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Firearms Law and Policy
To advocate effectively for repeal or passage of firearms legislation we must first know and understand current law and policy, and how both are implemented, where we live. There is enormous variability across the country; the relative utility/relative risk of firearms is different on a 500 acre ranch in Montana than for a 1000 square foot apartment in New York. State and local laws reflect that diversity. We will discuss firearms law and policy with an emphasis on the many historical ethics an...
Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA)
Our group promotes informed discussion about repealing, re-interpreting, or amending the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, following the infamous Scalia-led decisions in Heller and McDonald. Re-interpretation under a Democratic-majority Supreme Court might be easiest. If that is not possible, then repeal or amendment may be the last recourse. (This is not the same as banning guns. Gun regulation could e....
Sexism and Patriarchy
This group will include discussions about the pervasive nature of sexism and patrarchy and their role in holding women back from full equality; Discussions may also include how sexism and patriarchy form cultural assumptions that affect the LGBT community. Please note that republishing a diary does not constitute an endorsement of the diary's message.
The San Francisco Bay Area Readers of Daily Kos. We meet regularly around the Bay Area for political activism and also, recreation. One of our hallmarks is rolling out the red carpet for out-of-town/visiting Kossacks in the form of dinners or pot lucks.
Shut Down the NRA
A group to document News of gun violence, to create a Community of activists, and to create a platform for Action to work towards breaking the hold of the NRA on politicians and changes to gun law that will actually result in significant, measurable decreases in American gun violence and fatalities.
Silicon Valley Kos

Connect! Unite! Act!

Congressional Districts CA-17, CA-18 and CA-19
We work together online and offline for political and social causes. We also meet to just socialize.
The group will republish diaries on issues of interest to the residents of Silicon Valley.
To join our group, send a request HERE.
The definition of SLUT seems now to be ANY WOMAN USING BIRTH CONTROL or ANY ONE CONCERNED AND FIGHTING FOR WOMEN'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH (according to the GOP) FINE! We are sluts and PROUD OF IT As with "Slut Walks" we will own the word and take the power of the word away.

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