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In the wake of Martin Luther King Day, 2015: The scandal of the memorial
I cannot let the celebration of Dr. King's birth date pass yet again, without commenting upon the scandal of the memorial erected, we are told, in his honor, but fabricated by Chinese artisans ...
magnetics 01/20/2015 11 4 - -
Eyewitness in Paris: Charlie Hebdo and the Aftermath
By chance, my wife and I found ourselves in Paris on the morning of January 7, in an apartment overlooking (as we would soon learn) the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical weekly. We heard the ...
magnetics 01/14/2015 61 59 2 -
The Nation, its Prospects, and the Midterms
Although the Republican sweep of the midterms has occasioned much unhappiness and recrimination in the left blogosphere -- not to mention among Democrats, and self-described liberals and ...
magnetics 11/11/2014 7 - - -
Privatization of the Royal Mail: Can This End Well?
It was with some surprise, that I learned (two years ago) that the Dutch postal service had been privatized; and the results are not pretty. Excellent reporting in the London Review of Books gives ...
magnetics 09/29/2013 19 4 - -
The President Must Strongly Support Social Security
Through much of the Obama presidency, there has been an undercurrent of unease concerning his commitment to the preserve Social Security, the keystone social insurance program of the New Deal and ...
magnetics 10/12/2012 45 10 - -
Is Boenhner Trying to Save Obama from Himself? or Just Chicken? or Both?
This will be short. Recent big news on the debt ceiling death spiral is that Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner ...
magnetics 07/25/2011 17 1 - 98
The Debt Ceiling, the Shock Doctrine and Mulitdimensional Chess
We are told that failure to raise the debt ceiling will likely precipitate a financial collapse -- surely in the US, with global ...
magnetics 06/29/2011 29 4 1 113
Food, Karma, and Goldman Sachs
I cannot vouch for the provenance or authenticity of this, but the conceit is irresistibly attractive: That is, I recall reading, in a discussion of Buddhist doctrine, the statement that the total ...
magnetics 05/22/2011 10 3 - 52
Democrats: Maybe I'm not the one you want to lose.
I don't think the world at large cares overly for my personal political odyssey; but it may have some value as an example. In brief, I came to political consciousness during Vietnam, voted for ...
magnetics 11/11/2010 57 11 - 59
Wanna Win in November? Stop Foreclosures!
Wanna Lose? Don't then. I just saw the clip of David Axelrod on Face the Nation discussing whether or not the ...
magnetics 10/10/2010 33 5 - 51
California Shock and Awe?
The San Francisco Chronicle reports a plan for aerial spraying of pesticides over ...
magnetics 02/16/2008 73 34 2 15
The Blackwater Amendment Updated: "No" to a Constitutional Convention.
Two days ago I posted a diary proposing a 28th amendment (the ‘Blackwater Amendment’) to the US Constitution, with the ...
magnetics 09/29/2007 38 9 - 10
Proposal to Amend the US Constitution
The dangers of private security contractors to civil society have been much discussed in light of the ...
magnetics 09/27/2007 50 12 - 15
Breaking: Lieberman-Kyl passes 76-22
This will be very brief -- thinkprogress has the story. Also, apologies to anyone else who beat me to the punch. ...
magnetics 09/26/2007 44 11 - 22
California Schemin'
Hey! Rank and file Kossacks! Kos Kewl Kidz! Our avowed goal here at DKos is to elect Democrats, right? Well, a major story, about how that could get much harder , has been brewing, ...
magnetics 08/11/2007 26 7 1 13
The Flashing Banner Ads Totally Suck
This is going to be a fairly short diary. What I am describing may not show up for all kos users , but I am getting them everytime I enter the site, or change ...
magnetics 07/22/2007 78 29 2 23
Former Starr minion-- now Judge-- dismisses Plame civil suit
The Plame Civil Suit has has been dismissed . Stop me if ...
magnetics 07/19/2007 11 6 1 3
Scheuer on Olbermann: Chilling video here.
The return of the Taliban and Al Qaeda has been blogged here today, notably by NewDealer , who launches from Frank Rich'...
magnetics 02/25/2007 14 14 3 31
United States of Torturedom II: "24" propagandizes for war crimes.
The latest issue of the New Yorker devotes several pages to profiling Joel Surnow -- Hollywood winger, friend of Rush ...
magnetics 02/18/2007 22 4 - 9
United States of Torturedom
'Ghost Plane', the recent book by freelance journalist and former London Times reporter, Stephen ...
magnetics 02/15/2007 4 3 - 9
Instapundit's NYT Op-Ed: Too dumb to breathe?
Hard to believe this has not been diaried; but I searched and did not find. Glenn Reynolds has ...
magnetics 01/16/2007 21 2 - 5
Blue State Realignment: Why Edsall's Dog Don't Hunt
Kos has frontlined Tom Edsall's fantasy of a permanant Red State Realignment; as a NYT subscriber, I'm being twice weekly ...
magnetics 11/25/2006 14 6 1 4
The Tortured Logic of War with Iran
magnetics 09/19/2006 5 1 - 12
Trolling the wankosphere with Occam's Razor
magnetics 03/11/2006 6 1 - 8
Read this if you read nothing else today...
magnetics 01/19/2006 2 3 1 2
Why Yoo has got to go.
magnetics 01/10/2006 6 - - 3
Krugman: without fair elections ...
magnetics 08/19/2005 5 1 - -
Imperial minion "Little Hammer" Delay struck Kitty Kelley...
magnetics 11/29/2004 8 5 - 1
Nov. 22, 2000: American Kristallnacht and the Onset of Apple Pie Fascism
magnetics 11/23/2004 12 1 - 11
Culture War, Civil War, and the Scopes Monkey Trial: An Elegy for Democracy
magnetics 11/12/2004 3 8 - 5
A ball game ain't over 'til it's over ....
magnetics 11/03/2004 - - - -
Is NPR suppressing KSTP? Just asking....
magnetics 10/28/2004 7 1 - -
The Big Lie, Republicans, and (by implication) Fascists
magnetics 10/12/2004 1 1 - -
Inaugural Post: Reagan Review Redux
magnetics 10/07/2004 - - 1 8
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