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I Didn't Vote 'Cause Kos Said We'd Win, with Poll
Actually, the title is a lie. I voted, did phonebanking, and even drove a long way to a neighboring Red state to do GOTV, for all the good it did. But in Kos's Diary today named "More Accurate ...
lurkersince03 11/14/2012 25 1 - -
I Wish I Hadn't Voted for Mr. Romney
The hurricane was worse than we expected. When the power lines came down and the fire started, I thought we were goners. Now, I almost wish we were. And that's why I do wish we hadn't voted for Mr.
lurkersince03 10/30/2012 77 98 - -
Forbes and Yahoo Join the Occupy Movement?
I haven't had the time or energy or desire to post comments on Dkos for many months. Let alone write a diary. Got a bit tired of the Obama Pie Fights, too. I visit Dkos maybe once a week, scan the ...
lurkersince03 11/20/2011 10 10 - 117
Still A Crummy Diary, But the Most Important Health Care Info You May Ever Read
Yes, I know that a diary is supposed to be filled with important content. (I also know that it's supposed to have a snappy title, not a self-denigrating one.) Today, I'm not in the mood to follow ...
lurkersince03 07/30/2010 41 20 2 122
Wasted Life, Wasted Death, and IGTNT
The recent diary on the posting/banning "rules" for the IGTNT diary series has garnered ...
lurkersince03 06/21/2010 150 26 - 61
What is a good way to die? with Update and Poll
I usually find that the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve is a quiet time for me -- off from work, and a brief respite from the parties of the two aforementioned holidays. Maybe that's why ...
lurkersince03 12/28/2009 228 28 1 48
A President with Middle Eastern Blood on His Hands
No, I am not talking about Obama here. Name any recent president. The five who preceded him -- Carter, Reagan, G.W. Bush, Clinton, and W -- were all actively or passively complicit in the deaths of ...
lurkersince03 12/02/2009 14 - - 58
Why No on 1 Lost. Why "I" Am the Reason That It Lost.
From 2004 on, I began giving limited amounts of money (which is all I have) to progressive candidates around the country, with the help of sites like Kos and ActBlue. I canvassed for Obama in 2008, ...
lurkersince03 11/04/2009 41 19 - 45
How About a Support DeDe Campaign for Repubs? Updated
UPDATE: DeDe's on the ballot. Does not need "Write Ins." But some Repubs still need help NOT to vote for Hoffman. Purity Trolls, Please read no further. Let's face reality. 1) This is a ...
lurkersince03 11/01/2009 57 1 - 27
Why We SHOULD Abandon and Abolish ACORN
ACORN has fired the two workers who gave advice that was arguably illegal and certainly immoral to two conservative activists dressed as a pimp and a prostitute. Clearly, these two workers -- at ...
lurkersince03 09/18/2009 69 7 - 16
Black and White and Abortion: A Useful Exercise?
The current recclist diary,-Share-Your-Story.-Ill-Start. on abortion stories has brought wetness to my eyes, many times so far.
lurkersince03 06/03/2009 48 5 - 11
Saw New Star Trek Tonight, and Am I P*ssed Off! Now with updates.
In the interests of transparency: I've always liked the original Star Trek, but never got into the later ones. Oh, I'd watch an episode here or there if it was on and someone else was watching, ...
lurkersince03 05/08/2009 206 7 - 38
Meta:  A Completely New TYPE of Diary Has Appeared!
I've been lurking -- as you may have guessed from my username -- since 2003. So I've seen a lot of diaries come and go, and have started writing a few myself. Today, I've seen a diary of a type ...
lurkersince03 05/02/2009 97 14 - 17
I've Got Whine Flu™ -- And YOU May Need a Donut Shot (Updated, Still DUMB)
Yes, pandemics are serious business. Yes, we need to prepare for a pandemic. One occurs every thirty years on the average. We must prepare on a personal, a community, a national, and a planetary ...
lurkersince03 04/30/2009 48 12 - 10
Metro NY School Epidemics and the Mexican Swine Flu (+ Update)
As always, the fluwiki and DemFromCT are the places and people to go to for your pandemic preparedness info. But I've been following the "Potential Swine Flu Pandemic" story, and am as many of us (...
lurkersince03 04/25/2009 27 6 - 4
Is AP now working for US? Stop Troll-Baiting and Read!
I just saw a headline that amazed me. Can't believe that no one has diaried this. Headline: Unresolved debate in DOJ memos: Does torture work? Maybe I'm wrong, but this seems ...
lurkersince03 04/21/2009 38 2 - 2
My President, Right or Wrong!
