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Excitement at the senior center!
I go to our local senior center three times a week. I rarely take part in the activities, but I take my netbook to get online and catch up on overnight developments. It gets me out of the house ...
luckylizard 10/10/2012 13 12 - 136
I voted!
Over the weekend, OFA called to invite me to be among the first to vote in our county. They asked us to be there at 7:30a.m. and told us there would be doughnuts and coffee. It sounded like a good ...
luckylizard 09/27/2012 23 12 - 62
RIP, my dear friend, Charlotte Lucas.
(This will be long. I can't tell the story any other way. The tenses are also a little confused and I've added things as they come up. I've written this over time and no amount of editing will ...
luckylizard 05/20/2012 54 169 6 555
Charlotte Lucas needs our prayers
This is not an easy diary to write, but I must do it. In fact, it's really all I can do.
luckylizard 05/05/2012 127 280 3 1043
Insurance co. shenanigans
I think I know how the health insurance companies are going to make up for having to cover people and things that they didn't have to before. My visit to the pharmacy today was, well, shocking.
luckylizard 04/19/2012 16 11 1 97
Kossack Kindness: A Final Update
Although everyone is super-focused on the Iowa caucuses today, something else of great import happened here, too.
luckylizard 01/03/2012 37 28 - 145
“Thank you” Seems So Inadequate
Time and again, I've seen this community rally for one cause or another. The speed and enthusiasm with which it does are an impressive indication of just how much of a “community” we really are.
luckylizard 12/31/2011 46 71 2 308
Help! It's time for me to stop being so damned proud. Updated: associated email, and more
I do talk about being poor sometimes, but never really say how bad it is. I've been under-employed for a couple of years, and my little job isn't enough for me to make ends meet. My landlord has ...
luckylizard 12/30/2011 237 147 2 1326
Another big "Thank you!" to
a DK user who purchased a lifetime subscription for me.
luckylizard 12/11/2011 17 21 - 116
This is a call-out: Charlotte Lucas, Happy Birthday to you! Updated x 2
It seems like I've known Charlotte forever, but I met her here in early 2009. It was one of the luckiest chance encounters of my life. Of course, I didn't realize it at the time, but I think our ...
luckylizard 11/23/2011 26 57 1 163
A Unit - Veteran's Day/Birthday Tribute
They were a unit. For over 50 years, they were an inseparable team, but it hadn't always been that way.
luckylizard 11/11/2011 25 15 - 95
A little dust is all it takes...
While cruising through the MSNBC site to check up on the state of the world, I saw this: “Workers still missing after grain elevator blast.” Now, I don't know a thing about Atchison, Kansas ...
luckylizard 10/30/2011 30 9 - 108
#OWS Came to me and I MISSED IT!!!
I was down on the riverfront at the Farmers' Market on Saturday (diary about ...
luckylizard 10/24/2011 5 6 - 62
So I took my nutrition vouchers to the Farmers' Market...
I am lucky to live in Iowa, where the poor and us aged crones get coupons for locally grown produce. I've hoarded much of my $30 worth until the end of the season. I always think I'll need it more ...
luckylizard 10/23/2011 18 23 - 187
Rally in Iowa. Thanks, Wisconsin!
This is not a diary, but it's all the info I could find on today's rally in Des Moines. Our legislature has a proposal similar to the one in Wisconsin, and they began 'debate' today.
luckylizard 02/22/2011 18 15 - 137
The Rhymes of History: Everything old IS New Again...
"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme." - Mark Twain “All of them agreed that the working-classes must be kept in their place; and all of them perceived that ...
luckylizard 12/12/2010 25 19 1 240
Going Green, Riding With the Homeless
I've gone green. It's not that I didn't want to earlier, but it took an empty bank account and a crapped out transmission to get me on the stick. Taking the bus has gone from a challenge to an ...
luckylizard 08/28/2010 24 18 - 202
Old Man River: Of glaciers, lakes, floods, and quakes.
This is the second in a sporadic series of diaries about the Mississippi River. The first dealt with my personal musings ...
luckylizard 04/18/2010 18 12 - 78
Amber Alert - Iowa
This is not a diary. I have no information beyond what is copied and pasted below..
luckylizard 02/22/2010 10 9 - 89
Old Man River
My good friend, Charlotte Lucas, suggested I write about my river. If this turns out to be a not-so-good diary, I'd love to blame it on her, but I won't :-) It all started when I sent her this ...
luckylizard 02/04/2010 57 17 - 33
Finally! A “progressive” Christian email!
