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How One Cop Sees Us
I haven't seen this make the rounds here, but it's been all over social media, so I thought I'd post something about it here. My apologies if it has been covered. This relates to the national ...
lotusmaglite 12/22/2014 171 185 2 -
At 7:15 AM CT, I opened Daily Kos to find the story at the top of the front page was the Abbreviated Pundit Roundup . The theme of the Roundup? How CNN is a joke because of their fixation on the ...
lotusmaglite 07/04/2013 17 3 - -
I've often thought there should be an alternative to GBCW (Goodbye Cruel World) diaries and TTFN (Ta Ta For Now) diaries. A different kind of mission statement, if you will. Like the GCBW and TTFN, ...
lotusmaglite 06/22/2013 2 7 - -
As Stupid Does
Moron in an online public forum: I don't understand why gay people have to be in your face about their sexuality all the time! I don't go around announcing my heterosexuality to everyone! Me: You ...
lotusmaglite 03/29/2013 10 6 - -
Gun "Enthusiast" In Your Life? Here, Let Me Make It Easier. (UPDATED X2)
It gets old, doesn't it? It gets sooooooo old. We've all been there (and by "we", I mean people with a healthy view of guns) (and by "healthy", I mean we're willing to talk about regulation and don'...
lotusmaglite 01/20/2013 230 423 56 -
Say, Who Else Doesn't Think We "Lost" And They "Won"?
Okay, I get that seeing Scott Walker and most of his creepy crew sleaze back into office with a wink at their rich friends and a sneer at the people of Wisconsin, but can we stop with the OMG IT'S ...
lotusmaglite 06/06/2012 164 153 2 1086
All This Useless Brooding
Tired. I don't sleep much anymore. 3-4 hours a day, and it is usually during the day. The night is full of noise. In the small hours, all my closest friends come to visit: Anger, Sadness, Despair,
lotusmaglite 04/02/2012 24 60 2 408
10 Truths That Can Make Us Stronger
I was inspired by this awesome diary (More Myths That Are Killing Us) to work toward the same goal from the opposite direction; i.e. list a few, simple truths that can make us (as a nation) stronger.
lotusmaglite 04/01/2012 3 4 1 55
No, Kirk, You're Not A Bully - You're Just Their Spokesman
In this awesome diary, kossack Kaili Joy Gray wrote up 80's has-been and X-tian footsoldier Kirk Cameron's latest round of hate-with-a-vacuous-smile, calling homosexuality "unnatural" and "...
lotusmaglite 03/20/2012 8 12 - 188
Seriously. I Am Not Freaking Kidding You.
This is a response diary, but I want to make it clear from the get-go that it's not a (in this case literal) She Said/He Said. The diary in question is this one , a righteous rant by someone who ...
lotusmaglite 03/17/2012 43 21 - 342
I Just Don't Have Enough Words
Anthony John Makk's expulsion from the US has been ordered. His seven-year marriage to Bradford Wells was not considered "a petitionable relationship". "For a relationship to qualify as a marriage ...
lotusmaglite 08/09/2011 12 6 - 127
Say, Who Else Doesn't Give A Crap About The President?
I understand. He's the President - of a nation divided, deprived, and desperate. People want leadership. They want hope. They want someone to represent them, their interests, and the interests and ...
lotusmaglite 07/22/2011 28 18 - 225
Down with Sharia Law!
The latest reactionary scare-tactic by the right has been making the rounds for some time now, and I thought it might be instructive to take a quick into what it would take to remove the possibility ...
lotusmaglite 05/10/2011 12 6 1 113
Here Comes Uncle Feudalism!
