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Hillary's Next Move
I just finished reading a wonderful new article to be published in tomorrow's New York Time's by Gail Collins who interviewed Secretary Clinton before the election. I get every indication that once ...
maxnyc 11/10/2012 53 15 - -
It's Your Ideology, Stupid!!!
As predicted on this site and manifested in countless elections, the right wing still does not get it! And it's not just them, it's the usual suspects in the mainstream media.
maxnyc 11/07/2012 1 1 - -
Romney Surrogate Throws Hissy Fit (updated)
I was watching the President on MSNBC speaking live to a crowd at Mentor High School in Mentor, Ohio at around 12:25 EST. Suddenly, the MSNBC host Alex Witt broke in and said that they would ...
maxnyc 11/03/2012 141 519 4 -
Marco Rubio: Finished as VP Candidate
Tea Party darling freshmen Senator Marco Rubio (R) Florida, was exposed today in the Washington Post for lying about his family history.
maxnyc 10/20/2011 241 277 2 2016
Cain Announces Cabinet
In an unprecedented gesture that has sent official Washington buzzing with the audacity of his latest move, GOP front-runner Herman Cain has announced his cabinet should he become President of the ...
maxnyc 10/13/2011 13 6 - 155
The Rage of Clarence Thomas
Jeffrey Toobin has an excellent article in the New Yorker on Clarence Thomas and his plans to derail the President's Health Care law through his own special right-wing brand of judicial activism. ...
maxnyc 08/22/2011 17 22 1 340
Judge Presidents vs Other Presidents (with poll)
The election of Barack Obama as the 44th President was a triumph for progressive Americans who had elected the most progressive/liberal president since LBJ in 1964. The fact that many of us have ...
maxnyc 05/08/2011 18 1 - 102
Conservatism: On Wrong Side Of History Again
With the historic passage of the repeal of DADT, we have yet another example of the conservative movement and its perfect record of opposing civil rights and standing in the way of progress.
maxnyc 12/18/2010 13 9 - 80
Nancy--Just Say No Obama!
President Barack Obama just announced his latest surrender to the right-wing. This one involves the extension of tax cuts for the wealthy as well as a reduction in the estate tax. At the rate he ...
maxnyc 12/06/2010 32 3 1 34
Why Ideology Matters And Why It's Killing Us
It has become quite apparent that when one party brands both itself and the other party while that other party does neither, it puts the latter party in serious trouble. Such has been the case for ...
maxnyc 10/17/2010 55 18 - 55
Thank You Speaker Pelosi!
As the vote comes up today for passage of Health Care Reform, it is becoming evident that should the bill pass (and in all likelihood it will) that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will emerge as the central ...
maxnyc 03/21/2010 24 20 - 52
The Cheney's at CPAC: "A Great Time To Be A Conservative" (with Poll)
Today at The CPAC Conference in Washington, wingnuts were treated to the one-two combo of father-daughter duo Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney.
maxnyc 02/18/2010 11 4 - 8
Sen. Sanders to Obama: Wake the F### up!
In a passionate and blunt article in the new issue of the Nation (February 1, 2010) Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I) assesses the plight of the Obama Administration as we head into the November ...
maxnyc 01/23/2010 822 880 23 80
Time for Obama Teach-In
Warren Buffet, a strong supporter of President Obama's election, stated today that the public needs to hear directly from the President and not his Treasury Secretary about what is going on with ...
maxnyc 03/09/2009 9 3 - 6
Wingnut Bloodbath: Levin vs. Frum
It seems that the paleo-right is colliding with the neocons and it's getting ugly out there. First David Frum (the man who coined the term axis of evil while working for Bush) unleashed an attack on ...
maxnyc 03/05/2009 55 22 - 15
Lamb to the Slaughter
When many of us were beginning to become concerned late last year following President Obama's election about his seeming eagerness to please his enemies and reward them, we were called trolls, and ...
maxnyc 02/04/2009 20 - - 2
Flak from the Left: Defazio/Rachel Slam Obama
It only took a week but President Obama is getting some serious criticism from the Left. Oregon's wonderful liberal Congressman Pete Defazio just said on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show that President ...
