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Oathkeepers: Friendly Neighborhood Watch Group?
if you read any number of glowing reports and fanboy interviews on the recent Oathkeeper presence in Ferguson, you might easily believe Oathkeepers are just civic minded professionals, helping ...
manyamile 12/09/2014 19 16 - -
Scott Peters , D, prevails in CA-52
In California's 52nd district, the race was called Friday night for Scott Peters, who prevailed over Republican candidate Carl DeMaio by 4,491 votes, 51.2 percent to 48.8 percent. Peters first ...
manyamile 11/08/2014 3 7 - -
Deschene looks for Shelly Veto override,urges supporters to participate fully in on election day.
Chris Deschene statement:"Supporters, I’m very disappointed in today’s Supreme Court decisions. This isn’t about the $6,130.83 I was absurdly ordered to pay to remove myself from the ballot by ...
manyamile 11/02/2014 3 12 - -
Breaking:Navajo Nation Supreme Court rules on elections :REMOVES Election Board Members From Office
Just finished watching Justice Herb Yazzie deliver judgement. Court states that The Board of Election Supervisors and the Elections Commission is in contempt for not immediately and totally ...
manyamile 10/31/2014 5 27 1 -
Navajo Elections Commissioner Says They Will Go to Jail to Protect the Right to Vote
Background: Last week The Navajo Nation Supreme court ruled in favor of two plaintiffs who sought to have Chris Deschene removed from the ballot for Navajo Nation president . The Navajo Board of ...
manyamile 10/30/2014 12 27 - -
Canvassing neighborhoods in SE AZ
Last night 20 people gathered in Benson. From Cochise Stronghold, Sunsites, Dragoon, Cascabel, Saint David, Mescal, Benson and , as one woman put it, 'the middle of nowhere'.We were moderate ...
manyamile 10/24/2014 6 14 - -
Breaking: Navajo Nation council passes resolution affecting presidential election
after hours of deliberation, the council, in the wee hours after midnight, passed a resolution dissolving the Navajo language fluency requirement for presidential candidates. The Council reports, ...
manyamile 10/24/2014 6 20 - -
Navajo High Court Postpones Nov. Election. BREAKING:Council passes resolution late Thurs.
The Navajo Nation supreme court has today,Thursday Oct. 23, ordered tribal election officials to postpone the Navajo Nation's November 4 presidential election and reprint ballots without the name of �
manyamile 10/23/2014 14 17 - -
Navajo High Court Postpones Nov. Election. Orders Ballots without Candidate Deschene. With Updates
The Supreme court of the Navajo Nation has ruled today that Christopher Deschene is disqualified as a candidate for president . This despite the fact that the tribal Board of election supervisors ...
manyamile 10/22/2014 11 28 - -
Breaking! AZ Same Sex Couples can marry NOW!!!
Tom Horne issues letter instructing all AZ clerks of county Superior courts they "cannot deny a marriage license to any otherwise eligible licensees on the ground that the license permits the ...
manyamile 10/17/2014 4 11 - -
Everyone can say 'I do' in AZ! Soon!
AZ BLue Meanie at Blog for Arizona reports that AZ attorney General Tom Horne (R-jerk) has conceded that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling striking down same sex marriage bans will apply to ...
manyamile 10/16/2014 6 9 - -
Christopher Deschene Appeals Unprecedented Disqualification as Navajo Nation Candidate:Updated 3X
Christopher Deschene, who has represented the Navajo Nation in the past as an AZ state rep , and who was the statewide Democratic candidate for Secretary of State in 2010, has been running for the ...
manyamile 10/13/2014 36 85 - -
Sonoran Toxic Mine Spill Poisons USA/Mexico waters
This story has not gotten adequate coverage or attention. Buenavista del Cobre mine in Cananea , Sonora, MX, is only thirty plus miles from US border. The Mine is owned by Grupo Mexico.The Mine ...
manyamile 09/24/2014 20 35 - -
Former AZ House Minority Leader's Statement on NN 15 and Arizona
I don't publish very many diaries, but I thought this statement by former Arizona House Minority Leader John Loredo was very eloquent in communicating what some of have been attempting to ...
manyamile 07/21/2014 40 47 - -
Can we 'counsel' people against going into Hobby Lobby?
