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Help support pro-gay rights candidates in California
Hi. I volunteer with Equality California, the group trying to repeal Proposition 8 and bring marriage equality back to California. I wanted to let you know that every weekend until the election ...
mcc111 09/29/2010 7 13 - 109
LGBT action: HRC, SLDN need help to pass ENDA, repeal DADT *this year*
The Human Rights Campaign and Servicemembers Defense Legal Network need your help to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell and pass an ...
mcc111 08/05/2010 1 5 - 19
Action for LGBT rights: Nancy Pelosi, keep your ENDA promises
I am posting today as part of a blogswarm (more information here) for the Employment Non-Discrimination ...
mcc111 03/18/2010 11 19 - 26
Weekly ENDA Update: It's official, no ENDA this year
HRC announced on its Backstory blog late Friday afternoon that it had been officially informed by the House Committee on Labor and Education that ENDA will ...
mcc111 12/07/2009 29 16 - 66
Congress still silent on ENDA
LGBT organizations have stepped forward to add their voices to those of LGBT citizens, allies and progressive groups calling for moving the Employment Non-Discrimination Act forward. But no amount ...
mcc111 12/04/2009 4 1 - 58
Don't let marriage setbacks drown out ENDA: Call now
It is 5 minutes to midnight on ENDA, with still a possibility of getting a vote this year. Let me first say --
mcc111 12/03/2009 9 9 - 56
Is the Employment Nondiscrimination Act dead for the year?
Guess what's on next week's markup schedule? Not ENDA. The House Committee on Education and Labor has published its schedule for next week, and ENDA is not there. ENDA could be marked ...
mcc111 12/02/2009 11 9 1 81
Why Is Our Community Silent on ENDA?
The rumors of problems with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act have been circulating for weeks now , and yet there ...
mcc111 12/01/2009 26 7 - 50
How to Get the Employment Nondiscrimination Act Moving Again
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act bill (ENDA), which was originally planned for a House vote in September or October, then November, now looks like it's headed for a February landing. That's ...
mcc111 11/30/2009 2 10 - 39
Open Letter to Chairman George Miller on ENDA
An Open Letter to ...
mcc111 11/25/2009 5 3 - 76
Let's Tell Chairman George Miller to Move ENDA
Representative George Miller is the chair of the House Committee on Education and Labor. His Committee was supposed to markup ...
mcc111 11/24/2009 6 15 - 91
The Employment Nondiscrimination Act: Reading the Tea Leaves
It was a surprise to most people that the markup of ENDA, scheduled for last Wednesday morning at 10 am, was abruptly postponed on Monday night at 6:30 pm, heralded by ...
mcc111 11/23/2009 30 14 - 111
Contact FL Sen. Bill Nelson, ENDA Legislator of the Day
While we stand around, twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the doorman to check his clipboard and open the velvet rope to let ENDA inside the House for markup, we have some extra time to pull out ...
mcc111 11/19/2009 2 3 - 149
Today is National Call-In Day for ENDA
United ENDA, a coalition of hundreds of LGBT groups across the nation, has ...
mcc111 11/18/2009 5 10 - 76
ENDA: Contact Sen. Mark Pryor + House Markup Postponed
News of the postponement of ENDA [see link] is still fresh, and there is no word on when ENDA might get back on track. However,
mcc111 11/17/2009 3 10 - 149
Weekly ENDA Update: Could A House Vote Be Next Week? [Updated]
U.S. Representative George Miller, Democrat of California's 7th Congressional District, is the Chair of the House Committee on Education and Labor, and a supporter of H.R. 3017, ...
mcc111 11/16/2009 10 14 1 237
ENDA: Contact Lisa Murkowski of AK + House Markup Wednesday
This past Wednesday, I posted about a possible slow-down of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act . I have to admit I was very ...
mcc111 11/13/2009 3 10 - 114
Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware: ENDA Legislator of the Day
How will Delaware's Senator Tom Carper vote on S1584, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act ? We don't know, since he hasn't yet ...
mcc111 11/12/2009 2 6 - 87
Rumors of ENDA Slow-Down in the House
Congressional offices are closed today for Veterans Day, so we can take a break from calling our Senators. As you know, we have been working on moving ...
mcc111 11/11/2009 12 6 - 86
Please Thank Sen. Kirk and Kaufman: ENDA's Newest Co-Sponsors
Senator Paul Kirk of Massachusetts and Ted Kaufman of Delaware have signed on as the newest co-sponsors of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, S. 1584. Just as it is important to ask ...
mcc111 11/10/2009 8 10 - 176
Weekly ENDA Update: What Did The Senate Hearing Accomplish?
The Senate held hearings to a nearly empty Committee chamber last week regarding ...
mcc111 11/09/2009 6 7 - 212
Sen. Ted Kaufman of Delaware: ENDA Legislator of the Day
Interesting doings yesterday at the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee's hearing on the Employment Non-...
mcc111 11/06/2009 2 6 - 164
Sen Evan Bayh of Indiana: ENDA Legislator of the Day
Last night's loss in Maine for marriage equality was very disappointing, losing by about 5 percentage points, but ...
mcc111 11/04/2009 5 7 - 75
ENDA: Contact Jay Rockefeller of WV + Hearing witness list
On passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act . Big news! The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee has ...
mcc111 11/03/2009 7 9 - 66
Weekly ENDA Update: Senate Hearings!
Now that the hate crimes bill has been enacted into law, the Next Big Thing is ENDA . That's the ...
mcc111 11/02/2009 15 6 - 31
Senator Tim Johnson of S. Dakota: ENDA Legislator of the Day
Will Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota support S1584, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) ? Though ...
mcc111 10/30/2009 6 3 - 29
ENDA: George Voinovich of Ohio + Senate hearing announced
Please call Senator Voinovich today to ask for his support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act . Facts and contact info after the ...
mcc111 10/29/2009 6 9 - 74
Tell IN Sen. Lugar: No Small Business Will Be Harmed By ENDA
Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana is concerned about supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because of potential impacts on ...
mcc111 10/28/2009 5 5 - 102
Senator Kent Conrad of N. Dakota: ENDA Legislator of the Day
This is a daily feature identifying Congresspeople who need to be contacted by their constituents on passing the Employment ...
mcc111 10/27/2009 3 7 - 48
Senator Bill Nelson of Florida: ENDA Legislator of the Day
This is a daily feature identifying Congresspeople who need to be contacted by their constituents on passing the Employment ...
mcc111 10/26/2009 6 5 - 30
Sen Mark Pryor of Arkansas: Today's target for ENDA
Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas is a key vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act . Meanwhile, Senator Pryor's ...
mcc111 10/23/2009 5 4 - 38
Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska: ENDA Legislator of the Day
On passing the Employment Nondiscrimination Act . Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska,
mcc111 10/22/2009 3 5 - 98
Sen. George LeMieux of Florida: ENDA Legislator of the Day
Senator George LeMieux was recently appointed by Florida Governor Charlie Crist after the resignation of former Senator Mel Martinez. Will he support ...
mcc111 10/21/2009 3 4 - 41
Sen. Robert Byrd of WV: ENDA Legislator of the Day
On passing the Employment Nondiscrimination Act . Senator Robert Byrd is the oldest and longest-serving member of the Senate. ...
mcc111 10/20/2009 5 5 - 25
Action alert: Things you can do to help on LGBT rights
I had a conversation last week with some people who were frustrated that they saw a lot of discussion about lack of progress on LGBT rights, but didn't see the kind of practical, meat-and-potatoes ...
mcc111 10/19/2009 12 39 1 65
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