maxnyc 01/23/2009 83 22 - 74
BREAKING:  Biden was offered VP or SOS
Keith Olberman is reporting on MSNBC at 2;45 PM EST that Jill Biden, wife of the Vice President-elect spilled the beans in a pre-inauguration interview with Oprah Winfrey.
maxnyc 01/19/2009 68 11 - 16
Rep. Sez "Bizarre" to Use B. Hussein Obama
Iowa Congressman Steve King is upset that when President-Elect Obama takes the oath of office he will use his full name. Obama says he is only doing it out of tradition.
maxnyc 01/15/2009 67 8 - 35
One Year Ago: The Poll Heard Around the World
Last December 31, 2007, the political world was focused on Iowa. The Iowa Caucuses were only days away. Most polls showed a three-way tie between Edwards, Clinton and Obama. Then came the Des ...
maxnyc 12/29/2008 49 19 - 30
DLC Celebrates Obama Cabinet
Half of Barack Obama's cabinet is stocked with folks with direct ties to the Democratic Leadership Council. You remember those guys, the one's this website is dedicated to defeating. While the DLC ...
maxnyc 12/19/2008 98 6 - 32
Life Under Obama's Bus
President-elect Barack Obama has done nothing but alienate the base of the Democratic Party since he took office: Anti-war activists?--take Bob Gates, Environmentalists? How do you like Ken Salazar?
maxnyc 12/18/2008 159 3 1 19
Watch Out Obama, We Can DESTROY You!
UPDATE: Well in one fell swoop I lost everything trusted user I've lost that before, and I'll lose it again. In the meantime, how long before Keith O. takes a whack at Obama, ...
maxnyc 12/17/2008 253 9 1 23
Rendell Luvs Tweety
I know a lot of you folks on here don't like Chris Matthews. I know, he voted for Bush. He licked Bush's boots on the Mission accomplished aircraft carrier. He is a blowhard and mysogynist. Still,
maxnyc 12/14/2008 21 2 - 8
Crist Lives it Up in Europe
Florida's Republican Governor Charlie Crist spent part of the summer in London, Paris, St. Petersberg and Madrid racking up a whopping $430,000 bill for Florida taxpayers.
maxnyc 12/09/2008 22 12 - 23
Dean Feels Obama's Diss
Two of the 3 most important Democratic Party politicians of the the past twenty years have been elected president--Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The third one, Howard Dean, continues to get no ...
maxnyc 12/05/2008 129 29 1 17
Wolfson Heard Drudge's Sirens
If anyone needed another reason why Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton, one need look no further than the contrast in campaign teams. Of course, most of us knew this already, except that it ...
maxnyc 11/27/2008 53 20 - 44
How come they have a movement?
It seems so bizarre that after kicking the wingnuts around for two successive historic elections, the Republican Party still tiptoes around its Conservative base. They proclaim their allegiance to ...
maxnyc 11/18/2008 61 2 1 1
FORE: Saxby Chambliss' Bum Knee
Poor Saxby Chambliss. It seems that this ultimate sleazeball is now having to defend himself from ever growing questions about his five deferments from serving in Vietnam and how that bum knee has ...
maxnyc 11/17/2008 38 21 1 23
Must Read: The Center-Left Nation
It's too bad Senator Barack Obama fell short of his attempt to win the White House. I've had to hear the media go on about how Obama's loss proves this is a center-right country.....oh wait a minute.
maxnyc 11/13/2008 4 3 - -
"He can't win Bill"
Ah yes, the sounds of Spring, when the primary fight was in full rage. Obama won the battle with Hillary and eventually won the war for the presidency.
maxnyc 11/10/2008 66 8 - 21
Thanks: NY, IL, CA!
In Tuesday's Presidential Election, three states (the states that contain the nation's three largest cities) went OVERWHELMINGLY for President-Elect Obama. In fact, in just the nationwide Popular ...
maxnyc 11/07/2008 24 11 2 -
UPDATE: Pop Vote Obama +7%!!!!!
For most of last night we had to watch the popular vote percentages hover around 3 points all night. Then with the west coast kicking in at 11PM EST.....
maxnyc 11/05/2008 28 14 - -
Gallup: Solid O +5/+7/+8
Today's Gallup Daily Tracking Poll has Senator Obama maintaining what Gallup calls a statistically significant lead over John McCain. Ofcourse, with McCain going to Maine this week, anything can ...
maxnyc 10/30/2008 112 11 - 13
NEW Gallup: Obama Steady!
