for a while now and yes gas has ...
lightarty 12/10/2014 32 3 - -
Obama makes good on immigration, DOW adds 125 points
The day after obama's historic speech on immigration the DOW adds 125 points and stays in record levels .I guess the sky wont be falling anytime soon. Doesn't the republicans know the rich donors ...
lightarty 11/21/2014 6 4 - -
Nuclear Capable forces ??????
MSNBC reported today that the Russians are moving "nuclear capable forces" to the border of Ukraine ..What exactly are nuclear capable forces? Any large artillery piece can shoot nuclear artillery ...
lightarty 11/11/2014 18 2 - -
I know exactly how the next 2 years will go
I live in a deep red county east of I 95 in N.C. I work for the sheriffs dept.I know exactly how these folks will operate because i got a front row seat during the budget battle in our county for ...
lightarty 11/06/2014 8 13 - -
Ebola in N.C.?
Early breaking word .We might have a ebola case in N.C. Well that will be all Kay Hagen needs ...The silly party afraid of their own shadow will ride this train for alls its worth .I guess we can ...
lightarty 11/03/2014 34 - - -
Just heard on RUSH lol
So I was listening to rush and a "caller", "David in Tampa" said that his son loves the rush revere books that Rush supposedly wrote.Rush asks the man why the books made such an impact on his son ...
lightarty 10/13/2014 8 14 1 -
Thought we were broke?
So the weeping man says we should give the President what ever he needs to fight ISIS but I thought we ...
lightarty 09/11/2014 18 11 - -
Died In The House .com
Will the parasites that prey off the paranoid teabaggers get any more crazy in their pursuit of fleecing all those gullible right wingers? The title is a website that was advertised on patriot ...
lightarty 07/25/2014 25 2 - -
It's not a hate crime...
is all i've heard today on right wing radio .It is intermixed with" but libs didnt want to call the fort Hood shooting a few years ago terrorism".and blah blah blah BENGHAZI !!! It made me smile ....
lightarty 04/14/2014 4 3 - -
Wage theft and capitalism
I have recently seen several stories about wage theft and blue collar folks taking the 1% to court and winning in some cases like this one about Domino's in N.Y. ...
lightarty 03/27/2014 7 5 - -
Rush Limbaugh the author?
So I put up a diary about Rush wanting to win some award for his children 's book "rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims" or some such shit. Was hoping to get a bunch of people to go the the web site ...
lightarty 03/26/2014 8 5 - -
Rush wants to win children's book of the year !
Ok so on the face of it i'm disgusted to think of young minds reading propaganda but besides that I would love to see him not win the award for obvious reasons so maybe a bunch of us can vote ...
lightarty 03/26/2014 17 1 - -
Will the DEMS ever go on offense
Just a question or a plea but why won't our party go on offense?We need our leaders out there with a loud and clear message if the rethugs win big in the mid terms social security,minimum wage hike,...
lightarty 03/14/2014 12 5 - -
We aint gonna take it anymore lol
As a child of the late 1970's and early 1980's this one song explains the anger the right wing has for America.The authoritarian power base woke up and realised that going into the future their ...
lightarty 03/12/2014 7 3 - -
So you want to intervene in the Ukraine
I have been listening to the right wing talking heads go on about how weak we are and how we should do something about Russia going into the Ukraine.Thought we didnt have any money ??? piles of debt ...
lightarty 03/04/2014 18 5 - -
Why do the commercials work ?
So I'm on utube looking at trying to listen to a few songs and I would click on a video and the commercial would work fine and i would be subjected to the whole 28 seconds but the video wouldn't work.
lightarty 03/03/2014 7 - - -
California beef slaughter house sold meat from cows that had cancer?
