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Adalah — A Just Middle East
Adalah ("justice" in Arabic) is a diary series about the Middle East, with special (but not exclusive) emphasis on the conflict in Palestine-Israel. The authors of this series believe in the right of self-determination for all the people of the Middle East and that a just resolution respecting the rights and dignity of both Palestinians and Israelis is the only viable option for peace.
Lyme Disease Awareness
May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Lyme is the most prevalent vector-borne disease and one of the fastest spreading diseases throughout the United States, and the subjects of diagnosis and treatment of Lyme are politically-charged. This series of diaries is designed to provide information to the Daily Kos community both for Lyme disease prevention and for those Kossacks living with Lyme. Because the disease is often missed by physicians, these diaries may assist an individual or two in pursui...
Massachusetts Kosmopolitans

A collection of Massholes and others interested in what's going on around the Hub, and those outlying places somewhere west of Worcester....

Keywords for searching: Boston, Mass, Massachusetts, Beacon Hill, MassDems, MassKos

After the site stabilizes, we can have an organizational meeting to work out what the group will be. And plan a local meetup.


Mexican Kossacks
For Kossacks who live in Mexico, or have an interest in what goes on there.
New England Kossacks
NE Kossacks is a social group of (but not limited to) DailyKos readers who live and/or work in New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) Please "follow" the group to put it in your news stream and also ask for an invite so we'll have an idea of how many kossacks the group "serves."
Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA)
Our group promotes informed discussion about repealing, re-interpreting, or amending the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, following the infamous Scalia-led decisions in Heller and McDonald. Re-interpretation under a Democratic-majority Supreme Court might be easiest. If that is not possible, then repeal or amendment may be the last recourse. (This is not the same as banning guns. Gun regulation could e....

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