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As this is trending high on Twitter, I felt the need to give the perspective from a Baltimore football loving mom. #boycottIndiana: First they came for the Colts. Now the gays. Who's next?
mamaeps 03/27/2015 3 4 - -
This 57 year old just became a sandwich.
Call me a sandwich (I love tuna on rye) as I recently hit the lunch menu with my parents. My dad is still working as a pharmacist at 82. My mom is 78 with issues like diabetes, atrial fib, IBS, and ...
mamaeps 06/20/2014 37 90 - -
Diagnosis: Student Debt
The discussion around student debt & healthcare rarely seem to intersect. However, lurking under the radar is the fact that the amount of debt accrued by those trying to become doctors or dentists ...
mamaeps 04/29/2014 3 3 - -
We are all Navigators
I love the people on this website. It is a community that looks out for those that often can't or don't know how to get the services they need. With the advent of healthcare reform, the need for ...
mamaeps 11/05/2013 13 43 2 -
Chaos theory applied to shutdown
Chaos is the science of surprises, of the nonlinear and the unpredictable. It teaches us to expect the unexpected. It would seem that Republicans in Congess need to study this concept so that the ...
mamaeps 10/04/2013 6 22 1 -
One sip at a time
There's a saying that a man CAN eat a bear, if they just take one bite at a time. Likewise the Tea Party can be depleted, one sip at a time. I took a sip at the gym today, & it tasted great (& I ...
mamaeps 10/01/2013 8 73 - -
Tales from the ER
Reading the Republican response to healthcare, the common response is everyone has healthcare now; it's called the ER. I doubt that many of them have intersected with this seventh circle of hell. If ...
mamaeps 09/24/2013 97 154 4 -
Jury Duty
I am sitting with about 300 other citizens summoned to jury duty. I look around & am kinda happy. Everyone made an effort. Everyone is dressed nicely. Everyone seems nice. Officials are most ...
mamaeps 07/30/2013 14 6 - -
Merry in Maryland
Just got back from standing in line to vote. Took over 50 min.. That didn't even happen in 2008.
mamaeps 11/06/2012 19 2 - -
My lucky charm
I am eagerly anticipating casting my vote for team Obama tomorrow. I will be wearing an ear to ear grin & my lucky charm.
mamaeps 11/05/2012 1 1 - -
Punching back @ the Gym
As I reported in an earlier diary, I work out at a gym every day, & use the same piece of cardio equipment for an hour. Since the last debate it seems I am a must stop for every right wing male in ...
mamaeps 10/29/2012 20 18 - -
Line on early voting
Early voting began in Maryland today. In between getting bottled water, looking for non existent generators, & stocking up on dry goods, we decided to try early voting. This way if things are still ...
mamaeps 10/27/2012 5 12 - -
I am not a liberal punching bag
It is well known at the gym that I am a liberal & extremely loyal to Obama. I don't go out of my way to irritate the Republicans I work out with, but I do insist on not having Fox on more than one ...
mamaeps 10/24/2012 18 8 - -
What is the real October surprise?
October is traditionally Breast Cancer Awareness month. Even the NFL gets into the act. What is the big surprise about this October?
mamaeps 10/02/2012 4 5 - 108
Well, looks like Gawker is the Bain of Mitt's Existance
We have been waiting to see what exactly has been in some of those documents so closely held by Mittens. Hopefully the document dump up on Gawker will shed some light on at least the investment side ...
mamaeps 08/23/2012 5 4 - 79
Romney = MIB
As a fan of the Men in Black series, I have been reminded lately of their over-riding concern: people of earth must never know that aliens exist. In fact, they constantly use their flashy thingy (as ...
mamaeps 08/03/2012 4 4 - 66
Obama front & center @ Artscape
Artscape is a three day event held around the Maryland Institute of Art incorporating food, art, & music. There are craft booths, hands on creative areas for kids of all ages, & various stages for ...
mamaeps 07/17/2011 6 1 - 38
Expanding balloon of bank fees
I feel like the banking industry is just one big balloon. When you push down on one section it doesn't decrease the size, it just shifts it to another side.
mamaeps 03/17/2011 12 4 - 53
Creative voter suppression in Maryland
It was an interesting election here. We defeated a Republican candidate for Governor who was popular enough to get elected previously, a slug fest between a Democrat in name only & his clone opponent,
mamaeps 11/03/2010 7 23 1 225
The Baltimore Tour of Urinetown
This is day four of no water in the northwestern suburbs of Baltimore. If you think infrastructure investment is boring and unimportant you should try and shower in our shoes!
mamaeps 03/09/2010 29 10 - 21
This morning a 24 year old was diagnosed with breast cancer
I just received an hysterical call from my daughter who is 24 years old. It seems that her best friend was just diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. I found out that her friend ignored the lump ...
mamaeps 12/03/2009 22 13 - 55
Is this a sign the economy is improving?
My husband and I are finally on a long anticipated week's vacation. We love going to Rehoboth Beach, Del. year-round and have gotten to know many of the shop and restaurant owners on a personal basis.
mamaeps 07/15/2009 13 1 - 5
Sad News About Today's Shooting
MSNBC just reported that the guard shot today by a right wing terrorist died. I am very sad! When will Homeland Security start taking action? First Dr. Tiller now this! Things are escalating rapidly!
mamaeps 06/10/2009 29 6 - 1
Lieberman said what?
Don't know if anyone else caught this little tidbit on Politico "The Crypt": "Thank God" Palin isn't prez on Day One, Lieberman says Joe Lieberman, who prepped Sarah Palin on foreign policy, was ...
mamaeps 10/25/2008 15 7 - -
Jewish Times Endorses Obama
In Baltimore, as in other communities with a large Jewish population, we have the Jewish Times. Everyone reports their engagements, births, deaths, & other events. Issues that concern the Jewish ...
mamaeps 10/24/2008 17 33 2 31
Latest snippet of NBC news interview
Stunned is the only way I can describe the following conversation. Palin and McCain are basically asked to define elitist. Palin gives her usual WTF answer that makes no real sense. T ...
mamaeps 10/23/2008 34 3 - 5
Artistic Hope
I believe that art helps form perception of the world around us in ways that sometimes exceeds mere speech. This election has inspired many to create art to express just what is at stake with this ...
mamaeps 10/13/2008 5 3 - -
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