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I'm returning to the Democratic Party to Support Bernie Sanders
I'm moving to a different part of Brooklyn in two weeks and when I change my voter registration I will, for the first time since 1996, register as a Democrat. I've been a Green since I first ...
lucid 05/05/2015 236 244 4 -
The 'Coming' Progressive Revolution
Contrary to popular belief, which has professed a coming 'progressive' revolution for years, it won't happen electorally. Yes, it will be pretty impossible for the Republicans to win a national ...
lucid 11/05/2014 3 7 - -
The Spaces in Between
"This is pouring rain, this is paralyzed". [Bon Iver 're: stacks'] 'The house always wins' is not just a tired aphorism of American popular culture, but the reality of the lives lived by most ...
lucid 10/16/2014 20 30 - -
Interesting how times change
I left Daily Kos in 2007 for a while because of the crap that was being done to Gaza & the editorial & community moderation response to the people speaking out about it. I wrote a very ambiguous ...
lucid 07/29/2014 12 3 - -
Will de Blasio insist on prosecution?
I don't usually walk the police brutality beat around here, though I frequently read JPMasser's diaries and shake my head in disgust. But This atrocity just happened in my fair city & our newly ...
lucid 07/18/2014 22 41 2 -
We Have Conquered Scarcity
The whole of our economic history has revolved around a single concept, scarcity. While we've supposedly evolved in our understanding of it from the time in which killed each other over fire, arable ...
lucid 06/25/2014 122 65 3 -
Dispatches from a Pale Blue Dot
It is a supreme pleasure in my life when I encounter something that says what I want to say, or have said, or thought I was saying, in such an elegant way that its saying has escaped me. Mind you, ...
lucid 06/13/2014 24 33 3 -
Why must there be an answer?
While purchasing a lottery ticket at the deli this evening, the proprietor made a joke about me giving him the dollar instead and all of my sins would be forgiven. I've known him for a while. He's a ...
lucid 04/22/2014 264 129 4 -
I hear songs in my heater
I'm reposting this diary from long ago - before I had a flame out here in the mid-2000's and deleted all of my diaries. It was written on a night, like tonight, when I had the joy of playing live ...
lucid 03/17/2014 4 10 - -
Kairos - the defining moment of the right wing
The Greek word kairos has a long and interesting history. As opposed to chronos , the generic word for time, kairos stands for a specific moment in time - the opportune time, the 'right' time. Among ...
lucid 10/08/2013 75 51 5 -
When those lost are too young.
My 9-11 memory this year, has nothing to do with memorializing those who died in the past. Honoring, remembering and meshing their lives to our own is an essential element of what is human. Our ...
lucid 09/12/2013 10 14 1 -
The use of language
When I was in college in the early 1990's, there was still pressure, albeit small, to disallow certain texts, like those written by Faulkner, from being taught. The reason given by those seeking ...
lucid 08/21/2013 56 20 - -
A Thought Experiment on Capitalism
When I was in sixth grade in 1984, I was encouraged by my teacher to be part of a new during the day activity group called future problem solvers . It was essentially one of those '70's ideas that ...
lucid 08/07/2013 81 56 2 -
An unlikely road to lawlessness
Here, as in the preceding articles, it is not a question of philanthropy but of right. Hospitality means the right of a stranger not to be treated as an enemy when he arrives in the land of another. ...
lucid 07/19/2013 13 4 - -
I'm tired of the generational divide
As Hunter noted earlier, the Brooks column today exemplifies the most inane collection of 'the common wisdom', we should ever encounter. I have my own preferred sources on such issues [and for ...
lucid 06/11/2013 16 8 1 -
The Problem with Sales Tax
This will be brief & I'm going to bed soon, so I won't respond much until tomorrow. Within this debate about the new online sales tax collection legislation, a very important issue keeps getting ...
lucid 04/30/2013 13 8 - -
On the 'Vindication' of Marx *updated
*Updated. When I posted this in the middle of the night, I had no idea it would be rescued & make the rec list. I'm sorry I haven't been able to be more involved in the discussion. I got up today, ...
lucid 04/12/2013 208 141 10 -
The Casual Dismissal of Anarchism
It took me many years of study, thought and political action, but somewhere around my mid 30's [circa 2007], I finally came out as an anarchist. I had probably been an anarchist for at least 15 ...
lucid 04/04/2013 27 10 - -
The Mass Appeal of Modeling
As a hanger on in these parts since the pre-scoop days [though I never bothered to register until election night 2004] I've pretty much seen the gamut of discussion. What fascinates me, from my ...
lucid 09/14/2011 21 4 - 171
When will you get it?