I was reading a story from Huff-post just now about a slaughter house that was caught butchering and selling meat from cancerous cows. We shouldn't be so shocked and amazed as a former meat cutter ...
lightarty 02/27/2014 23 3 - -
My wife was rushed to WakeMed cardiac intensive care this week
My wife just came home from the cardiac intensive care unit at WakeMed yesterday .She was at her primary care doc's office having a base line EKG done because of some fainting spells she had and her ...
lightarty 02/09/2014 16 21 1 -
LOVE COKE!!!!! classic coke ...
lightarty 02/02/2014 30 4 - -
Love seeing papa John"s poster boy humiliated
Just saying as a New England Patriot's fan its all the more sweet but knowing papa johns is sucking eggs is awesome!!!!
lightarty 02/02/2014 13 13 - -
Why the south was unprepared for the recent weather event
Could it be possible that the reason for the south not being prepared for all the snow and ice was all the cost cutting the teabaggers have been doing? It's true, storms like the one we just had ,don'
lightarty 02/02/2014 18 5 - -
I quit smoking
8 months ago I quit smoking but to be honest I switched to E-vapor electronic smoking.So I'm still addicted to nicotine but don't get all the other bad stuff with tobacco .I wanted to write this ...
lightarty 02/02/2014 22 16 - -
lost a friend over the SOTU
So a face book friend of mine "Tim" and I have had many spirited debates on face book .I am the liberal bed wetter he the fox newser conspiracy believer.Last night I just couldn't take it any more ...
lightarty 01/29/2014 25 10 - -
I quit my job today
So I decided to quit my job at Smithfields ,where I would cut meat for 12 hours a day 6 days a week .I miss the great folks i worked with they were some of the hardest working people i have ever ...
lightarty 01/27/2014 51 114 - -
My Buddy died today..suzie the wonder dog
This is just a quick diary .Almost a year ago, I think, I posted a diary wanting some advice from folks on when was the right time to let a beloved pet go.I got lots of advice and I appreciated it ...
lightarty 01/02/2014 88 79 - -
Where is wage inflation?
We have seen prices for every commodity ,goods,and services go through the roof with the one exception of the commodity we all hold and that's our time ...time we trade for pay.The ruling elite have ...
lightarty 12/22/2013 3 3 - -
The annoying teabag lady in public
I read this story on Huffpost is a" must read".It has nothing to do with politics ...
lightarty 12/01/2013 23 9 - -
Let the great war begin
I was on media matters and saw this; The link is a story about rush calling the pope a Marxist lol.Its ...
lightarty 11/28/2013 4 4 - -
Fox News and the war on Thanksgiving ?
So with Fox news going on and on about the war on Christmas do you think they will open a second front for the war on thanksgiving?Im just saying Thanksgiving is another traditional family values ...
lightarty 11/28/2013 4 2 - -
Lets drug test congressmen
So if Trey Radel,congressman from Florida believes welfare recipients need to be drug tested because so many of them use public money to buy drugs,which they dont,than we should drug test the House ...
lightarty 11/24/2013 34 12 - -
The UN will take control of USA 11/14/13
So I was at work wed when a Friend of mine ,a very low info voter,came up to me and was telling me his new worry,that he had heard about from Glen Beck.Tim,my friend,goes on to explain that for ...
lightarty 11/14/2013 39 8 - -
Its all your fault evangelicals stfu
So my wife and I were driving thru whiteville NC today and saw a group of church goers holding a anti-abortion demo on the side of the highway.
lightarty 10/06/2013 19 14 - -
Bailouts and bombs
I got home a little while ago and started to read all the updates on the Syria situation.A fellow diarist had wrote a piece about the whip counts in the house and senate . Read another piece about ...
lightarty 09/05/2013 3 - - -
We will settle this at high noon on main street
Starting to think the stand your ground is actually a new reincarnation of old common law duels...
lightarty 07/28/2013 9 - - -
The Great Lie
As a 46 year old I feel the country since the late seventies has lied to us .
lightarty 07/21/2013 3 2 - -
I was a armed security guard
I was a part time armed security officer that worked for 4 years in neighborhoods that had existing residents and new contruction.
lightarty 07/14/2013 9 12 - -
Today I read a diary that had snark boldly stated in the beginning . I am a older recoverying conservative who may not understand snark but I do understand distortions and lies..
lightarty 07/04/2013 44 3 1 -
A GOP congressmen from S.C. wonders why constituents are mad lol
So I was reading the story on Huff post today about congressmen Mulvaney 's recent trip home to talk with his voters and his confusion over why some of them are upset he did what he said he would ...