The latest Gallup Tracking poll for the Presidential Race has Senator Obama keeping a 7 point advantage over John McCain 51%-44% using an expanded likely voter model. The lead is 51% to 42% ...
maxnyc 10/29/2008 199 46 2 27
Cindy & Lindsey & John: Three's Company
It's crunch time, right? Less than two weeks to go and the pressure is on to change minds at this last hour--particularly if you are John McCain. So you would expect him to be campaigning to ...
maxnyc 10/25/2008 14 2 1 -
Colonel: "Beware of the right because they will kill you..."
The powerful former chief of staff for Colin Powell in the State Department has unleashed a fierce attack on the McCain-Palin ticket in a new article in FOREIGN POLICY .
maxnyc 10/24/2008 25 42 1 21
With Friends Like Harold Ford....
I was intrigued to read Jon Meacham's cover article in this week's Newsweek "It's Not Easy Bein' Blue" when I came upon another gem from the strange world of the Democratic Leadership Council and ...
maxnyc 10/21/2008 46 5 - 17
Sarah & John Love The Big Apple w/poll
One of the great mysteries of the strange and bizarre McCain campaign is Sarah Palin and John McCain's omnipresence in New York City . As a resident of Manhattan ...
maxnyc 10/14/2008 32 4 - 1
WSJ: Obama-Biden Working Harder
An interesting article in today's Wall Street Journa l says that the Obama-Biden campaign schedule in swing states has been much more vigorous than the McCain-Palin ticket and may ...
maxnyc 10/13/2008 30 36 - 14
Inspiring "I am a Patriot" Obama & Vedder
For all Kossacks, I offer up a special musical offering of hope and inspiration. Monday is the 8th anniversary of a concert held in New York City's Madison Square Garden. The concert was a ...
maxnyc 10/10/2008 25 12 - 154
Gallup Numbers Awesome! O51 M42
The latest numbers from the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll show a continuing surge for Senator Obama! He has tied his previous highwater mark in the Gallup Tracking ...
maxnyc 10/07/2008 76 22 - 25
The Age of Obama
I know lots of you wanted game-set-match last night with a wonderful Palin meltdown, but after seeing clips all week of her Alaska debates that probably wasn't in the cards. However, in our deepest ...
maxnyc 10/03/2008 2 1 - -
Biden Strategy Out: Go Easy
The Obama-Biden campaign appears to be following the time tested advice that when your opponent is self-destructing stand aside. This is apparently the strategy that Senator Biden will follow at ...
maxnyc 09/30/2008 87 27 - 18
The Sad Spectacle of Bill Clinton w/poll
Bill Clinton continued his sad decline into political irrelevance today on Meet the Press. The impeached two-term Democrat still can't get over the fact that Barack Obama defeated him and his wife.
maxnyc 09/28/2008 199 14 - 16
The Bright Side: Less Money for War
There is a lot of concern and shock and awe at the proposed mammoth Paulson bailout. What a wreck the next president will inherit. But one thing we do know is that the next president no matter ...
maxnyc 09/21/2008 9 - - -
Obama: "I Don't Fault John McCain.."
There he goes again! Ok, yes I know we all feel like we've turned a corner here. We all feel like Palin fever is pretty much over and when the reality of 4 more years hits, we will be back on top ...
maxnyc 09/15/2008 57 7 - -
9/11 and How Democrats Got Played
Much of the mess that has occurred over the past 7 years in Washington D.C. started on 9/11. More specifically how the Democratic Party gave George W. Bush a pass on 9/11 and made the Bush re-...
maxnyc 09/11/2008 9 1 - -
McCain is Sleazy
Well folks if any of you doubted who is really running this campaign you need look no further than Karl Rove. Yes, make no mistake about it his protege Steve Schmidt is directly taking orders ...
maxnyc 09/10/2008 10 2 - -
After Obama Wins......
