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Sun Nov 20, 2005 at 05:45 PM PST

BAKING! The Thanksgiving Recipe Diary

by marksb

As promised in a comment last week, here is our vegetarian nut loaf recipe. Got a great dish that you cook on Thanksgiving? Offer it to the rest of us. Why wait for some troll to throw your fav recipe to our hungry community?

Recipe on the flip...

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Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 02:22 PM PDT

FEMA FUBAR: 300 trucks waiting

by marksb

I just ordered ice from my supplier and she can't send it to me until Sunday, 'cause two of her trucks are sitting in Mississippi waiting for FEMA. There are over 300 trucks sitting there waiting for FEMA to unload. They've been waiting, some of them, over two weeks.
Here's the story:
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Tue Sep 06, 2005 at 01:16 PM PDT

Coast Guard proves Fed response 8/29

by marksb

(I haven't seen this in a diary. I searched, so if I dup'ed someone, I'll delete. Thanks)

I am an ex-Coast Guard petty officer, 1970-1976. The Coast Guard changed my life. I still act in emergency with skill and speed, due to my training. I get shivers when I see the CG heli fly by. So all this bullshit from the White House, FEMA, and especially the Dept. Homeland Security has pissed me off.

If you go to the Coast Guard's Katrina web page, you will see that the CG was in action on Aug 29, flying supplies into staging areas and flying search and rescue missions. They started flying and rescuing as soon as the wind was low enough to fly and get the boats underway.

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(Posted as a comment to Kid Oakland's diary "a twinkle in the eye"--a reader made the point that KO's diary was another discussion of internal thinking and perception and not a call to action (or along those lines)--and it was suggested I post as a diary. OK, hope y'all don't mind...flame me if not, I'll delete.)

Yeah, I get tired of more discussion about how to get our frames in line and how we need to understand the real evil nature of the GOP and we should understand our goals and blah blah blah...

And the key thing is: we are still getting killed in the marketplace. We need to pay attention and figure out what to do!

I'm an old marketing guy with a lot of wins and losses in the marketplace. In the Tech business I've bested Intel for marketshare and in turn Intel has destroyed me. Marketing is war using words, images, and perception.

We are involved in a political battle for the hearts and minds of our customers and for the domination of specific target markets.

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The slow pace of exposing the corruption of the GOP--and it becoming an issue that the media and public pay attention to--is driving most of us crazy. But this very slowness is killing the GOP in a way we could never accomplish.  

It's called Assumptive Branding.

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This morning's LA Times, which seems to have suddenly grown a (small) set, has a very interesting article that explores Iraq war photos and different publishing numbers per media outlet.

The author discusses a number of reasons why photos haven't been published, then puts this war's photo publishing record in context with US wars back to the beginning of photography and the Civil War.

"We in the news business are not doing a very good job of showing our readers what has really happened over there," said Pim Van Hemmen, assistant managing editor for photography at the Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J.

"Writing in a headline that 1,500 Americans have died doesn't give you nearly the impact of showing one serviceman who is dead," Van Hemmen said. "It's the power of visuals."

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So says one of my best customers.

I'm in my business for an hour on a typical Sunday morning and one of my customers, a successful small-business woman who still has her Bush sticker on her Range Rover, comes by to pick up some product. We were talking as small business people often do about expenses and bookkeeping and taxes and worker's comp and labor. It's loading-dock therapy: small business people have almost no one else who understands what is causing the stress in their life--except other small business people.

Anyway, she makes this blanket statement that "of course ALL business people are Republicans".

"No", I reply.

"You're not?" she asks, sounding shocked.

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Sun Mar 06, 2005 at 01:25 PM PST

CNN's Klein going after Fox

by marksb

Or, what news is really about.

LA Times Calendar section today has an article by Ned Martel covering the new president of CNN/US and his plans to reinvigorate CNN and cut Fox's huge ratings lead.

And that is clearly what this is about: RATINGS. This is not about news, or rather, it's about news, but clearly within the context and overriding concern with ratings.

For instance, here's Klein's take on Fox:

Another rival force, Fox News, has usurped the lead in cable-news ratings and now nearly triples CNN's average prime-time viewership, but Klein offers praise. "They're excellent television producers," he says. "They are interesting. They're exciting. You wanna watch 'em, y'know? And we are in the process of getting more interesting and exciting and intelligent ourselves."

Pardon me while I run to the bathroom. Ugh.


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Sun Mar 06, 2005 at 10:06 AM PST

LA Times prints Aravosis Gannon OpEd

by marksb

Don't see it reported here yet, sorry if I didn't search enough...
The LA Times published John from Americablog's commentary in their Sunday experimental column that "invites outside critics to slap around" the Times.

Excellent writing. And yet the Times STILL hasn't answered our questions. The editor told me he hoped his article would answer the questions which basically ask "why?" (It didn't--it didn't even try.) Why doesn't this paper cover this story? Is it the sex? The politics? The conservative nature of the ownership? The fear of LA readership demographics? What?


Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 12:11 PM PST

LA Times letter about Gannon/Guckert

by marksb

Another weekend, another day, no coverage. None. I just don't get it! What's going on that the LA Times choses not to cover this story? I don't want to believe the DK opinion that it's all about corporate media deciding to steer clear of this for business and political reasons. I WANT to believe that we still have somewhat of a free press...and I don't want this story to die, I want it to gain a groundswell in the MSM.
So, after wading through this morning's paper and reading about the latest speculation on the Academy Awards, several articles on producers and stars, several articles on State politics, and of course the usual in-depth coverage of the Lakers and the Nisson Open, I finally wrote The Letter. I mean, this paper can waste over half a page on Dodger and Angel reports from spring training!
I'm not holding my breath for a response, and I have no illusions that this is an important diary. I'm tired of waiting for this paper to do their job, so like that Kos'er that wrote his paper in Houston, I'll write a letter.
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In posting a comment to the diary on Rolling Stone's article on the draft, I thought about my experience during the October 15 1969 Moratorium against the Vietnam war.

As I recall it was well-covered by the press, and though many articles were negative, it served to show Americans of all ages and colors united against the war and Nixon's policies. It worked.

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Mon Jan 03, 2005 at 08:30 PM PST

The California redistricting initative

by marksb

No deep and perceptive thought process here, but I have been posting for awhile on California issues, including the upcoming redistricting initative.
But I hadn't read it. Duh.
So you can go here to see a summary, and here to read the thing.
Even though Edward J. "Ted" Costa (the author of the governor recall) is behind it, I just don't see anything bad here. It seems like it addresses what it needs to address, in a fair and balanced way.
This initative might just be a good model for the country...
Your mileage may of course vary and please post if it does.
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