We can get as close as we want, as there is no longer such thing as a buffer zone, right?
manyamile 06/30/2014 41 15 - -
Bundyville and the Arizona Strip
I'm completely setting aside the usual points on racism , etc, we have heard from Cliven Bundy and the deplorable bunch of armed idiots who have gathered near him. I'd like to focus more on the ...
manyamile 04/26/2014 13 14 - -
AZ SB 1062 protest: Wednesday,Phoenix
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb 26th, at 1:00 PM, Citizens for a Better Arizona will protest the office of Cathi Herrod, the super lobbyist responsible for SB 1062. What: SB 1062 Protest at Cathi Herrod'
manyamile 02/25/2014 6 9 - -
AZ State Senate, Dist 2: vacancy to be filled Tuesday. Support Clinco
Next Tuseday, January 21, the Pima County Board of Supervisors will select a new AZ state senator to fill the District 2 vacancy . Demion Clinco is just the type of energetic , intelligent, ...
manyamile 01/19/2014 3 6 - -
"I'm not interested in what a libtard thinks"
Says Tammy Blair ,GOP / Tea Party candidate for Texas state senate district 3. "And thanks for putting me in the same camp as Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz. I consider it an honor". This from her ...
manyamile 10/28/2013 160 174 1 -
More Drama in Barber McSally AZ CD-2 race. With Updates
Hearings are ongoing today in Bisbee, Cochise county seat, concerning charges by Republican Martha McSally's campaign that votes were handled improperly. Cochise County is in Arizona's second ...
manyamile 11/13/2012 19 24 - -
A word on Cochise County votes in AZ-CD-2 Barber McSally Race
Here's a boots on the ground update from someone who has first hand knowledge of what is going on in Cochise county. FIRST: as to the slowness of the count: The county elections people have to ...
manyamile 11/10/2012 16 29 - -
Saturday 11/10 update: AZ Senate Race: Carmona/Flake
Following are the Saturday statewide numbers for the AZ Carmona /Flake senate race. these numbers are from the statewide clarity elections page. interestingly if you look at the second group of ...
manyamile 11/10/2012 9 10 - -
UPDATE AZ CD-2. Barber leads the day: special note on Cochise County Votes
UPDATE: as of 6 PM, Cochise County revised downward their count for the day.The new numbers are 23,278 for Martha McSally and 15,191 for Ron Barber and 88 write ins. so totals for the end of today ...
manyamile 11/10/2012 12 17 - -
Carl Demaio,(R), concedes race to Bob Filner,(D), in San Diego Mayoral
Ignore the text in the link below, just cllick on it for the news. Democrat Bob Filner will be the new mayor of San Diego. Balboa Park is happy.
manyamile 11/09/2012 7 12 - -
Oil ,Gas and Wall Street: After Backfire, Will They Brown Nose or Oppose?
Wondering what the Wall street and the oil and gas industry are musing about after the reelection of President Obama? I came across the following commentary in the Insurance Journal, which coolly ...
manyamile 11/09/2012 3 - - -
AZ CD-2: Friday PM . Barber UP by 586!!
Pima county updated at 2 PM Friday afternoon. Following are AZ CD-2 Barber /McSally counted votes. Barber Pima Co. 110,987 plus 12,663 from Cochise = 123,650 McSally : Pima county 103,264 plus ...
manyamile 11/09/2012 19 16 - -
Key AZ outcomes still in doubt
Hold your horses, it is not over in Arizona for some key races, including the Barber /McSally congressional race and Carmona /Flake senatorial race, and possibly the Arpaio/Penzone race. Perchance ...
manyamile 11/07/2012 59 42 1 -
10/30/12:NPR Liasson's 'update' on Obama
On NPR's All Things Considered this afternoon was an 'update on the candidates'. First was a piece about candidate Romney in Ohio ,where NPR did manage to include the statement that the campaign ...
