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#ME-GOV Paul LePage: “Every Single Fracking Operation In The Country Does Not Pollute”
At last week's town hall meeting in Presque Isle, Maine Governor Paul LePage closed out the event with a jaw-dropping claim that using "2015 mining technology", aka fracking, doesn't pollute. A link ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 03/25/2015 9 9 - -
#ME-GOV Paul LePage Forgets Wife’s 2nd Florida Home While Attacking Other Mainers For Having Same
(Originally posted and updated at Maine Progressives Warehouse ) Interesting lil weekly address here today by Maine Governor Paul LePage (emphasis mine):
maineprogressiveswarehouse 03/19/2015 27 75 - -
#ME-GOV LePage Caught Lying, Re: “Arrest For Treason/ Execution” Accusations
Part 2; link here to Part 1 ( #ME-GOV LePage Met “Multiple Times” W/ FBI Watched Terrorists Re: Arrest, Execute of Dem Leaders ). UPDATE: Reactions from within the Maine GOP range from ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 07/01/2014 6 19 2 -
#ME-GOV LePage Met “Multiple Times” W/ FBI Watched Terrorists Re: Arrest, Execute of Dem Leaders
NOTE- This is Part 1 of 2 (so far); both can be found with photos, Scribd documents and more here: (UPDATED) Breaking: LePage Met “Multiple Times” With FBI Known Domestic Terrorist Group, ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 07/01/2014 3 12 1 -
#ME-02 Troy Jackson for Congress Delivers "The Speech" At 2014 ME Democratic Convention
(Cross posted at Maine Progressives Warehouse ) This past weekend, Maine Democrats held their 2014 Convention at the new Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. It was a great event, with Rep. Mike ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 06/02/2014 9 8 - -
#ME-GOV Paul LePage And Gary Alexander: A Timeline
UPDATE: A bit of quick background on this post. While Mainers knew that Tea Party Maine Governor Paul LePage, who won election in 2010 with 38% of the vote, was virulently anti-ACA and fought hard ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 05/29/2014 3 8 - -
BREAKING: Feds Find ME-Gov LePage, MDOL Officials Intervened In Unemployment Hearings
(NOTE: The original post put online this morning has now been updated NINE times. This is a huge story and still developing.) After almost a year of multiple interviews as part of an investigation ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 02/27/2014 61 239 1 -
LePage Reneges On $100M Statewide Maine Jobs Bond Contracts, Day 3: MaineDOT Projects In Peril?
We are giving Governor LePage a pass on the "Day Count" for Saturday and Sunday, as he was down in DC for the NGA winter meeting ... well, until yesterday morning at least. He inexplicably skipped ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 02/24/2014 6 18 - -
LePage Reneges on $100M Statewide Maine Jobs Bond Contracts, Day 2
(Following up on last night's news: "BREAKING: Governor LePage Reneges On $100M Jobs Bonds; Bounces $59M State Of Maine Check" ) To review, here is the email shared last night:
maineprogressiveswarehouse 02/21/2014 4 28 1 -
BREAKING: Governor LePage Reneges On $100M Jobs Bonds; Bounces $59M State Of Maine Check
Via Maine Senate and House Democrats came the following press release late Thursday night: LEPAGE RENEGES ON STATEWIDE JOBS BOND CONTRACTS Seven months after authorization, Governor changes mind ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 02/21/2014 77 128 2 -
US Senate Democratic Candidate Shenna Bellows Scores Huge National Progressive Group Endorsement
UPDATED: Nationally acclaimed Washington DC based newspaper The Hill has picked up on this endorsement and run a story on it. Locally, mid-coast Maine's The Times Record ran an editorial, ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 02/04/2014 12 14 1 -
Eliot Cutler Attacks Non-Supporters; Confuses “Independent” With “Passive Aggressive”
(Originally posted on Dirigo Blue and Maine Progressives Warehouse, 11/26/13) Weigh the evidence for yourself and decide if the image at right going around online is accurate or not. First there ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 12/10/2013 17 9 - -
#MESEN Shenna Bellows: Something Deeply Wrong In DC When Senators Congratulate Selves for Doing Job
Bellows speaks to full house at Portland’s Rising Tide Brewing Company Link to Shenna Bellows for Senate website. (Updated 10/25/13- What I did not yet know yesterday when posting this diary is ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 10/24/2013 9 17 - -
Troy Jackson's Heart
(Cross posted at Maine Progressives Warehouse and Dirigo Blue ) *Related: ME Sen. Troy Jackson (D-Aroostook) Re GOP LePage: œGovernor Is Upper Management And I Am ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 06/21/2013 5 10 - -
As More than 70 Maine Towns Pass Resolutions Opposing LePage Budget, Gov Urges Towns "Work Together"
(Cross posted at Maine Progressives Warehouse and Dirigo Blue ) At long last, Governor LePage has finally chosen to directly address the ever growing number (74, as ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 04/26/2013 5 9 - -
The Mitt Romney Story, Aka "€œSomething Smells Fishy"
(Cross posted at Maine Progressives Warehouse ) Last night the world was given a view of the Mitt Romney story , in the form of a video even more painful than being a captive ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 08/31/2012 5 6 - 169
Because in my mind, there was never a Question and there shouldn't be in 2012, either. Connect and support Mainers United for Marriage . (Cross posted at Maine Progressives Warehouse )
maineprogressiveswarehouse 06/22/2012 1 - - 24
Saturday Maine GOP Convention Tweets: The Afternoon Edition
Continuing onward into the afternoon! A collection of news links and observations from those in attendance at the 2012 Maine Republican Party State Convention in Augusta. See earlier related post ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 05/05/2012 2 1 - 68
Saturday Morning Maine GOP Convention Tweets
A collection of various pictures, news stories and observations from the Augusta Civic Center, home of the 2012 Maine Republican Party State Convention. Cross posted at Maine Progressives ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 05/05/2012 2 4 - 54
Governor Paul LePage and Mural-Gate
(Cross-posted at [Dirigo Blue]) It appears that similar to Gerald's extraordinary [Omnibus of bills http:/
maineprogressiveswarehouse 09/29/2011 7 10 - 65
LD 1333 Already Causing Fears of Skyrocketing Rates, Disgraced Insurers Coming Back to Maine
Bangor Daily reporting that the U.S. Census Bureau today will be [releasing the latest uninsured figures today
maineprogressiveswarehouse 09/14/2011 10 9 - 90
Tea Party Maine Governor Paul LePage Wants to Create New State Agency
(Cross-posted at [Dirigo Blue]) The Kennebec Journal is reporting today that the governor wants to ["create a new program to oversee policy, ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 09/06/2011 16 17 - 162
Why Did Maine Governor Paul LePage Ignore "Labor Day" in Labor Day Weekend Radio Address?
(Cross-posted at [Dirigo Blue]) That's okay, Gov; we got your back on this one!
maineprogressiveswarehouse 09/04/2011 17 15 - 106
Maine Refounders Post "Man of the YEAR 2011": Norway Shooter Anders Behring Breivik
[Crossposted at Dirigo Blue] Wow. [Pete Harring may have some SERIOUS ...
maineprogressiveswarehouse 07/25/2011 11 27 1 339
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