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The Future of America and Guns in one picture
This is where we are heading and it is downright insane but yeah their guns have more rights than kids. trumped every ...
live1 06/09/2014 15 23 2 -
2,200 Dogs Getting Sick and Dying -Chinese Treats are Blamed
That is a lot of dogs and my heart goes out to all who have an ill companion. This needs to be stopped. NBC had this story*-
live1 09/29/2012 28 31 2 377
So does the Blunt amendment pass?
I just looked this up on Google and basically what I got was Romney filp flops. The bill goes to a vote tomorrow and mitt flips flops is the story- not the bill. Manchin is for it . snowe against ...
live1 02/29/2012 17 2 - 118
Santorum has lost, but Rmoney can't win- from the websites of rick and mitt
After perusing the Santorum web site i came to this conclusion. Santorum has lost the nomination and his mind (well it is obvious) and one reason is people really do see this guy as a religious nut ...
live1 02/20/2012 3 2 - 113
Feb 20, 1985 Ireland
February 20th marks the anniversary of Ireland approving the sale of contraceptions. It barely passes. Wasn't until 1990 that condoms would be made readily available. Ireland now has a SHAG day, ...
live1 02/19/2012 6 6 - 45
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