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Ohio Celebrates Percy Wetmore Day
Governor John Kasich, with the help of Grand Marshals Bill and Carolyn Slowsky, kicked off Ohio's first ever Percy Wetmore Day with an astounding twenty-five minute execution of a condemned ...
mac2151 01/31/2014 1 - - -
The Race For Waldo's Pizza
On 1/25/06, Josh Marshall from TPM asked why Mitch Wade would hire Effi Barry, the ex-wife of DC Council member & ex-Mayor Marion Barry, to work for his Sure Foundation. Waldo Jaquith one-upped Josh ...
mac2151 04/17/2008 - - - 10
Who Needs Wally World
I can't really afford it, and I probably don't deserve it, but I keep finding myself in a dream bubble vacation. It just makes me want to don the flying scarf and goggles and manuver the old ...
mac2151 04/04/2008 2 - - -
From AVIBioPharma To Skyterra
On our last outing, we attempted to describe our cruise down the Illinois/Alabama Yellow Brick Road. We approached the conclusion of our journey with visions of Elton John throwing rose petals and ...
mac2151 03/31/2008 - - - 5
The Obama-Siegelman Connection?
Obama & Siegelman - willing participants or dupes? To the willing, guys like Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine & Robert Kjellander, crossing the political aisle was nothing more than a speedbump on the ...
mac2151 03/27/2008 38 - - 3
Bear Crap In The Public Woods
The continuing decline in the US economy finds me hybernating earlier & longer each year. Nazi George can't drive Bid Laden FROM a cave, but he can sure drive the American people INTO them. I just ...
mac2151 03/25/2008 13 - - 2
St Peter - EZ PASS Won't Cut It
You've heard it before, but it bears repeating. In their own words: "The whackos get their information from the christian right, christian radio, mail, the internet and telephone trees" "...
mac2151 03/28/2007 1 - - 2
Noe Lov'in
I was just sitting here thinking about suing my old lady for lack of sexual harrassment. The problem though is that I'd only end up with the coins in her piggybank. I'd need to consult some real ...
mac2151 03/19/2007 - - - 7
Lemme Haunts Walter Reed
What's that, Ray? Bush and the RNC are a bunch of crooks and liars? Well, we already know that Ray, tell us something we don't know. They rig voting machines and elections? We already know that ...
mac2151 03/12/2007 8 4 - -
Anybody Seen Gene-Gene?
Grab the fire extinguisher, Rudy is back! The word on the street is that Bracewell & Giuliani have all of their highrise diesel tanks in place, but a switch to ethanol has resulted in some burning ...
mac2151 03/09/2007 - - - 4
The Snooze Alarm Is Going Off
Some people hide their money in mattresses, while others just blow it on Casino Boat gambling. Adam Kidan was one of those dream bubble characters that seemed to do both. His flying carpet mattress ...
mac2151 02/27/2007 - - - 1
Howard Assumes The Position
George Bush has the name Hicks all but tattooed on his butt. Doesn't it just seem so damn strange that a guy by the name of Hicks should turn up as a prisoner at Gitmo? Then, the guy ends up with a ...
mac2151 02/23/2007 1 - - 2
Coincidence Takes A Midnight Ride
The ever increasing evidence of voting machine fraud, coupled with the recent firing of US Attorneys, leads me to believe that it's time for Mr William Keisling to follow-up on his book 'The ...
mac2151 02/09/2007 1 1 - 8
Is This The Road To Poway?
On 11/15/2006, the Associated Press reported on the bust of a billion dollar gambling ring by the NYPD. Three companies were named in the press report as aiding this ring: Primary Development Inc.,...
mac2151 01/28/2007 4 3 2 9
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