I know so many are in panic mode here. I know you think it's happening all over again, except that it is different this time. We have ALL the numbers in our favor as far as the right track /wrong ...
maxnyc 09/08/2008 3 4 1 -
Bloodbath: Obama, Palin & 2012
We took their best shot which was this incredibly bizarre right-wing Christian VEEP selection. I give it to the McCain campaign, compared to the Obama text message Veep hype, they really did ...
maxnyc 09/05/2008 26 4 - -
Palin, Wingnuts & Delusion
It is so fascinating that after nearly 8 years of disastrous right-wing conservative governance, conservatives are over joyed at the prospect of Sara Palin as veep. But why? Shouldn't all wingnuts ...
maxnyc 09/02/2008 14 1 - -
When do we tear McCain's Face Off?
Ok....Monday night was Senator Kennedy's night as well as the re-introduction of Michelle Obama. Both went as brilliantly as could have been expected. The Obama campaign has promised, however, ...
maxnyc 08/25/2008 25 3 - -
URGENT: Obama quit calling McCain a hero
All throughout the end of the primary season when it looked like Obama was headed into battle with John McCain, he would magnanimously say that "John McCain is a genuine American hero, and I ...
maxnyc 08/19/2008 97 4 - 5
Obama STOP Pandering!
During the nauseating Faith Forum with Rick Warren, there was one question that triggered completely different answers by both candidates. The content and style of each revealing some troublesome ...
maxnyc 08/18/2008 62 7 - 20
Obama +6 Gallup Today
More worry for all supporters of Senator Obama--he continues to lead John McCain in virtually all polls. The media has pointed out what a problem this is for the Obama camp.
maxnyc 08/13/2008 33 11 - -
Et tu, Hadassah....
If there was any doubt Joseph Lieberman would be attending the Republican Convention to cheer on fellow war-monger John McCain, all doubt was put to rest as we learn today that Hadassah has already ...
maxnyc 08/12/2008 12 3 - 3
veep blues w/update
U PDATE: (8:14PM EST) Howard Fineman is reporting on MSNBC's Countdown that it is down to three men: Bayh, Biden, and Kaine. They have all been vetted and approved. It's up to Obama to ...
maxnyc 07/29/2008 50 5 - -
This Is Why The Clintons Wanted It So Badly w/poll
No matter what the Clinton campaign may have said during the primary season, they knew that the Democratic Nomination would undoubtedly mean the presidency. All the numbers from the past few ...
maxnyc 06/21/2008 71 5 - 13
From $10 Donation to Obama Delegate
Today's Washington Post has a truly inspiring story about a 52 year-old California woman, Linnie Frank Bailey, a political neophyte, who last summer gave $10 to Senator Obama and eventually became ...
maxnyc 06/10/2008 15 41 1 19
Best Pop Vote Frame
I know that most of you are tired by now of the entire popular vote mantra canard propogated by the Clinton forces and their supporters. I know. so what, let them have their cake and we will eat it.
maxnyc 06/02/2008 1 1 - -
Obama Doesn't Need To Even Ask Her Now
Campaigning in Puerto Rico today Senator Obama was asked about his reaction to Hillary Clinton's egregious statement about the month of June and past Democratic presidential nominating contests. As ...
maxnyc 05/24/2008 26 8 1 -
Breaking- Pelosi:Obama-Clinton NOT the winning ticket
On tonight's PBS News Hour interview being broadcast Wednesday Nancy Pelosi tells Judy Woodruff what she thinks of the state of the race. The main soundbite is her pushback on Clinton's popular ...
maxnyc 05/21/2008 340 213 14 38
How We Can Get HRC Diehards on Board w/Video
One of the big concerns of the Obama campaign is getting most of HRC supporters on board in November. It doesn't help to have Hillary Clinton running around Kentucky telling everyone the BIG LIE ...
maxnyc 05/19/2008 18 6 - -
Countdown: Clinton will Quit This Week
After today's stunning 75,000 person rally in Portland, Oregon, Senator Obama has one more event in the state before blitzing Montana all day tomorrow. Curiously, I have just seen Senator Clinton's ...
maxnyc 05/18/2008 102 26 2 31
Bringing it Back Home: Obama prime-time in Iowa Tuesday Night
In another great strategic move from a campaign that has had many, the Obama campaign will spend its big night pivoting from the nominating contest to the general election with a prime-time speech ...
maxnyc 05/17/2008 30 22 1 17
Obama & Oregon
The state of Oregon will be holding its Presidential Primary next Tuesday May 20. A week after the Clinton blow-out in WV, Oregon is the 16th "whitest" state in the Union but it's more educated and ...
