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If Bush's 4th term is what I get, I'm voting 3rd-party in 2014
I'm done with "more and better" Dems. Between the banksters, the wiretaps, the drones, the whistleblower and hacker crackdown and the pot-shop attacks, I've had it with the Democratic Party. Sure ...
marvinborg 06/11/2013 45 5 2 -
Cops arrest, rough up, hold for 12hrs and charge woman with obstruction/resisting for jaywalking(!)
I'm currently organizing legal representation and will be raising funds for this. If you know good 4th amednment and criminal defense attorneys in San Mateo County, CA, or want to contribute funds, ...
marvinborg 03/17/2013 90 133 3 -
Challenge Obama/DoJ on Aaron Swartz
Aaron Swartz committed suicide after being hounded by the DoJ for a victimless crime. There are plenty of memorial diaries, but I'd like to focus on a fact-based look at the DoJ and its priorities.
marvinborg 01/12/2013 123 44 - -
Men Cry - Since when do we pick on crying men as effeminate and weak?
I've been watching Dailykos parade pictures of Boehner in tears on the front page for years now. Ok, I get it: We make fun of the opposition and their sniffling speaker. But under all of this "...
marvinborg 01/03/2013 104 21 1 -
Proposed: Life w/o Parole for "Heinous" Financial Crimes
This petition: Proposes the passage of a bill to define Heinous Financial Crimes as financial fraud that results in more than $10m in illicit gains and/or affects more than 10,...
marvinborg 07/06/2012 12 5 - 63
Crackdown on pot: hurting patients, lying to voters
Today I found out that my local dispensary for medical marijuana will be closing in two weeks. The dispensary in question is the Vapor Room Cooperative in San Francisco. President Obama recently ...
marvinborg 05/01/2012 22 20 - 134
Aikido Obama
The calmer and more moderate Obama has been, the more extreme the GOP has become. Over time, it has become apparent that this game has actually left the GOP exposed with a horrendous overreach, ...
marvinborg 04/12/2012 12 17 2 155
Obama will sign indefinite detention bill
Not much of a diary - I'm too upset and disappointed. I guess the FISAA bill was a sign of things to come. The bush legacy of the Unitary Executive continues unabated
marvinborg 12/14/2011 48 16 - 199
Evict Corruption
It's time for us to EVICT the CORRUPTION from politics* [* not saying Occupy is over - it is simply going to phase 2, this is a phase 2 framing diary] I think that Evict Corruption is the "core" ...
marvinborg 12/02/2011 1 1 - 16
Go on, say something *controversial*
"This is a free country" used to be a comforting phrase for many americans. But how do you know if it is a free country? It's written in the constitution, sure, but is it really true? Well, there'...
marvinborg 11/30/2011 8 3 - 83
We don't need your deposits, a bald faced lie.
[Subtitle: Basel III, capital adequacy, bank balance sheets and leverage] They don't need no stinking customers - a total baldfaced lie. Let's look at the facts: - Under the Basel III compact, ...
marvinborg 11/11/2011 9 26 1 192
Disgust is the *human* response, CA AG Kamala Harris
This video is absolutely disgusting and should evoke that emotion in any human being:
marvinborg 11/10/2011 12 15 - 194
"We don't need depositors" and other lies the big banks spread.
Move Your Money on Nov 5th, has morphed into Move Your Money Mondays. It is a terrifying prospect for the banks. They will tell you that all of this doesn't matter. After all: - They don't need ...
marvinborg 11/07/2011 19 42 - 233
The big banks are terrified - we are winning.