manyamile 10/30/2012 46 32 - -
Maricopa County lists Wrong Election Date on Spanish Language Voter ID Documents
Maricopa issued Spanish language voter ID cards are contained in document which lists election day as November 8, two days after the actual election. The English version lists the correct date. ...
manyamile 10/16/2012 25 63 - -
Paul Ryan's Canadian tax example
Paul Ryan loves Canada so much he wants their tax structure! Does that mean he also supports Canada's public health care system? During the vice presidential debate, Paul Ryan made claims about ...
manyamile 10/15/2012 11 7 - -
more GOP magical thinking on reproductive issues: AZ style
Arizona state representative Peggy Judd helped pass Arizona's new restrictive anti-abortion laws . She voted in favor of a number of restrictive laws that didn't manage to pass , even in the 'let'...
manyamile 10/11/2012 4 4 - -
Goldwater Women Endorse Democrat Carmona in AZ US Senate Race.
Yesterday Jeff Flake won the GOP Primary in Arizona, to become the party's candidate for the U.S. senate. Today former Sen. Barry Goldwater's daughter, Joanne, and her daughter CC, endorsed Dr. ...
manyamile 08/29/2012 15 33 - 155
"We're the Bigots"
Quoting from an interview Jan Brewer did with (text and article referenced below) "Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says President Barack Obama is race-baiting and pandering for the Hispanic ...
manyamile 08/28/2012 3 4 - 81
GOP's Shotgun Wedding
In all of the news about the GOP postponing the convention til Tuesday ,due to Isaac, one little tidbit almost escaped unnoticed. The tidbit was that Romney's nomination had originally been ...
manyamile 08/25/2012 15 10 - 183
AZ CD8 .VOTE! Tues June 12
This is Gabby Gifford's seat. This special election is a place holder for old CD8, but it counts. Ron Barber, who was shot along with Giffords, is the Dem candidate. The GOP candidate is a nightmare.
manyamile 06/07/2012 19 9 - 73
AZ legislature is scared of S. AZ , & wants you to be too.
One of the traditional supporting timbers of GOP claims is that they are pro business. I think that timber just crashed with a loud thud . With HB 2586, Arizona GOP legislators are approving a ...
manyamile 03/03/2012 23 19 - 208
Has Anyone Told These Fools that Pregnancy Costs More than No Pregnancy?
Dear so called 'fiscal conservative/must cut costs/reduce the debt above all else' Republicans. I am going to keep this simple so you can understand it. If you are a health provider or insurer: ...
manyamile 02/11/2012 24 11 - 101
WWJD is so..old school, so lame
Seems to me that today's 'Christian Right' motto is WWCaD, "What would Caiaphas do?"
manyamile 02/02/2012 10 2 - 70
Cain passes on pistol packin' AZ senator
Arizona state Senator Lori Klein says she has known Herman Cain for 12 years and he has "never been anything but a gentlemen—and I am not an unattractive woman.". So evidently by her reasoning 1.
manyamile 11/29/2011 13 5 - 104
Jan Brewer's removal of IRC chair OVERTURNED
YES! this is great news. Breaking, from the associated Press: The Arizona Supreme Court has overturned Gov. Jan Brewer's politically charged removal of the chair of the state redistricting ...
manyamile 11/17/2011 98 206 1 936
'Real' Reason Christian Fundies Scorn Mormons
This was told to me in confidence by a relative who is, in their own view, a true Christian; but what I call an extreme born again right wing Christian. We both started out as Catholics. I left ...
manyamile 11/05/2011 394 204 1 1959
A question about that 47 %
Republicans are touting that 47% of Americans paid no income tax last year. They are slurring them as slackers or people who are gaming the system. That is bogus for many reasons , but there is one ...
manyamile 10/14/2011 9 14 - 80
'Lost Generation'
This is my first diary and it is off the cuff. I have been reading how the current 'generation' is being called the 'lost generation'. As they hit the job market they are finding few ...
manyamile 09/25/2011 2 4 1 47
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