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Iraqi Gov't Requests US Airstrikes
There's been a lot of debate over what the US response will be to the chaos currently engulfing Iraq. What are the options? Military, non-military? Is it even our business to be there? Well, now ...
limpidglass 06/18/2014 20 6 - -
Oil and Obama's New Asian Cold War
With the recent death of Kim Jong-Il and the concomitant worries about the continued stability of the Korean peninsula, American foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific has entered the spotlight. ...
limpidglass 12/27/2011 110 35 4 593
I'm Betting
This healthcare debate is really complicated and it's been dragging on for a long time. Because of the stress, there has been a recent spate of betting on this and that trying to determine the ...
limpidglass 10/14/2009 22 3 - 4
Senate Finance Committee Votes "No" on Public Option
The title says it all. This is a huge significant setback.
limpidglass 09/29/2009 50 7 - 26
Dollhouse season 2 premiere: Huh?
This may be considered a sequel to my not-so-wildly successful diary, Dollhouse Season Finale: WTF? I ...
limpidglass 09/26/2009 8 3 - 3
Next Up: An Executive Order to Block Detainee Photos?
It's well-known that as pressure has mounted from the right, the administration has changed its mind and opposed the release of photos which reveal the abuses suffered by detainees in American ...
limpidglass 06/16/2009 64 25 - 39
Dollhouse Season Finale: WTF?
I just got done with watching the season finale of Dollhouse . I welcome thoughts, below. Spoilers abound, so do not look if you do not want to know.
limpidglass 05/08/2009 37 - 2 4
Hank Paulson Can't Just Do Whatever He Wants, Can He?
Hello. It seems like such a long time ago that they passed the bailout bill. The one that gave Hank Paulson, ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs and current Treasury Secretary, unprecedented power to intervene ...
limpidglass 11/14/2008 17 16 2 19
The Wire, Barack Obama, and the War on Drugs
Today is the broadcast of the series finale of one of my favorite shows, The Wire . For those who don't know about the show (which seems to be most ...
limpidglass 03/09/2008 151 18 2 53
A Huckabee Sampler: More Batshit Than You Realized
Even some people here are charmed by Mike Huckabee. And why not? He chats amiably with pundits like Tim Russert, humorously discussing his squirrel-eating college days. He's appeared on Colbert ...
limpidglass 02/14/2008 17 13 2 6
Al Gore Has Not Sold Out
There appear to be two major schools of thought on the possibility of a Gore candidacy in 2008: 1) A Gore presidency in 2008 is crucial. No one else sees Iraq, the loss of civil liberties, and the ...
limpidglass 11/26/2007 35 19 3 16
On Rudy Giuliani
This diary started as a comment in Nuisance Industry's diary about the possibility of an ultra-conservative third party that would ...
limpidglass 09/30/2007 21 7 - 1
Draft Gore in California-please help!
It's no secret that people think Al Gore would make a great president in 2008. Everywhere he goes he's asked if he'll run. Over one hundred thousand people have signed ...
limpidglass 09/08/2007 17 21 2 10
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