Why did they die or suffer? Because Michelle Malkin and others were afraid of terrorists. It didn't matter that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were not even tangentially connected to the 9/11 attack. ...
lucid 09/13/2011 6 5 - 109
State of Grace
Trundled away, Lurking, Beneath our cushioned epiphanies, Lies grace. We need only Swab the dust.
lucid 07/20/2011 1 3 - 45
Of Colonial Raucous
I wrote this back in the summer... seems to have even more meaning upon our further 'commitment' to Afpak...
lucid 12/05/2009 1 1 - 63
Of saints, and sundry others
Exhausted by effrontery, Living phantoms, Expectation, We barter backwater wisdom, As if half lit matches Can spark fire on a stove.
lucid 05/25/2009 8 2 - 2
To teach or not to teach...
A nice piece over at Stop Me before I Vote Again , emailed in by Michael Hureaux Perez. I've often ...
lucid 05/06/2009 23 6 - 29
Imperial Mercs...
Actual Title [wouldn't fit in the title line] England's not the mythical land of Madame George and roses It's the home of police who kill black boys on mopeds. The hanging gardens of ...
lucid 04/24/2009 1 2 - 10
Rumblings at a lunar eclipse
A whisker to the face, Insistent, sanguine. Smiles have the hint of blood, Ruddiness, humor. Blood is the mystified Miracle of birth, And the everyday fact Of execution.
lucid 04/18/2009 9 3 - 2
While suborn pirates, Cinch nuclear waste From the simple minded, We shoot them With a toe to heel kick, A grace note To aphasia ; Because language is taken, It is not your own. The world ...
lucid 04/14/2009 1 - - 1
The Aral Sea
Our sea-dreams Deepen myth, Toe shells shifting. A thoughtless Pseudonym Absolves fantasy. In blissful ignorance, We pick petoskeys From the shore As the water wades away Decampimg wreckage from ...
lucid 04/12/2009 10 12 1 1
Thoughts on Busking
Our pittance to speak Thoughtful quips, Rewards us with flattery. Our pittance to play Salacious jigs, Salivates the brasserie. We ask a pittance to live, And the piety of the pious Springs the ...
lucid 03/06/2009 6 1 - 3
Economics is a cult
I've been a spectator for years of the phenomenon known as 'economics' - be it as a philosophy student, a manager of small businesses, an active reader of economics texts and journalism, or just an ...
lucid 03/01/2009 80 9 1 26
..."A surety is a person who agrees to be responsible for the debt or obligation of another." fi⋅del⋅i⋅ty /fɪˈdɛlɪti, faɪ-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [fi-...
lucid 01/27/2009 2 7 1 160
What constitutes genocide?
Is it the cluster bombs ? Is it the door to ...
lucid 01/10/2009 76 2 1 -
Interesting Atwood article today - h/t Marisacat. I quote the penultimate sediment:
lucid 10/23/2008 7 4 - -
Taxes? What Taxes?
Given that it is my purview professionally, I'm always fascinated when candidates equivocate on personal and business taxation in this country, without any understanding of existing tax code. A ...
lucid 10/15/2008 14 4 - -
Oh look, there's another piece of lint in my navel.
You do realize that the process of financial deregulation started with Carter and was supported by '80's Democratic Congressional majorities and a subsequent Democratic President? This is not to say ...
lucid 09/25/2008 72 8 2 -
In honor of linguists
Skewed pens challenging cuneiform and the 'i' for an 'i' before the cursive takes hold.
lucid 07/31/2008 3 4 - -
The dead man will not say that he so deems it.
from Antigone: ANTIGONE Wouldst thou do more than take and slay me? CREON No more, indeed; having that, I have all. ANTIGONE Why then dost thou delay? In thy discourse ...
lucid 04/14/2008 14 9 - 140
Strange Fruit
Southern trees bear a strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root, Black bodies swinging in the Southern breeze, Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees. Pastoral scene of the ...
lucid 03/31/2008 67 6 - -
You Poor Dears
You have spent the better part of a year arguing whether the warmonger Hillary, or warmonger Barak, or warmonger Johnnie is better fit to lead this nation. There have been passionate diaries on all ...
lucid 01/24/2008 91 17 2 9
While the whitosphere fritters
So we have Miss Laura & ...
lucid 08/13/2007 166 24 4 5
The Ayesha Dilemma
The tide was in when the Ayesha Pilgrimage marched down an alley beside the Holiday Inn, whose windows were full of the mistresses of film stars using their new Polaroid cameras, - ...
