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Edit3: Nate: 92.0%, 315 EV, 50.9%
NOW GET OUT THE VOTE!!! Edit1: Florida is now light blue, and the percentages in VA, CO, and NH all above 80....Ohio over 90... Sorry--forgot to throw in a link: http://fivethirtyeight.blogs....
loserboy 11/05/2012 201 143 2 -
Breaking: Shooting with casualties at Texas A&M; Shooter in Custody
Not sure of the details, breaking now:,0,2957180....
loserboy 08/13/2012 16 2 - 257
Supreme Court 5 - 3 Strikes down much of AZ law: uphold parts of ID check.
A somewhat surprising victory for the federal government in a 5 - 3 ruling striking down parts of the AZ immigration law requiring the police to check immigration status, though they seem to uphold ...
loserboy 06/25/2012 19 11 - 236
MSNBC just mentioned someone arrested for making threats to Senator Michael Bennet
This is a breaking story and I haven't found any links yet, but I suspect that web will see lots and lots of arrests in the next few weeks. Every crackpot and fringe loon who has been "watched ...
loserboy 01/10/2011 38 23 - 138
EDIT-LINK ADDED: McCain camp wants to delay VP DEBATE
Okay, this is rich, CNN just reported that the McCain camp is looking to schedule the presidential debate for next Thursday, the day that the VP debate is scheduled for, and then delay the VP date ...
loserboy 09/24/2008 564 441 12 36
Debate Questions: A call to action
It's time to start bombarding our wonderful mainstream media with questions for the upcoming debates. Well thought out, thoughtfully worded questions that are succinct, hit the nail on the head, ...
loserboy 09/14/2008 12 3 - 6
EDITx2 w. pdf: WSJ - Ethics advisor to Palin: "Apologize" "situation grave"
This via TPM via Wall Street Journal: In the letter, written before Sen. John McCain picked the Alaska governor as his running mate, former U.S. Attorney Wevley Shea warned Gov. Palin ...
loserboy 09/10/2008 356 802 17 31
McCain threatens to sue National Enquirer on Palin Affair
This was just posted on HuffPo... More after the ...
loserboy 09/03/2008 97 40 3 20
Palin+Feminists for Life = NO birth control?
The minute I heard about Feminists for Life, that Palin had 5 children, and that she was opposed to ALL forms of abortion, she immediately reminded me of a long-time friend of mine who is heavily ...
loserboy 08/29/2008 18 15 1 20
The Republicans being hoisted by their own petard...
loserboy 11/07/2006 1 2 - -
Time to focus on Focus on the Family [See Edit 1]
loserboy 09/07/2006 30 6 1 -
Time to Bomb Britain (First Diary Entry-Poll)
loserboy 08/10/2006 3 5 - -
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