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Suspect arrested in "Puppy Doe" case
Not much of a diary, really. But people who have been following the terrible case of "Puppy Doe", a 2-year old female pit bull who was seriously abused and abandoned in a park in Quincy, ...
looty 10/28/2013 6 15 - -
Defending the Institution of Marriage
Georgia GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart has been the subject of a lot of Internet hate and ridicule for suggesting that marriage equality will open up a new avenue for straight fraudsters to cheat the ...
looty 04/01/2013 28 22 - -
I voted with (and against) Romney today (plus a random election day poll)
Quick diary. I live in Belmont, Mass. Yes, that Belmont, and let me tell you it's not all palatial estates with their own tennis courts and car-elevators. A lot of us regular working folks live ...
looty 11/06/2012 5 13 - -
It's not just about whom we elect the President... it's about how we elect the President
Short diary, and sure to fall right off the list. But this is something I wanted to say, in particular as a response to the debate debacle. I know that there are already a hundred reasons why this ...
looty 10/10/2012 11 11 - 44
This is what being a Progressive feels like
I'm sure I'm not the only one who woke up this morning, feeling like I'd been kicked in the chest. Heartbreak; and I'm not even a Wisconsin voter. To have worked so hard, and come so close to ...
looty 06/06/2012 45 66 2 406
Another independent radio station dies: WFNX Boston, 1983-2012
Breaking on the Boston Phoenix website is some sad news for Boston-area music fans, regarding the independent rock radio station WFNX. Not much to say about this personally, other than it bums me ...
looty 05/16/2012 26 9 - 82
"The Great Librarian Massacre of 2012": a cataloging librarian's view
Yesterday afternoon, the news began propagating across Twitter and other social networks that Harvard University ...
looty 01/20/2012 91 124 8 887
If you absolutely, positively must use Wikipedia today
Who knows, maybe you witness a deadly barroom brawl about to break out over whether George Clooney really did appear in the fourth season of Facts of Life. Or maybe you need to know the elemental ...
looty 01/18/2012 12 8 - 154
GOP threatens to hold Medicare hostage
TPM's David Kurtz has the run-down on the GOP's new hostage-taking threat: if Dems don't cut Medicare, they will force the US into default. Kurtz' piece is entitled, ...
looty 05/27/2011 14 3 - 94
Food of the future: BUGS
This week's Boston Phoenix, the largest alternative weekly in the Boston area, had a fascinating -- if somewhat stomach-turning article -- on the efforts of scientists, food advocates, and even the ...
looty 11/18/2010 88 18 - 139
Thank you Senator Ben Nelson
I think it's telling that on Sen. Nelson's contact form , in the dropdown box for "topic", there is NO choice for "economy", for "employment", ...
looty 07/01/2010 17 9 - 37
"Badgering the refs" won't solve America's problems
Hillary Clinton and her supporters are relying on the argument that the primary process isn't fair and that, if it were a fairer or more rational process, she would in fact be the nominee. And ...
looty 05/29/2008 6 6 - -
They grappled each other like bulls
They met in the Market-of-the-Land. Enkidu barred the gate with his foot, not allowing Gilgamesh to enter. They grappled each other like bulls. They shattered the doorpost, and the walls ...
looty 03/07/2008 7 1 - 1
Deval Patrick on fixing the Big Dig
looty 07/19/2006 11 5 1 11
View from the street: Chicago May Day demonstrations
looty 05/03/2006 2 3 - 2
Abortion and the State: a modest proposal
looty 03/06/2006 4 2 1 1
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