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Juries, grand juries, bears and chokeholds
I’m an old codger who attended segregated schools in East Texas and was a Vietnam draftee. When asked about Ferguson and Michael Brown, I said, “I don’t know what happened. There are too many ...
maracucho 12/08/2014 2 5 - -
Exercise builds us, The Super Bowl builds machismo
The Super Bowl gets more viewers and more ad money than anything on television. Here's a letter that I sent to The Los Angeles Times: Regular exercise improves cardiorespiratory fitness, increases ...
maracucho 02/02/2014 2 2 - -
Syria as Rorschach test
Would bombing Syria help Israel and keep Iran at bay? Depends upon your point of view. David Brooks of the NY Times says smugly that of course Obama’s proposals to discipline Syria have nothing to ...
maracucho 09/07/2013 1 1 - -
Our unbalanced nation, yes, Virginia there is a class war
“I used to blame Bush and the GOP. Then I blamed the Democrats for not being fill in the blank enough. Now I hold the so called progressive and so called ____ movement responsible because they ...
maracucho 04/22/2013 8 4 - -
New York Times: Sue those generic makers
Yes, dumb down the American public, a few people keep raising their head! American healthcare has problems, layers of problems. I agree with Mr. Brill's 26,000 word indictment of US healthcare in ...
maracucho 04/01/2013 12 6 - -
How can violence/murder increase and decrease at the same time?
I'm upset with the Colorado shooting. The media mislead us with all Monica/James Holmes all the time- lots of smoke and noise but little analysis or illumination. Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker'...
maracucho 07/30/2012 5 3 - 68
What I told KPCC, my NPR station
I've given money to my local NPR station for some years, but I'm increasingly unhappy with their parroting the commercial media, asking how people feel about the ads and scandals rather than going ...
maracucho 05/10/2012 9 4 - 79
How we got Rick Perry into the White House
aka Great and Desperate Cures and their consequences It took some work and planning, our man had a tendency to say stupid things, but we used our five advantages: the dismal economy,
maracucho 10/03/2011 4 - - 85
Look behind the veil, the system and the Satan sandwich
Some say don’t criticize our leaders or our system until we have a solution. Some say that there’s a simple answer to every problem…and that it’s always wrong . Some say that ...
maracucho 08/01/2011 1 - - 9
We are eager accessories to the great hoaxes of the Age- space shuttle, debt ceiling, medical cures
I quote Daniel Boorstin, The Image , 1962, page 37. Boorstin discussed pseudo-events (contrived events) television and the Graphics Revolution (the multiplication of images and recording ...
maracucho 07/14/2011 7 2 - 88
Understanding Autism, obesity and toxic sugar, 'Hispanic autism deficit', how do we pass Go?
April was autism awareness month. Autism awareness month existed for decades, but became much more visible this year. I’ll briefly discuss PBS autism coverage, part of the increased media ...
maracucho 05/02/2011 18 16 - 154
Maybe it's all for show
Huey What a relief- the government did not shut down! Dewey: I wasn’t planning to visit a national park today. Louie: Maybe things aren’t quite what they seem; maybe the government shutdown ...
maracucho 04/09/2011 4 1 - 19
NPR pushes foreigners into the line of fire
In Phoenix, Foreign-Born Workers Find Jobs Faster Ted Robbins, NPR morning report 2/17/2011 I heard this driving to work: Poor Mareena lost her DHL job. She’d like to make $25 ...
maracucho 02/17/2011 1 4 - 63
Progressives in a fog, we've lost the class and media wars, we must regroup in the foothills
Many progressives have lost focus. They worry about celebrities, like Sarah Palin, which progressive might be a primary challenger to Obama, whether to accept or resist TSA stupidity, etc. Those ...
maracucho 12/06/2010 19 9 - 38
The attractive outsider could not consolidate the beachhead, couldn’t explain his new policies
The attractive outsider figured out the new primary system better than many old Pols. He put great effort into the Iowa caucuses and won 9 of the first 10 primaries. He was quite a contrast to Nixon ...
maracucho 11/06/2010 10 2 - 29
The Complex Reality of Generic Drugs: who are the BPs/DeCosters/Ajkai Timfoldgyars of generic drugs?
"You may be interested in learning more about generic drug concerns. Would you like a copy of the Sankar and Glauser paper?" The attractive drug rep smiled. Who could quarrel with "no substitutions ...
maracucho 10/25/2010 51 19 2 70
FAX to the Presdient, from one who worked hard for him, starting December 2007.
