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Reason #(Life + 100 years) to loathe the Trans-Pacific Partnership
I've found yet another log to throw on the pyre on which I hope the Trans-Pacific Partnership soon finds itself immolated. As I just learned in this Boing Boing article , amongst the myriad ...
lone1c 06/02/2014 1 9 - -
"Pressure is when you have like $300 in your bank account, like five kids and $800 in bills."
Perhaps the math is a little bit simplified, but it's quite astonishing to hear a quote like this from anybody who would really have a media spotlight. It's even more astounding when you hear who ...
lone1c 12/30/2013 54 300 2 -
What Aaron Swartz did at MIT
Courtesy ...
lone1c 01/13/2013 53 19 - -
Thursday Classical Music Series: Brahms's Ein deutsches Requiem
I'd like to thank Dumbo for giving me another opportunity to fill in as a guest blogger in the Thursday Classical Music series. After the events of last week, I felt that it was time to offer up a ...
lone1c 07/25/2012 46 38 5 189
Thursday Classical Music Series: Beethoven's Fourth Symphony
I'd like to thank Dumbo for giving me the opportunity to be a guest blogger in the Thursday Classical Music Series. It's a great series, and I'm looking forward to covering Mahler's Fourth Symphony ...
lone1c 11/17/2011 32 34 4 165
Breaking: Nevada to return to the poultry standard
DKos operatives have just learned that Republicans in the Nevada legislature, troubled by the campaign financing woes of John Ensign and the gaffes of Sue Lowden, plan to introduce a bill which ...
lone1c 04/21/2010 36 8 1 78
Can McCain have a "family moment" at the convention? (w/poll)
In watching the adorable family moment tonight with all of the Obamas--and it wouldn't be a picture-perfect moment if the youngest child didn't completely steal the show out from everybody--I was ...
lone1c 08/25/2008 39 1 - -
Energy, Water, and You: Something to think about tomorrow morning
Who doesn't love a nice hot shower in the morning? But have you considered how much energy your hot shower uses? As the cost of energy keeps going up and up, I got curious as to how much heat is ...
lone1c 07/02/2008 49 6 - -
Good (unreported!) news in NM Primaries (w/Poll)
Watching the NM returns, I thought there was one interesting statistic that wasn't being reported, that could tell us a lot about how the Land of Enchantment will track in November. Everybody's ...
lone1c 06/03/2008 13 9 - -
The next anti-stem cell research push
It's on its way. The ad couldn't be any better at expressing the anti-stem cell lobby's talking points. Unfortunately, it does such a good job largely because it's deceptive about its main point.
lone1c 01/28/2007 4 3 - -
Fundamentalists and HS curricula
I was reading a post on Steve Gilliard's blog regarding homeschooling, and noticed that some of the articles were ...
lone1c 11/26/2006 71 5 1 14
Spare change now can equal huge change in 2008
lone1c 11/08/2006 10 11 - -
What would you do with $250,000,000 a day?
lone1c 08/18/2006 49 16 - 10
A world without abortion
lone1c 04/08/2006 68 19 - -
HELP WANTED: FEMA director needed (w/poll)
lone1c 04/01/2006 4 4 - -
Who does Bush nominate next? (w/poll)
lone1c 10/29/2005 8 1 - -
Government by blog?
lone1c 08/03/2005 1 2 - -
Should freedom of the press be absolute? (w/Satirical poll)
lone1c 07/08/2005 9 - - -
For once, Tom Friedman gets it
lone1c 10/14/2004 6 2 - -
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