lightarty 05/29/2013 6 4 - -
Observations from bike week ,bike fest at Myrtle Beach
So we own a old trailer in North Myrtle Beach and the past month is when the bikers converge on the coast .The two events ,like most things in the south,are a throw back to segregation I think but ...
lightarty 05/28/2013 8 3 - -
The end of the Obama Presidency ..death by a thousand cuts
I was reading a posting by the rude pundit and it makes sad but realistic sense im afraid . Here are a few excerpts from it:"We needed someone who would lay waste to the political enemies of progress,
lightarty 05/14/2013 56 4 - -
EDSCAN a history lesson please
I've been reading Daily Kos for several years and have seen Edscan posts in the hatemail thing and would love to read actual edscan diaries if possible? If some of you "old timers" out there could ...
lightarty 05/05/2013 27 3 - -
End of life planning for family dog :(
So we adapted this very sweet Brittney spaniel from some friends of our who were going thru a divorce a few years back and were going to "put the dog down" because "suzy" ,the dog, had some age ...
lightarty 05/05/2013 40 16 - -
My life as a assembly line worker pt.3 please come sequestration!!
I know this may sound selfish but I hope sequestration does what the fear mongers foretell .Working in a meat packing plant 60-70 hours a week is a tuff haul.My hands ache like a little old woman's,...
lightarty 04/01/2013 6 14 - -
My life as a assembly line worker pt.2
So on to the next installment of my experiences working as a meat cutter in a meat packing plant. One of the first and most depressing parts of the job is the physical plant and crew a ...
lightarty 03/25/2013 1 19 - -
My life as a assembly line worker
So this is the second diary on my new job.I recently started a job at a meat packing plant and plan to document my experiences there as long as I can keep doing the work but the company that owns ...
lightarty 03/24/2013 48 66 3 -
My factory needs a Union!
I just started working at a major pork producer in North Carolina and i ve never had a job like this!! I'm not afraid of hard work and it is very hard but what galls me is the the way the factory ...
lightarty 03/24/2013 12 11 - -
So I heard the ass clown Supreme court judge say that the theory " perpetuation of racial entitlements" is a legit theory that even"has been written about" Oh my so because a thing has been written ...
lightarty 03/02/2013 13 5 1 -
So I just turn on the computer pull up face book and see a paid for post by papa johns looking for delivery drivers!!! whoo hoooo!! I left a comment and shared the post to my wife but the comment ...
lightarty 02/27/2013 17 6 - -
unemployed and sequestration
So I have been on unemployment for a few months .I went through a three week process to get a good job at a local meat packing plant. I was very excited it will be the first time my family would ...
lightarty 02/26/2013 7 2 - -
that damn liberal media!!!
So a top Romney adviser comes out and claims he doesn't feel the media was in the tank for The Big O! Well, no DUH! I have forgotten the amount of times the so called LIBERAL media passed on so many ...
lightarty 02/25/2013 1 - - -
In the Tank
So a top Romney adviser comes out and claims he doesn't feel the media was in the tank for The Big O! Well, no DUH! I have forgotten the amount of times the so called LIBERAL media passed on so many ...
lightarty 02/25/2013 1 1 - -
Debt and deficits "oh my"
I need help but first a little about my self.I am a middle age bald guy been to college got a associates degree in general studies so I can read ,write and count to hundred in three languages no ...
lightarty 02/22/2013 7 1 - -
wally world ,wally world
what has happened to Walmart? Is it just me or has Walmart taken a sharp turn to the worse? The stores seem to be filthy ,not stocked well ,and staffed with a bunch of un happy workers. Big it seems ...
lightarty 02/20/2013 14 - - -
Changing the historical record
I'm a recovering conservative and have other family members who are conservatives or like myself are recovering conservatives. It can be so hard trying to debate with them because for them and at ...
lightarty 02/20/2013 9 4 - -
You get what you voted for
The great state of NORTH Carolina,my adopted home.I came to this area of the country in 1994 with the US Army.I was stationed at Fort Bragg. The family and I decided to stay after I left the army. ...
lightarty 02/19/2013 12 4 - -
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