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Tom Toles Nails it!
Sorry this is so short, but Tom Toles absolutely nails the hilarity of the binders comment with today's (Oct. 18) cartoon: Tom Toles To make this just a bit longer, I have to say that I wonder ...
mdsiamese 10/18/2012 4 7 - -
"The pill" - it's not just for birth control
Attention all you old white men bloviating about the end-of-liberty if women get free birth control pills - I hope your punishment in hell includes a uterus of your very own. Friends ask my why I ...
mdsiamese 02/15/2012 65 128 - 413
Breaking - Pooties losing, HELP US!!!!
Do you love pooties? Then vote for them!!! Our pooties are seriously lagging behind those woozles, let's give them a nudge, make ...
mdsiamese 09/18/2009 33 25 - 24
Amazing Pootie Video - for Woozle fans too!
I know you've all heard of agility for dogs, but did you know several cat associations, such as CFA, have agility for cats? Watch this adorable ...
mdsiamese 08/04/2009 31 3 - -
Update - Pooties Progress! 4 weeks
My Siamese pooties are 4 weeks old now and they have hit a major milestone - they are using the litter box! Yippee! Mom's tireless efforts with the tidy didy service have paid off, her babies are ...
mdsiamese 04/17/2009 28 12 2 34
Pootie Babies - 2 week update w/ poll
Two weeks ago, I posted a photo diary of newborn Siamese pooties . Those pictures were taken when they ...
mdsiamese 04/03/2009 37 36 4 41
New Born Pooties - Photo Diary!
Yesterday, my Siamese girl Effie had her first litter! She had three babies, two are boys I think and one is a girl. I'm only so-so on sexing newborns, I get lots of visits from the sex-change fairy.
mdsiamese 03/20/2009 97 35 - 49
Socks, former first cat, dies! Goodbye Socks!
Sorry for the short diary, but I had to post. We knew this was coming, but it still calls for a moment of paws. See the story ...
mdsiamese 02/20/2009 91 19 1 20
SuperBowl of SuperCritters!
It's Friday, so it's time for some cats. Dogs, horses, birds, etc. welcome! Today, I'm posting pictures of a friend's animals from Florida, home of this year's SuperBowl.
mdsiamese 01/30/2009 29 8 - 25
First Cat dies - sad day
Amidst the joy with Al Franken's win in Minnesota comes some sadness. The first cat has died. Sorry for the shortness of ...
mdsiamese 01/05/2009 88 15 - 30
Disaster Relief - Hurricane Ike and the Animals
I know there will be comments along the lines of people are more important than animals, but I want to post this for those who do care about animals affected by disasters and do want to help. The ...
mdsiamese 09/16/2008 7 13 - 3
McCain Targets Immigrants With His Lies
Buried in all the Hurricane Ike headlines on CNN is yet another story about a new McCain ad that is a blatant lie. This one is, I think, the worst lie yet. It's not just a distortion of something ...
mdsiamese 09/13/2008 5 1 - -
Redemption - The Myth of Pet Overpopulation (with poll)
I know this is a political blog, but it's Friday. Rather than blog about my cats or post their pictures on this traditional cat blogging day, I thought I'd write this diary about a topic related to ...
mdsiamese 09/14/2007 99 9 1 22
Royal Canin - Cat Food Recall
If this is a duplicate, tell me and I'll delete the diary. Royal Canin Canada proactively recalls Feline Dissolution Formula (canned)
mdsiamese 04/11/2007 25 9 - 2
Howard Kurtz on Foley - Cone of Blaming the Victims, with poll
mdsiamese 10/03/2006 2 3 - -
MD Dems Thwart Marriage Amendment!
mdsiamese 02/02/2006 16 12 - 8
Abortion: It's not a single issue (Part 1)
mdsiamese 08/11/2005 18 11 - 5
John Dean - Rove in serious legal trouble
mdsiamese 07/15/2005 11 24 - -
MD Governor to Veto Gay Rights Bill
mdsiamese 05/20/2005 20 4 - 1
Friday Night Kitty Diary with poll
mdsiamese 04/22/2005 51 3 - -
Judicial Insanity and Women
mdsiamese 04/22/2005 11 4 - -
Findlaw Column on the Imperial Judiciary
mdsiamese 04/14/2005 14 4 - -
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