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The Pain of Growth
The Pain of Growth My dad occasionally spouted out little gems of wisdom. Out of the blue, he would say something that I thought about and acknowledged as useful information. He said once that ...
locust 09/10/2012 25 - - 161
I would vote for...
Now that the Republican poppycock is over with, we move on to the Democratic re-anointment of the incumbent President. I'll tell you right now. I will not vote for him, no matter how many balloons ...
locust 09/01/2012 24 - - 226
Making protesting a felony
While the left was working itself up into a fervor about Rush Limbaugh's latest obnoxious bloviation, the reason why he did it was ignored. Congress passed HR 347 in the dead of night, behind ...
locust 03/09/2012 43 10 1 196
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