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RIP Feather 1995-2013
On Friday, I had to have my beautiful Maine Coon, Feather, put to sleep. She was almost 18 years old, so I can't complain that I didn't get enough time with her, but it is still hard to let a ...
lynneinfla 04/15/2013 64 95 - -
Elegy for our cat Sophie
We knew this day was coming. Our beautiful Sophie was diagnosed in early March with squamous cell carcinoma of the jaw. It is almost always fatal to cats when it is in the jaw. Cats can't tolerate ...
lynneinfla 07/19/2012 87 58 - 157
I lost my Magic today
Losing a pet is never easy, but this was harder than I thought. Magic came into our lives in January 2006 after we had to put our 21-year-old cat Zoe to sleep. This is Magic's story.
lynneinfla 06/29/2010 90 50 - 104
Census: No post-paid envelope?
We received our 2010 US Census form in the mail a couple of days ago. The instructions say: If your enclosed postage-paid envelope is missing, please mail your completed form to: [...
lynneinfla 03/17/2010 134 3 - 96
Economic Terrorism: A Tinfoil Hat Idea?
Let me preface this by saying I am not an economist. I probably know less about the economy than John McCain. But I still have a lot of questions about what is happening. So here goes: Have you ...
lynneinfla 09/24/2008 9 5 1 2
NYT: Obama Admires Bush
This is the headline for David Brooks' column today in the New York Times. I looked at it and said "WTF"? Well, of course, the implication in the headline is not really borne out in the story, but ...
lynneinfla 05/16/2008 21 2 - -
Setting the Holiday Table for Impeachment
Why not begin impeachment proceedings and investigate Bush and Cheney? So what if there is only a year left to Bush's term? Do we let teachers who have been alleged to be child molesters keep ...
lynneinfla 12/11/2007 16 13 - -
The Holiday Impeachment Menu
If we want to put impeachment on the table for the holidays, I was wondering what other dishes we should serve with it. I assume that Impeachment is the main course. Do we add a cold dish of Revenge?
lynneinfla 12/10/2007 13 1 - 3
Gonzales--more smoke and mirrors??
And now, behind door number three we have -- Alberto Gonzales. Direct your attention there. Don't look behind door number two -- terror alerts. Don't look behind door number one --Iraq. Just focus ...
lynneinfla 07/30/2007 2 1 - -
Declining levels of outrage
What has happened to our level of outrage in this country. The Bush administration has been responsible for so many terrible things in our country. Why aren't more people outraged? Perhaps the ...
lynneinfla 12/28/2006 12 7 - 1
Lies, lies and more lies
lynneinfla 09/12/2006 1 - 1 -
Are we Staying the Course or Aren't We?
lynneinfla 09/05/2006 6 4 - 1
The Repubs--Toning Down Expectations in Iraq
lynneinfla 08/23/2006 2 1 - 1
A song for Cheney
lynneinfla 07/25/2006 1 - - 1
George Bush--Chief Executioner
lynneinfla 07/09/2006 3 2 - -
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