The big banks are "bracing themselves". They have bought into the symbolism of November 5th and are hoping to survive the flood of discontent. The fee debacle will blow over, the anger will abate, ...
marvinborg 11/06/2011 297 635 15 3375
Daly City protest - Going back to the place it all started for me
Here's the email I sent out to volunteers. I need more people. Email me at Daly City - Can you do a protest on Monday - between 8 or 8:30 and 11am or so? I am planning a protest ...
marvinborg 11/06/2011 5 3 - 46
SF Bank Protest - Photo Diary
Yesterday, two volunteers joined me for a quick protest action in San Francisco. The three of us (J, D and MB) headed to the Castro district, where we know that the police are used to diversity ...
marvinborg 11/05/2011 14 55 - 283
"He has a right to speak" flyer, on CNN
This past week, I got to pamphlet a Chase and a BofA with a home made flyer. It pissed off the bankers so much, that they called the police, resulting in this diary: Today, CNN Money is doing a ...
marvinborg 11/04/2011 107 530 9 2135
BofA subsidizing MoveYourMoney campaign
This is simply hilarious, so I wanted to share. As part of my effort to organize Move Your Money pamphleting outside the big four (Citi, Chase, BofA and Wells Fargo), I am using a gmail account ...
marvinborg 11/04/2011 16 33 1 327
MoveYourMoney Leaflet Protest - motherblog
I am setting up this diary as a vehicle to organize leaflet protests outside branches of Chase, Citi, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. For background and fun, read my previous diary: http://www....
marvinborg 11/03/2011 21 70 2 442
'He has a right to speak,' said the cop to the banker
Like most bullies, the banks are cowards. They talk a big game, but if confronted with their crimes, they run for cover and go whining to "mommy." Today, I walked up and down a sidewalk, in front ...
marvinborg 11/02/2011 385 1266 36 5365
"This bank is run by crooks", I shouted
I was moving my money today, opening a credit card with a local credit union so that I can close my Chase credit card. After applying for the new credit card, I walked past the Bank of America next ...
marvinborg 11/01/2011 57 104 1 643
"Balancing" Our Rights
Our rights are not absolute as politicians like to remind us. Our rights must be balanced, for the greater good. We are told our rights must be balanced against park sanitation, business ...
marvinborg 10/26/2011 1 4 - 27
Port-a-Potties for Democracy!
Apparently, the biggest crimes and threats to safety facing the police in many cities are 1) Tents 2) Camps and... 3) Fecal Matter or "Sanitation Concerns"
marvinborg 10/26/2011 5 3 - 62
Action: SF Elections, OccypySF
In less than two weeks the people of San Francisco get to elect a new mayor. Even more importantly however, we also get to elect our District Attorney and Sheriff. As vote-by-mail voter, I already ...
marvinborg 10/26/2011 1 1 - 17
CA Police Brutality - My Letter
Today I watched the videos of the Occupy Oakland crackdown and had tears in my eyes. I sent letters to my Senators (Feinstein, Boxer), Congress Rep (Jackie Speier), the President, CA governor ...
marvinborg 10/26/2011 3 4 - 34
The Gulf Recovery, Jobs, Citizenship ACT
It will take a couple of years, hundreds of thousands of people and billions in equipment to cleanup the Gulf, even if the hole is plugged today. Solve three problems in one go: - Clean the Gulf -
marvinborg 05/27/2010 8 2 - 43
Disarm idiotic GOP distractions: Prosecuting Pelosi for War Crimes
This is a partisan site, I get that. But I think many of us agree that torture is not (or should not be) a partisan issue. To all the Republicans who say that the Democratic leadership was briefed ...
marvinborg 05/08/2009 45 5 1 5
Citi tried to kill our small business - Local bank might save us
We bailed them out. We bailed them out to help them start lending. As a small business owner with 15 employees I have been struggling to keep us above water for the past 3 months. We're living ...
marvinborg 03/27/2009 527 764 7 807
Iraq "Benchmarks": Must 3780 more American soldiers die?
marvinborg 11/05/2006 5 - - -
Domestic Terrorist Attack against NY Times
marvinborg 07/15/2006 6 5 1 3
More than 1,300 Iraqis dead, some in execution style ethnic cleansing
marvinborg 02/27/2006 101 134 3 15
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