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Perhaps there will be justice in Maryville
I posted about this last year and nothing came of it. I don't have the heart to say much more about it except that it's finally good to see the media get into this story . Maybe now there will be ...
maryvillian 10/14/2013 6 9 - -
What a difference a year makes -- Steubenville 2013 vs. Maryville 2012
Here's a link to my post from last year about an astonishingly similar case to the Steubenville case except, of course, that all of the perpetrators walked and the victim had to transfer. Watching ...
maryvillian 03/19/2013 10 7 - -
Another family values Republican files for divorce
I'd like to say I'm surprised by this news about Sam Graves filing for divorce but I'm not . I wonder how long it will be before the twenty-something blond lobbyist appears on his arm at some ...
maryvillian 04/13/2012 20 5 - 344
the GOP crime cover up continues in northwest Missouri
What I'm writing about is in reference to this post that appeared a couple of weeks ago here on Daily Kos. This is a bit of an update on the whole sickening affair. Since that post there has been ...
maryvillian 04/02/2012 11 11 1 206
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