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Remember to Vote Today in California (UPDATED with poll locations)
This is going to be too short to be a real diary, but it's for an important cause. Today, along the Central Coast of California (roughly, from parts of Santa Clara county and north Santa Cruz ...
mbayrob 08/17/2010 7 15 - 65
They're Voting Today To Kill California
As I write this, California Democrats in the State Assembly (and likely the State Senate as well) are caucusing, considering some 28 different bills that make up the so-called budget deal that came ...
mbayrob 07/23/2009 54 52 1 61
Another Month, and Feinstein Still Screws Us On Health Care
Cross Posted From [ Calitics] It's been almost a month since Jason Rosenbaum's diary Senator Feinstein, Stop Nay-Saying On Health Reform. ...
mbayrob 07/20/2009 36 26 1 38
Patriotism With A Liberal Heart
It's less chic to make this criticism than it once was, but back in the Vietnam era, displays of patriotism lost their luster for many Americans. Patriotism got mixed up with the worship of using ...
mbayrob 07/04/2009 18 2 2 152
I'll be back... with the cash
It's now official. The Late, Great State of California is now officially out of money, and all we have left are ...
mbayrob 07/02/2009 44 5 - 12
Who knew David Brooks could be right?
Generally speaking, there's no body more risible on the New York Times than David "Bobo" Brooks. A neocon and a movement conservative, he's hitched himself to every bad cause the Bush ...
mbayrob 06/30/2009 21 11 - 32
And now for something completely different
This will be a relatively short diary, but since I don't think this has come up around here yet: the identity of The Eleventh Doctor has just been revealed. So what the hell am I talking about? I'...
mbayrob 01/04/2009 9 6 - 3
"A struggle we seem to be losing"
Paul Krugman has [ a very good, if scary column] for Monday's New York Times. Here's the money quote: The ...
mbayrob 09/07/2008 20 18 1 1
The GOP Horror Show: ideological radicalism and malfeasance edition
Joe Klein, as we're increasingly seeing, has signed a Wheaties endorsement deal and fallen off the Straight Talk Express. Big time. Via Kevin Drumm's [
mbayrob 09/06/2008 10 4 1 1
Uppity -- From Karl Rove's Thesaurus
Jake Tapper, a political reporter for ABC News, did a piece yesterday that got some deserved criticism. He wrote , ...
mbayrob 07/31/2008 10 11 - 10
Brian Of Nazareth
Because like everyone else tonight, I don't want to be left out either, because like everyone else, I AM AN ...
mbayrob 07/11/2008 23 8 - 2
How *Not* To Make Friends And Influence People (Updated!)
Updated: with less, um, graphic photos The last week has not been the most fun we've had around here in Kos-ville. People are of two minds about how our candidate Barack handled the FISA ...
mbayrob 06/27/2008 32 3 - 3
Obama and the Populist "Threat"
As DHinMI points out in his front page diary ( Repub Congressman Diagnoses GOP Illness, Declares Them Terminal ), Tom ...
mbayrob 05/17/2008 51 5 - 19
Stealing California On Halloween
They came from Giuliani.... It's Halloween, and Count Giuliani's undead minions are wandering the streets of Santa Cruz County.
mbayrob 10/31/2007 24 22 1 16
ACTION: Is California Getting Enough National Guard?
Kossacks, I could use a bit of help trying to answer a question: is the war in Iraq preventing the National Guard from doing what's needed now in Southern California? I don't know the answer, ...
mbayrob 10/23/2007 52 7 1 11
Speaking with a forked tongue on the News Hour
I've just viewed tonight's PBS Newshour , and I can't say I'm happy about it. One of tonight's segments ...
mbayrob 07/30/2007 24 18 - 26
What Digby Said
Digby, the Sage Of Santa Monica, has seen Michael Moore's SiCKO, and she is mad as hell : ...
mbayrob 07/08/2007 29 8 - 1
Rep. Conyers Takes On The Insurance Companies
I just got this from the California Nurses Association, the kick-butt union that has been working with Michael Moore to promote SiCKO, and the idea of universal, single payer health care for America:
mbayrob 07/05/2007 62 19 4 17
Down With The King
Enough of Bush's Tories and Corporate Cronies. Independence Day is here, and it is incumbent upon us all to declare our Liberty: When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for ...
mbayrob 07/03/2007 7 2 - 1
SICKO: Unmasking The Industry Puppeteers
Cross-posted at MyDD LithiumCola did ...
mbayrob 06/22/2007 21 25 - 12
Fixing McCain-Feingold
For years, many of us fought for what's now known as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA)-- or as most people call it, McCain-Feingold. It wasn't much of a reform, but many of us thought ...
mbayrob 12/07/2006 12 3 - -
After CAFTA: Who Will Run Against Diane Feinstein
mbayrob 06/30/2005 13 1 - -
Arnold To Declare Special Election On Monday June 13th
mbayrob 06/11/2005 32 11 - -
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