maxnyc 05/15/2008 82 6 - 1
Breaking: New ABC/Post Poll--It's All Good
Just out this evening at 6:30 PM Eastern Time is a new ABC News/Washington Post Poll. The numbers look good for Senator Obama both against Clinton and more importantly against McCain. This is the ...
maxnyc 05/12/2008 308 374 6 80
Obama's Secret Weapon: Jeffrey Berman
The Politico has a great piece up about a 50-year old lawyer named Jeffrey Berman who is Senator Obama's Director of Delegate Selection. Most of you already know the story--the Obama team has ...
maxnyc 05/11/2008 44 50 2 25
Media Scorecard: Obama Vs. Clinton
Now that this whole 2008 Democratic Presidential Nominating contest winds down, lots of folks are dropping their guard, particularly in the media. Those of us on DailyKos spend a lot of time on the ...
maxnyc 05/09/2008 26 - - -
Clinton Camp: "We Lost This Thing in February"
If there is one thing we can all agree on is that the 11 magical days last February (immediately after Super Tuesday) when Senator Obama proceeded to rout Hillary Clinton in 11 straight contests ...
maxnyc 05/07/2008 98 25 1 18
Hillary's Right-Wing Campaign Enthralls Wingnuts
Hillary Clinton's scorched-earth campaign against Barack Obama may not get her the Democratic Nomination but it is winning the hearts and minds of many right-wingers who only months ago were ...
maxnyc 05/05/2008 17 9 - -
obama/weiss 08: how an old white lady saved BO w/video
Tonight's Town Hall in Wilmington, NC with Senator Barack Obama features one of the best unscripted moments in the entire campaign. A moment which could help Obama put this thing away.
maxnyc 04/28/2008 297 669 34 201
Obama & Axelrod Have Something Up Their Sleeves
You know this campaign is too smart and too shrewd to NOT have something big up its sleeve in the next week. He wouldn't be sitting back and letting HRC attack and attack if he knew something big ...
maxnyc 04/28/2008 123 25 2 23
Sarkozy & Obama--elitism and culture
In today's New York Times there's a wonderful article about how the French (both the right and left) are appalled at their new president whose cultural affinities run decidedly low-brow. How ...
maxnyc 04/15/2008 35 4 - -
New PA Poll Out Tomorrow: Little Change
In a preview of tomorrow's new Quinnipiac University Poll in the Pennyslvania Democratic Primary it appears as if the effects of "bittergate" have not adversely affected Senator Obama.
maxnyc 04/14/2008 45 13 - 15
Cheer up! Gary Wills on Lincoln and Obama
The great essayist and writer Gary Wills has a brilliant piece in the May 1, 2008 issue of The New York Review of Books that compares "Two Speeches on Race."
maxnyc 04/12/2008 12 16 1 18
allow me a final MLK tribute for now...john legend
Tom Brokaw's stirring two-hour History channel tribute to Martin Luther King was one of the best docs I have seen in a long time. Great talking heads from the original sources--Andrew Young, John ...
maxnyc 04/08/2008 5 9 4 7
Sen. Harkin Signals Obama Endorsement
Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, one of the Senate's leading liberals and a former presidential candidate himself is now sending strong signals that he will endorse Senator Obama and vote for him at the ...
maxnyc 04/07/2008 22 33 - 9
MSM Giving Dean His Due
Perry Bacon's fine piece in today's Washington Post says basically everything we've all be saying about Howard Dean. He is the most important Democratic Party figure to emerge in this decade.
maxnyc 04/06/2008 13 26 - 13
Fascinating New Obama Anecdote-Use It! (w/video)
I was just watching David Gregory's "Race For The White House" on MSNBC and in the segment where they play a voicemail question from a viewer there was a tough question from a Clinton supporter ...
maxnyc 04/04/2008 240 432 19 62
How Cook County Really Delivered For Obama
I found this little tidbit today about how Senator Obama's margin in Cook County (Chicago) pretty much accounts for most of Obama's popular vote margin over Clinton and that Obama's Cook County ...
maxnyc 04/02/2008 111 16 - 6
Obama's Best Surrogate: Sen. McCaskill w/poll
Throughout this campaign we have been deluged by surrogates from both sides--spouses, Kennedys, Rendell, Kerry, Tubbs-Jones, et al. Perhaps the most effective surrogate for Senator Obama has been ...
maxnyc 04/01/2008 58 7 1 -
For Junkies only: PA Primary History
The Pennyslvania Democratic Primary has always been fairly late in the game (late April) and fairly DECISIVE each time. I have a feeling that in a campaign of strange twists and turns perhaps ...
maxnyc 03/30/2008 15 3 - 1
Breaking: Governor Hillary Clinton?
