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Joy Behar calls out Glenn Beck
I'm ashamed to even spell his name, but I'm a tough guy. Finally, the ladies have weighed in on calling this guy a fool. Joy Behar calls his play out in some show called "The View". Thank you, Mrs.
lordbronco 10/01/2009 17 1 - 12
Surgeon General is a Media Hack?
Dr. Sonjay Gupta of CNN is a guy on T.V. Quickly, I think anybody that has appeared on television on whatever network is automatically disqualified from any sort of public office. I would prefer a ...
lordbronco 01/11/2009 25 1 - 9
Stevens defeat gives All People in U.S. a break from Sarah Palin?
Sarah Palin has plainly spoken that she wishes to become our newest senator (AK-R). I'm plainly speaking to the choir on this one, but... I believe the world dodged a bullet on this one. I am ...
lordbronco 11/14/2008 23 5 - 18
Senator 57 Jeff Merkely-Democrat (OR)
Owing to another Kos-Poster-Lefty Toaster!, I think Jeff Merkeley has a shot in our admittedly backwards State of Oregon. Specifically to pick up Senate seat number 57. I'm staying up late to see,
lordbronco 11/05/2008 28 8 - 91
Obama's Failed Energy Policy
I'm an engineer at Oregon State University. I'd like to point out a few crucial facts that will give John McCain a better hand come the general election, unless Barack Obama reverses current energy ...
lordbronco 08/05/2008 36 1 - 8
Iraqi Olympians should be included in Summer Olympics
Maybe this has already been handled, But I had to ask. Mainstream media pointed out a gal from Iraq who has trained for inclusion in the current Olympics. She and all Iraqis have been banned from ...
lordbronco 07/26/2008 17 1 - 4
Dem Vs. Dem Conflict!!!
Apparently, Clinton supporters have decided to migrate away from this site in a mass exodus of disgruntled angst. Though I am a an Obama supporter, I do understand that Clinton has merits that are ...
lordbronco 03/25/2008 12 1 - -
The Mandate of Heaven: Impeachment
Does Congress have a duty to enforce the Constitution? If only to do what it lays out in the job description? I live in a red state-and the word on the street isn't pretty. People legitimately ...
lordbronco 08/12/2007 4 2 1 -
Racism in Sports
I was overjoyed to see Barry Bonds tie Hank Aaron's Home run record tonight 08/04/07. It genuinely made me joyous. And it made me think about the in-game commentary, which was only broadcast on ...
lordbronco 08/04/2007 84 2 1 -
Spiderman 3 Equals The War In Iraq
Spiderman 3 is frankly embarrasingly, awfully bad-and I think we oughtta fire the director from ever making another picture again. I hold a similar view to the current federal executive ...
lordbronco 05/06/2007 29 3 - -
GOP Outsources Fantasy Massage Therapy Services
Already on front page, link below-but I just can't leave this one alone! And I already got complaints, so feel free to post some more, but please exercise your right to vote :-) Presumably, this is ...
lordbronco 04/28/2007 7 1 - -
Sheryl Crow Versus Karl Rove!!!
At the recent Correspondent's Dinner, there was a verbal altercation between a preimminent American entertainer and everybody's favorite Presidential adviser. Karl Rove implied that one of America'...
lordbronco 04/23/2007 32 1 - -
Karl Rove to appear in Seattle 04.14.07 Today-Saturday
According to the NWCN feed-it's more specifically in Bellevue, Washington later today. This after chastising Democrats in Tigard, Oregon, among other things. I'm too beat to research this topic ...
lordbronco 04/14/2007 2 1 1 4
DNC allies with RIAA?!?
Well, this just plain sucks! I'll try and update with the link to the active posting site. This is just plain sick and wrong.
lordbronco 04/12/2007 6 3 - -
Karl Rove sheduled to appear in Portland, Oregon 04.13.07
This report appears in print form on Page 2 of the Monday edition of Portland Oregon's Oregonian newspaper, in the Metro section. It also appears on the OregonLive blog for the Oregonian newspaper,
lordbronco 04/09/2007 69 20 - 10
Reagan's Legacy is Killing Us All Today
I remember the day in my life when I figured out that that Reagan had been in the White House for half of my lifespan. That was the day I gave up on goverment, civics, everything. Ultimately, he ...
lordbronco 03/15/2007 35 3 - -
Captain America Dies, for real.
This is not a joke, though it is fiction. Marvel Comics has killed off Steve Rodgers, the original, and only *real* Captain America, owing to the issues our country today faces vis a vis the Iraq ...
lordbronco 03/07/2007 22 2 - 3
MSNBC's J. Scarbourgh Defends Annoyed Christians
Gotta love the self-aggarndizing *news anchors*... This just out, Jim Scaraborough of MSNBC was particularly obnoxious on another pundit show-Bill Maher's HBO show "Real Time". J. has accurately ...
lordbronco 03/04/2007 18 1 - -
State Of Oregon Refuses To Re-Deploy National Guard Units To Iraq
State Governor Rex Morgan(D), citing budget shortcomings after losing federal timber sudsidies, has announced today that the National Guard units can no longer be spared for deployment in Iraq. ...
lordbronco 03/02/2007 59 19 - 10
Paula Zahn Cures Racial Inequities!
I like to cast light on News Anchors. I have been particularly annoyed by Paula Zahn's coverage of Black Issues recently. Only a white, corporate News Anchor may authoritatively head a discussion ...
lordbronco 02/22/2007 20 - - -
Republicans Declare War On Literacy, Local County Funding
Jackson County, Oregon is one of 700 counties in 39 states that are now struggling with the failure to renew the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act. We here are looking to, ...
lordbronco 02/19/2007 7 3 - -
Local Library Shut Down
As heartsick as I am about the entire Iraq war situation, I thought I'd point a link out that demonstrates the real world ramifications of the economic funding which supports it: http://www....
lordbronco 02/15/2007 28 15 - -
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