Breaking News: Corporate America announced recently that they are tired of pussyfooting around and have decided to fire the United States Government. They might as well have. And ...
lotusmaglite 04/16/2011 5 10 - 99
Wherein I paraphrase Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock at the end. Twice. (With poll)
I'm going to pick one example. Just one. Because for those of us who stand with neither side in the ongoing pie-fight between critics and supporters of the President, there is a lot to be said that ...
lotusmaglite 04/09/2011 6 4 - 57
I've been thinking about the word Cracker, and I was wondering what everyone thought of it.
lotusmaglite 04/07/2011 30 6 - 172
It's been happening more and more lately. Or maybe I've just noticed it more. Either way, to me, the grumblings are becoming more and more pronounced: What do we do? Nothing seems to work! We can'
lotusmaglite 03/24/2011 4 5 - 72
Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions
As a comedian, one of the skills I must employ nearly every day is that of distillation: refining and wording a concept into a quick, easily digestible form. It's one of the reasons I tend to ...
lotusmaglite 03/08/2011 62 132 15 1111
It's Bigger Than That
As a Wisconsinite, I have paid particular attention to the many diaries regarding the current fight for rights and dignity going on between Governor Scott "Imperial" Walker and people who still own ...
lotusmaglite 03/07/2011 13 45 6 211
Wisconsin Dreams And Nightmares
In the summer of 2010, my wife was downsized. Oh, we knew it was coming, but that didn't make the fact of it any sweeter a pill to swallow. No, we knew perfectly well we were in a pickle. So, like ...
lotusmaglite 11/19/2010 47 11 1 56
I swear, sometimes, I don't know which wing of US politics is more childish. For over two weeks straight, there hasn't been a single day without an I-told-you-so diary or an Obama-sucks diary or an ...
lotusmaglite 11/18/2010 56 19 - 62
Building A Better Democratic Party, Step Two: The Idea Buffet
In Step One , I wrote about The Problem™: the left has ...
lotusmaglite 11/17/2010 4 3 - 74
Building A Better Democratic Party, Step One: Understanding The Problem
To begin with, I'll have to give a brief Daily Kos history lesson. Way back in olden times (November, 2008 - First Quarter 2009), the Democrats and the Kossacks were celebrating a major victory in ...
lotusmaglite 11/13/2010 9 4 - 45
Dear Wisconsin,
The fuck is wrong with you?! That's right; you don't even deserve complete sentences. Wisconsin has Badger ...
lotusmaglite 11/02/2010 22 15 2 67
Unity In The Atomic Age
If you're at all like me, you might have asked yourself some of these questions over the past few years: Why is it so hard to find any unity among Democrats? Why is the conservative base so angry ...
lotusmaglite 10/21/2010 4 2 - 67
Take A Month Off
I have never once been disappointed in President Obama. I think it's probably because I saw him as a fairly standard centrist Democrat, and so I wasn't surprised to see him pursue a fairly standard ...
lotusmaglite 10/16/2010 11 11 - 226
Change We Can Believe In?
No, this is not an issues vs centrist vs less filling vs tastes great vs - oh, I'm already bored with this sentence. Just to be clear, I'm not going to make a case for or against our new President.
lotusmaglite 06/17/2009 9 1 - 36
Cell Phone Ban Attempt A Perfect Storm Of Illogic, Half-Truths, and Falsehoods
On January 12th, 2009 the National Safety Council launched it's campaign to ban cell phone use (while driving) nationwide. Before I get into this, I want to make a few of things abundantly clear: ...
lotusmaglite 01/17/2009 146 6 1 22
I Don't Want Your Bleeping Help - A Journey Through The Bush Years
I have to admit, the new millenium has not been kind to me. At least, it didn't look that way for the first six and a half years. But I've learned a great deal in those ghastly years, not the least ...
lotusmaglite 12/15/2008 18 29 - 176
Change I Can Belive In
I know there are more urgent concerns. The economy is a disaster. The Occupation of Iraq is a disaster. And the rendition, unlawful imprisonment and torture of "suspected terrorists" must stop. And ...
lotusmaglite 11/29/2008 11 4 - 3
Numbers, Numbers, Numbers, and a little childish gloating...
