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FL-06: Tim Cunha proposes economic fix; Slams Same Ol' Stearns
Tim Cunha 's campaign still hasn't gotten the national attention of some of the other FL districts. But at R+08 his district was already right on the boarder of ...
madahnuc 09/26/2008 2 - - 27
FL-06: Tim Cunha to propose bottom-up resolution of financial crisis
This evening Tim Cunha will release his proposal for a bottom-up proposal for a resolution of this financial crisis. He is looking for input from the community ...
madahnuc 09/23/2008 7 1 1 1
FL-06: GOP Incumbent Stearns misappropriating gov't. funds?
For Tim Cunha, as a Democrat in a R+08 district, this race is no an easy task. But Republican Clifford Stearns may be caught misappropriating gov't. funds. Race details in the extended entry.
madahnuc 09/09/2008 1 5 - 33
FL-06's Cunha calls out Stearns
Tim Cunha,�Democratic candidate for U.S. House seat representing Florida's 6th district, calls on voters to attend Cliff Stearns' town hall meetings tomorrow (Saturday April 12). � �...
madahnuc 04/11/2008 1 2 - 4
Will a endorsement make a big difference?
Move on just sent out an email asking people who they support. If more than 2/3 of the responses are for one candidate or the other, they will endorse that candidate. I'm curious as to what impact ...
madahnuc 01/31/2008 23 1 - -
Is this Dodd campaign email really accidental?
I just got an email from the Dodd campaign that looks like it was an accidental email. Did anyone else get it? My first inclination is that it was an accidental leak. What do you think? Full ...
madahnuc 11/30/2007 18 1 - 27
When ideologues trash science...
When ideologues trash science and the scientific process it is not news. But when disseminators of scientific knowledge do it, it is appalling.
madahnuc 08/28/2007 7 5 - 12
Campaign finance reform that will actually work
Our democracy is in danger. We must reform the way we finance political campaigns to ensure the most vibrant democracy possible. Are these statements sensationalist? I believe they are not. Is ...
madahnuc 07/15/2007 13 - - 19
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