You all know the ones: God is gonna smite our Christian nation for calling various evergreens Holiday Trees or for banning prayers “in Jesus' name” at football games. I get so much ...
luckylizard 12/18/2009 31 27 3 50
Da Vinci or Dali? Subbing for 1st grade Art...
Some here know that, among my other jobs at school, I'm a kind of live-in sub. I do tech work and teach a few classes. With my job as music director at my church, it's enough to get by and not ...
luckylizard 09/18/2009 25 6 - 22
The president sent me an email today.
I had to go play the organ for a memorial service just as the news about the photos was coming out. By the time I got home, the news was all over the place. There was also an interesting email in ...
luckylizard 05/13/2009 22 11 1 3
IA AG: Recorders must issue marriage licenses- or else. (Updatedx3)
As I was driving home from work, I heard a snippet on Iowa Public Radio that the Attorney General has told county recorders that they MUST issue marriage licenses to same-sex couple or face ...
luckylizard 04/23/2009 41 22 - 33
My Daily Wake up Call
I often watch Washington Journal as I’m trying to pry my eyes open in the morning. I listen for that one caller who will get my blood moving and it rarely disappoints. This morning (9/9/08) ...
luckylizard 09/09/2008 4 3 - 12
A Particular Type of Crazy
When I finally stumbled upon Washington Journal a few years ago, I was happy to have something of substance to watch/listen to while I was getting ready for work. While there are times that I have ...
luckylizard 08/06/2008 18 5 - 2
American Americans
The great landmass of the Western Hemisphere was first documented in letters from Amerigo Vespucci , an employee of the Medici family. It ...
luckylizard 07/04/2008 23 3 - 5
One Tin Soldier
So here it is, Memorial Day, and the focus of my day is laundry. I woke up early and decided to pre-reward myself with a little trip to the casino. OK, I lost more than I should have but I did ...
luckylizard 05/26/2008 7 8 - 7
Everyone wears a Flag Pin, right?
Following the ABC whatever-it-was (I refuse to call it a debate) I started looking for flag pins. I don’t Google so I used and did the same kind of search for each candidate, first ...
luckylizard 04/27/2008 30 6 - 55
I am LIVID! (not a candidate diary)
Early this morning, as I was driving to the doctor's office for a blood pressure follow-up visit, my local NPR station aired a bit about the settlement that the local diocese has made with victims ...
luckylizard 02/01/2008 62 7 - 2
Mexifornia? (not a candidate diary!)
This isn't much of a diary. I haven't read this or any other of Victor Davis Hansen's books although I've seen him on C-SPAN. Since I'm not from Colorado, I don't know much about Gov. Lam(m?), ...
luckylizard 01/20/2008 32 3 1 4
I just finished my very first caucus!
What an awesome experience!
luckylizard 01/03/2008 65 30 1 4
Caucus sites: If you're a Repub, it's a secret!
I don’t do that many diaries and I usually don’t even read or comment in candidate diaries, but I made a little discovery yesterday and thought I’d just put it out there and see ...
luckylizard 12/28/2007 40 9 - 3
Dennis Hastert Tribute
I apologize if the has been written. If so, let me know and I’ll take it down – if I can figure out how to do that...
luckylizard 12/27/2007 5 1 - 4
Midnight Mass (at eleven)
I do remember going to midnight Mass as a young person. There was always a magical quality to going to Mass in the dark in the days before Vatican II. A little dusting of snow was always welcome ...
luckylizard 12/24/2007 13 5 - 2
Where do they go in the winter?
It’s getting colder in the Midwest. Even if I couldn’t feel the chill or watch the leaves fall from the beautiful trees, I would know. Sometimes when I cannot sleep, I wander down to ...
luckylizard 10/21/2007 26 11 - 5
Double Standards: Education vs. War
“Again, I would -- if you take a look at what Congress has mandated for this report, it says, have you met these? Have you met them in full? Well, the answer is, you're going to find in a ...
luckylizard 08/31/2007 4 5 1 27
"We told the truth." Role of the VP
Before we head into what could be an interesting week, I thought I’d post this bit of nostalgia. I know that assessments of the Carter administration run the full gamut but there are some ...
luckylizard 07/08/2007 5 5 - 2
New White House Office?
I had originally intended this to be a bit of dark humor. As I wrote it, though, I realized that this was not only possible but likely. I don't write as well as many of those who contribute here, ...
luckylizard 07/04/2007 11 1 - 2
Civics 101
This is NOT a course in government! It is the rambling of a frustrated teacher and first-time blogger. I don't know if I will be any good at this but maybe...
luckylizard 06/19/2007 6 3 - 4
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