I sent this Fax to the White House today. I like him, I believe that he means well, but this issue of deregulation and corporate welfare is wrecking the country. We can't ignore it. Claims that ...
maracucho 06/10/2010 9 2 - 42
Most of us know Lakoff, the UC Berkeley linguist and Professor of Cognitive Science, author of many books and several Kos diaries, the most recent being The PolicySpeak Disaster for Health Care,
maracucho 01/04/2010 8 3 - 13
My family is comfortable and healthy; my country is angry, uncomfortable and unhealthy. Constant Healthcare reform gyrations and capitulations left a bad taste. The Senate Bill has good and bad ...
maracucho 12/29/2009 1 1 - 45
Barack Obama and John Quincy Adams
Which President spoke seven languages and was later called Old Man Eloquent? Like Obama, President JQ Adams was opposed by violent men who put private property above all else Obama ...
maracucho 10/08/2009 36 8 - 117
SHAME ON YOU, Senator Grassley
I Faxed this letter to Grassley's Washington office, 202-224-6020 You have said some stupid things lately. 1. You claim to be worried about death panels and healthcare reform. You know that&
maracucho 08/17/2009 11 7 - 14
As California goes, so goes the nation    
I. The politics of fear, distrust and deception I live in California; We have problems, but I will stay. California is a failed state; I don’t think that new faces (new ...
maracucho 07/22/2009 12 8 - 29
A Marathon Not a Sprint, compare the opinions about the Geithner plan
These are dangerous times. People are losing their jobs and their homes; a few people have threatened bankers. Kos diarists have taught me a lot, especially Bondad and Jerome a Paris. Each had a ...
maracucho 03/26/2009 2 - - 15
The Daschle Problem and the importance of trust
We have big but not insoluble problems. They can’t be solved in a top down fashion . Will the public cooperate in sacrifice and life style change if they don’t trust the ...
maracucho 02/01/2009 10 1 - 2
Gas prices down, gasoline problems up again
Energy policy; we must break the cycles of transient piety 1. Oil prices have bounced from very high to very low. Most Americans are pleased because they now pay less than two ...
maracucho 12/21/2008 31 13 - 25
The plunge protection team and the truth about the "free market"
We humans are easily seduced by abstract, feel good ideas. The free market is an abstract idea, like the social contract or a personal God. Nobody has ever seen one. We've known for centuries that ...
maracucho 10/22/2008 4 2 - 9
Stop, look and listen
We’ve lost our bearings. We snap to attention when the party of steel yanks our chain with reports of Islamic threats or its fresh new face. I mean Gov. Palin, drill, kill and block. Drill ...
maracucho 08/30/2008 2 - - 10
The three ring circus of US healthcare reform
The poet Juvenal wrote, “We Romans have forgotten our civic duties; the People who once approved everything, military command, high civic offices, legions, now hold back and anxiously hope for ...
maracucho 05/31/2008 3 4 1 7
Compare and contrast: The Iraq War and the Mass. Health Plan
(As seen from the inside of the healthcare system, a slightly different version will appear at Paul Krugman’s health care columns, the archimedes movement and repairing the ...
maracucho 04/06/2008 1 2 - 4
The Red Phone Ad promotes militarism and McCain
Many diaries have touched on Clinton's red phone ad. The media responded (they are much more interested in ads than discussion of complex issues). It surely influenced some voters. Ads distort ...
maracucho 03/16/2008 3 1 - 3
Pride in our country and earmarks
1. What American actions are you proud of? 2. What American actions are you ashamed of? 3. Can we hope to get out of this mess without facing up to Congressional corruption? 4. Why aren't the ...
maracucho 02/23/2008 2 - - 2
Tilting against Insurance
Things can go wrong after you get health insurance The doctor-insurer interface is harsh, it wastes time & money Insurers are often penny wise and pound foolish, including public ...
maracucho 01/30/2008 17 20 3 209
Democratic Candidates I. Some inconvenient truths
Stock markets are crashing around the world. We are in a serious recession. Look at food prices and then look at the Government inflation index. Food prices have been rising like hot air balloons, ...
maracucho 01/21/2008 6 8 - 2
Words are tools, which may be misused. You can’t run an organization without words. Corporations spend lots of money trying to find convincing mission statements, and so do politicians. The US ...
maracucho 09/09/2007 11 1 1 5
The time for talk has passed, Senator Feingold
Senator Russ Feingold, a respected and decent man, wants to censure the President ( Only one President has been censured in 200 plus years and ...
maracucho 07/22/2007 3 3 - 1
Health Care HellHole
My friend AR is 63 years old, divorced and in a hole. Always overweight, like her parents and brother, she had a big stroke 3 years ago, which left one side of her body poorly functional. Her mental ...
maracucho 06/29/2007 5 1 - 2
Our loss of mythical power and another front porch campaign
Michael Vlahos, no leftist, tells us how much America has lost in the post 9/11 debacle: 1. The world assumed that American power was totipotent- when we projected our shock and awe into Iraq with ...
maracucho 06/19/2007 5 2 - 10
Lies, Delusions, & Hypocrisy- we better get started
maracucho 09/04/2006 5 1 - -
Israel, Sparta and the Law of Large Numbers
maracucho 08/13/2006 8 11 - -
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