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I'm getting embarrassed defending
I know, I know. I'll have people rolling their eyes at yet another diary. Especially one that talks about the site's ongoing (but I must say, increasingly less) glitches. Now, ...
madmojo 10/14/2013 34 5 - -
Bev Perdue pardoned the Wilmington 10
For those who don't know much about North Carolina's racial history, the state had it's share of problems with whites learning to live with blacks as equals. Well, back in 1971, in the coastal city ...
madmojo 12/31/2012 53 155 4 -
November 7th, be ready for it.
No, I'm not talking of the angry conservatives ransacking the black part of town or anything like that. No, I'm speaking of the Republican spin of the election, which of course most of the tv news ...
madmojo 10/27/2012 50 8 - -
My advice for the town hall debate
Hello friends! We’ve all seen the polls. We’ve gone from an almost sure win, to about a 60% chance of a win in the presidential election. There’s been a lot of sadness and doubt going on ...
madmojo 10/13/2012 1 1 - -
How are non-progressives feeling about the Ryan pick?
I know how most of us feel about the Ryan pick. We're enthused, we're more hopeful, feel like Romney just shot himself in the foot... I did the other day, and still do to an extent. I'm not ...
madmojo 08/12/2012 35 3 - 258
How are things shaping up in Colorado?
I know it's considered bad form to title a diary with a question, but I couldn't think of anywhere to ask without it being off-topic. I want to discuss Colorado's chances for the 2012 election. ...
madmojo 05/23/2012 6 3 - 57
Obama up +2 in NC in a Republican affiliated poll
Thanks to the PPP twitter for pointing this out to me. Civitas, a Republican polling firm, had found Romney leading Obama by 9 pts when they last polled him in NC in January. Well, they polled the ...
madmojo 04/04/2012 30 25 - 234
Fastfoward 7 Months...
I decided to give this dialogue a try. It's been something I've wanted to do for a while. Early November... It's the day after election day... You turn on cable news. Here's the conversation.
madmojo 03/31/2012 15 5 - 118
For some reason, I'm terrified today.
Today should have been good. Had a reasonable seven hours of sleep last night. (Not the 8 1/2 I usually try to get, but better than some nights.) I was fully awake during my route for work today, ...
madmojo 03/27/2012 21 12 1 210
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