Jonathan Alter is reporting on tonight's 8pm edition of MSNBC's "Countdown" that certain Clinton supporters actually want her to gracefully exit after Pennsylvania and prepare to run for Governor of ...
maxnyc 03/28/2008 110 17 - 8
Obama sends Iowa Director to PA
In a story published this evening Senator Barack Obama will send Paul Tewes who successfully directed Obama's efforts in Iowa to Pennsylvania. This coupled with tomorrow's Iowa-like 6 day bus tour ...
maxnyc 03/27/2008 61 16 1 15
Chelsea's Hissy Fit?
Leading Clinton campaign surrogate Chelsea Clinton the hedge fund manager from New York City has caused few stirs on the campaign trail. But some undoubtedly hurt her mother.
maxnyc 03/25/2008 240 3 1 3
Is Obama's Big PA Bus Tour a Good Idea?
UPDATE 1: Six-Day bus tour will start off in western Pennsylvania and conclude in the southeast. A lot of you have been concerned that since the March 11 Missisippi Primary ...
maxnyc 03/24/2008 127 21 1 4
How Obama beat the......
Clintons....How Obama Beat the Clintons When the history of the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nominating contest is written, the numbers more than ...
maxnyc 03/23/2008 35 4 - -
A Good Friday!
A campaign that has been fighting uphill for seven days in the wake of the Jeremiah Wright story has a fantastic Friday!
maxnyc 03/21/2008 3 - - -
What I Want To Know
What I want to know is how after 7 years of disastrous, incompetent, dishonest conservative governance by perhaps the most reprehensible president in American history we still have millions of ...
maxnyc 03/20/2008 18 1 - -
Winner Take All: The Clinton Follies
Yesterday there was a diary that featured Bill Clinton's comments regarding the state of the race from an interview with ABC News.
maxnyc 03/18/2008 28 6 1 -
11 Days that toppled the Clintons w/poll
I know a lot of you are bummed out around here with either Rev. Wright woes (soon to pass) or financial woes. But I want to transport you to just a few weeks ago when the world changed for the better.
maxnyc 03/17/2008 39 12 - -
Some Fun Primary Stuff
Lost in all the shuffle, on February 5 was one contest which neither Obama nor Clinton could really afford to lose if history is any indication. There is ONE only ONE state that has voted for the ...
maxnyc 03/16/2008 6 1 - -
Obama & Empathy
Michelle Obama says something in her stump speech that strikes me as being the central issue of this campaign. It is essentially THE issue that could define whether the United States survives as a ...
maxnyc 03/15/2008 35 6 1 10
No tears--Spitzer was Lieberman on Steroids
It looks like the once promising career of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is about to come to an end. Those of us who have been in New York for a long time admired his tough stance against ...
maxnyc 03/10/2008 27 7 - 10
Obama: Take off the long white gloves
As Senator Obama's camapign spends the weekend in Chicago assessing his situation, everyone around here is playing campaign strategist, trying to figure out how to rebut the 3:00 AM ad, the Vice ...
maxnyc 03/09/2008 52 6 - 11
Doomsday? Donna Brazile brokers THE Deal
Ok folks....this is it. Neither Obama nor Clinton can become the Democratic nominee without the superdelegates. The only way Barack Obama can convince the supers to hand it over to him is to win ...
maxnyc 03/07/2008 127 6 2 7
It's Character, Stupid
I know a whole lot of you are getting a bit frustrated about the seeming Clinton campaign's dominance of every news cycle since March 4. Remember how everyone said that the Clinton campaign was ...
maxnyc 03/07/2008 41 9 - -
Notes for David Axelrod
The campaign of Senator Barack Obama is being run by the candidate, his wife and by his chief strategist David Axelrod. The negative attacks and stumbles in the two weeks since the Wisconsin ...
maxnyc 03/05/2008 71 14 1 9
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