lucid 02/06/2007 40 11 - 10
You wanna hear the roar of a tiger
When you're reading the news; the scratch, of the cat in the box. She digs against sensibilities. She likes the stink.
lucid 02/01/2007 5 2 1 -
Why Marx Still Matters
I know the point of Markos’ snippet in the mid-day open thread yesterday was geared more towards intellectual wankery than Marx specifically, but I bristle at the sad fact that Marx has become ...
lucid 01/18/2007 73 35 3 9
On the eve of escalation
I'm going to reprint an op-ed I published on Counterpunch [yes Counterpunch ] in september of 2002 - a full 8 months before the Iraq war. I'd already seen the complete insecticization ...
lucid 01/10/2007 58 9 1 -
All things being equal
I think human beings are just. If we strip away the strata, hardened by years of familial, cultural, national, religious settlement; if we let the true desire for self creation shine through, I ...
lucid 12/30/2006 12 9 - 140
The itch on my nose
When I reach for a cigarette, when I lock the door, I've got an itch on my nose. When I turn up the heater, or blanket my toes, I've got an itch on my nose.
lucid 12/10/2006 17 3 1 -
"Under a bus"
I've been away for a couple of weeks, because I went 'under a bus'. I've had this conversation with myself since I've had to pay for my own health insurance [13 years now]... 'What if I went under a ...
lucid 12/07/2006 68 21 1 5
Wow, this is funny
I just stumbled across an old letter I wrote to Alex Cockburn back in the height of my conspiracy days... And the early days of me reading DKos. I used to contribute to Counterpunch, pretty ...
lucid 11/25/2006 7 1 - 7
Pie in your Errin, Pootie f***king Pie
I'm mostly polite. I'm sometimes an ass. I make pertinent comments, I write irreverent diaries. But what drops my jaw is the animosity. What slips the smooth muscles into urination Is the ...
lucid 11/23/2006 68 10 - 8
Questions of Love
This is not poetry. This is a series of questions. How much do you love? Do you love?
lucid 11/20/2006 93 9 1 1
A telekinesis of the soul
lucid 11/16/2006 115 19 2 5
Life in the New Party
lucid 10/28/2006 6 6 - 1
Philosophy for Kossacks V: Plato & that which is in virtue of itself
lucid 10/25/2006 42 12 3 9
How can anyone have nationalism?
lucid 10/21/2006 51 4 - -
What strikes your soul
lucid 10/18/2006 78 9 - -
I'm here because of the skin
lucid 09/13/2006 51 6 - -
My 9-11
lucid 09/10/2006 14 13 - 1
The fishhook in your forehead
lucid 09/06/2006 10 5 - -
The bosom of dream
lucid 09/02/2006 34 2 - -
My skin makes woodchips
lucid 08/29/2006 16 6 - -
Lucy greets me with a chirp or 2
lucid 08/23/2006 69 5 - -
Sue me
lucid 08/18/2006 10 4 - 1
The walk from Tribeca
lucid 08/15/2006 106 4 - -
So where were you
lucid 08/03/2006 19 5 1 -
Three snorts shy
lucid 07/29/2006 24 2 - -
Against my better judgement
lucid 07/27/2006 8 6 - -
A Bauhaus Building on the Lower East Side
lucid 07/20/2006 5 1 - 1
I am a Human Being
lucid 07/18/2006 10 12 1 6
Your two shirts
lucid 07/14/2006 1 1 - -
F*** Is
lucid 07/07/2006 9 3 - -
Shame, on shame
lucid 07/04/2006 16 5 3 132
So I've lost my poems
lucid 06/29/2006 15 5 - -
In my NYC
lucid 06/27/2006 5 3 - -
Philosophy for Kossacks IV: Prometheus
lucid 06/24/2006 21 13 12 145
My dear Joni Mitchell
lucid 06/16/2006 15 6 - 1
My dilemma
lucid 06/13/2006 22 6 1 136
Waves of Fear
lucid 06/03/2006 11 1 - -
Philosophy for Kossacks III: Isonomia and the Pre-Socratics
lucid 05/27/2006 26 22 15 191
Philosophy for Kossacks II: Theological and Historical Antecedents to Athenian Humanism
lucid 05/18/2006 38 7 21 205
I guess no one listens to Metajesus anymore
lucid 05/17/2006 38 8 - 9
The Vampires that Shadow Reality
lucid 05/13/2006 41 20 6 133
Philosophy for Kossacks
lucid 05/03/2006 68 21 21 207
What if life is entropy?
lucid 04/03/2006 49 6 2 8
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