There are a number of diaries today, with thousands of comments, on the topic of what IMHO boils down to "Who Trusts Obama? And How Much." I'd like to take the time to consider a few quotes or ...
lurkersince03 04/10/2009 3 1 - 26
Could THIS Help Resolve the Main Electric Car Obstacle?
Fools rush in, they say. And I admit that I don't know much about electric cars -- mostly what I read here. And today, reading gttim's diary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"
lurkersince03 03/16/2009 51 1 - 7
Wrong! Here's the Liberal Limbaugh, Mr. Finch!
I started a comment in the "Where is the Liberal Limbaugh" diary. Reading the comments, my ire rose and I decided to post it as a diary.
lurkersince03 03/12/2009 45 3 - 3
Marijuana IS a Gateway Drug
Disclaimer: Please read the intro before you flame me, Pro-Legalization Folk! I was working my way through the lengthy if somewhat repetitive Dr. Zombie marijuana diary entitled I am a ...
lurkersince03 03/07/2009 156 17 1 19
Am I Nuts? Is Obama Nuts? Is this the REAL Plan?
On February 5th, I wrote a poorly read (and perhaps, some might say, poorly written) diary: Is It "FitzMas in February?" Breaking US Atty Scandal? And No One Knows? The point was ...
lurkersince03 02/13/2009 29 9 - 8
Is It "FitzMas in February?"  Breaking US Atty Scandal? And No One Knows?
Lots of us are probably readers of Josh Marshall's fine Talking Points Memo. Last night, this site reported that: U.S. Attorney Scandal: Feds Probe Domenici for Obstruction ...
lurkersince03 02/05/2009 36 18 1 31
Am I a Hideous Troll, or (Gasp) a Racist? Update, w/polecat
Im going to blame it on another kossack, and his or her comment in the recent "BRUTAL Ad to Air Tomorrow: 'Are You With Obama or Limbaugh' " diary. Since I'm not sure whether it is polite to name ...
lurkersince03 01/29/2009 65 4 - 22
Can You Take the UPDATED Pledge of Allegiance: 1/20/09?
Three words can change America. As Obama takes the Oath of Office, perhaps it behooves us all to take an oath, a pledge, a New Pledge for 2009. I pledge allegiance to ...
lurkersince03 01/19/2009 63 13 1 35
Cancel My Bleeping Inauguration, Kos!
Actually, that's not really what I want you to do, Kos. And I use the word "Kos" in the title as what literary types call a "synecdoche (sin-EK-duh-key)," in which, as Wikipedia defines it, "a part ...
lurkersince03 01/18/2009 77 7 2 2
Update: When Torture SHOULD Be Used on "Terrorists"
Was out of town, in a big city. Went to see a movie, but I had the time wrong, by an hour too early. The lobby of the multiplex stank of fake butter-flavor, so I decided to hop out and grab a ...
lurkersince03 01/10/2009 86 7 - 25
Warning: Movie Spoiler: Are We A**Hat Elephant Gropers?
I'll start with the spoiler. So if you are planning to see the (March '09 release) film "The Watchmen," and DID NOT read the late-80's graphic novel of the same name, read no further. The plot of "...
lurkersince03 12/27/2008 8 1 - 10
Forget About Hybrid/Electric/H2 Cars - This Could Help Now (maybe)!
I'm no chemist or engineer. I have never studied those fields. So I can't comment (well, I could, but it wouldn't be worth much) on whether: high efficiency low CC gasoline engine, or ...
lurkersince03 11/29/2008 56 4 - 17
Easy, Funny Way to Debunk the Maverick Myth for 55+ Voters
The graphic below the fold may help those who lack a grounding in cowboy lingo to grasp the difference between two nearly opposite terms: Maverick and Sidekick. The dictionary (http://www.merriam-...
lurkersince03 10/06/2008 3 2 2 -
“I Will Never Vote for a Negro. I Will Never Vote for a Democrat.”
You’ve probably never heard anyone make the first statement out loud, unless you live in the Deep South (in which case they may not have said “Negro”). You may have heard the ...
lurkersince03 10/01/2008 30 7 1 -
New (?) Way To Address Racism/Partisanship, Not GOTV, WITV
This is my first diary, since there are so many great writers and thinkers here that I’ve been shy about putting something up myself. Please pardon me if its format is unconventional (all ...
lurkersince03 09/24/2008 - - - -
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