More historical perspective on the Presidential elections, voter turnout, and Obama's mandate. Sexy, sexy numbers. Mmmmmmm...
lotusmaglite 11/26/2008 18 11 - 4
How To Get Revenge On Daily Kos (metasnark)
So, it's finally happened. The last friggin' straw. You will be wronged no longer. Fuck it, man. These idiots can't handle the wicked science you lay down. Dude, your shit is tight , yet ...
lotusmaglite 11/24/2008 21 9 1 5
Really, Bill? "Joe Fudgepack"?!?
Okay, I have the same love/hate relationship with Bill Maher as I do with kos. I agree with them 75% of the time, disagree with them 15% of the time, and violently, white-knuckled-knotted-fists ...
lotusmaglite 11/14/2008 146 6 - 30
Oh, And Another Thing...
I guess I'm in the mood for political documentaries and dramatizations. After discussing the lessons of Lee Atwater and ...
lotusmaglite 11/11/2008 4 3 1 1
Boogie Knights And Gays And Commies
Some of you might be aware of Boogie Man , the biopic documentary on the Lord of the Vampires, Lee Atwater. Some of you might not. Some might not even be old or informed enough to know who ...
lotusmaglite 11/09/2008 5 5 - 171
Stop the bullsh**, people (Updated)
Okay, I'm as angry as everyone else with a soul is over Prop 8, but some of the things I'm hearing are just plain ridiculous. On both sides.
lotusmaglite 11/07/2008 182 6 - 3
Way To Go, A-holes
Thank you, Arizona. Excellent, Florida. Good work, Arkansas. Right on, Nebraska. What did these states do? Only ban gay marriage, ban gay marriage again, ban gay adoption, and end affirmative action,
lotusmaglite 11/05/2008 26 13 1 5
Another Poll Drama Unfolds
I voted Monday the 3rd, so that I could watch the kids tonight while my wife stands in line for her chance to help make history - and more importantly - a great big change. And... I did a little ...
lotusmaglite 11/04/2008 41 53 - 28
From scream to 50-state sell-out
I'll give Markos 'Kos' Moulitsas Z��iga his due; he is one of a handful of thousands who have changed the face of politics, one of the primary agitators who fish-hooked the Democratic ...
lotusmaglite 10/30/2008 130 5 - 3
ACORNucopia Of Conspiracy
We've heard the rumors and the accusations. We've seen the evidence that proves there's no voter fraud. But that hasn't stopped the right wing noise machine from diving into the deep end of Loose ...
lotusmaglite 10/15/2008 1 - - 1
The Culture War Election
Like many before it, but unlike any in intensity, we are facing the ultimate showdown of culture-war-politics. Why is this one different? Purely subjective, here, but I have a feeling this one could ...
lotusmaglite 10/13/2008 13 5 1 -
Three cheers for party unity
I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American, who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. Joe Biden said these words, and I defended him. And ...
lotusmaglite 10/01/2008 4 - - 7
Lipstick On A Pig
Perhaps this is why I'll never hold a public office, but the following would have been my response to the manufactured controversy over Obama's comment in reference to John McIwasaPOW:
lotusmaglite 09/12/2008 4 2 - 6
What Does Clinton Want? (poll)
Obviously, the White House. But let's tell it like it is; that's not going to happen. That's not the real question, anyway. The real question is, what would Senator Clinton accept? What ...
lotusmaglite 05/31/2008 17 3 - 2
The Revolution Will Be Televised (sort of) (humor) (sort of)
In the spirit of HBO's Recount , here is a press release for a different, more conservative docu-drama...
lotusmaglite 05/23/2008 3 3 - 1
One Small Point For Obama
In this, I will assume three things. If you agree with these assumptions, then please read further. If you do not, nothing I say afterward will make any difference. 1. Nearly everyone on this site ...
lotusmaglite 05/03/2007 23 9 - 5
Defining Presidency Downward
Or: Happy Hour At The Lowered ...
lotusmaglite 02/14/2007 5 - - 2
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