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Ester Kaplan of The Nation (Labors Growing Pains) gives us a great article that delves into the history of the debate and disagreements that have exploded between the country's fastest growing progressive unions: CNA, UHW and SEIU.

Dissent from without SEIU as well as from within is sending a message to Stern: that he had better come up with a more democratic way to lead his union or get out of the way so that others can.

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The Temporary Restraining Order brought against SEIU for its aggressive activities against the California Nurses Association leaders and members was described by SEIU as 'an entirely frivolous injunction.'

Andy Stern and Stephen Berzon, his lawyer, two men, want to claim that harassment of single women and mothers with their children at their side is acceptable and that objecting to it is entirely frivolous. Andy Stern and his SEIU want to claim that targeting a female union leader, Rose Ann DeMoro, as the object of a mob of 800 (SEIU's number, in reality it was probably more like 200) is acceptable and objecting to it is entirely frivolous.

The actions of SEIU over the past few weeks toward CNA/NNOC has been intentionally intimidating. Such tactics are old-style union/mobster tactics, not fit for the 21st Century and must be stood up to. Objecting to SEIU's inappropriate aggression is what every union member should be doing. It is not entirely frivolous. Objecting to SEIU's gangster image is what we now need to do to save unionism.

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The New York Times and Wall St. Journal both cover the incredible events at Saturday’s Labor Notes conference in Michigan, where Andy Stern of SEIU International sent busload of male staffers to chase and harass RNs from the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, in retaliation for CNA/NNOC defeating them in a controversial “company union” vote last month in Ohio.  Fortunately the targeted RNs were able to escape out a back door, but other conference-goers were not so lucky, with one woman sent to the hospital, and others punched, kicked, slapped, and shoved

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Thu Apr 10, 2008 at 10:04 PM PDT


by ludlow

SEIU RNs throughout California and the nation have seen the light and had enough. They have been signing up by the thousands to join their RN colleagues in the CNA/NNOC.

Last December, RNs at Saint Mary’s in Reno voted overwhelmingly for CNA/NNOC representation, rejecting SEIU’s last minute attempt to derail the election. RNs at the St. Rose Dominican Hospitals in Las Vegas are voting in May to switch from SEIU to CNA.

Check out this video about how SEIU really operates as Las Vegas RNs and service employees speak from their hearts. (SEIU members appearing in this video are not actors and were not paid or coaxed.)

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