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Nanapush walks a winding road
Listen. This is a story.
megisi 04/12/2013 10 17 1 -
Indians 1 Bigots 0: The Power of Active Indian Dissent Puts 'Pocahotass' on Ice
First they offered us the usual lip service about “honoring Native American culture,” then they offered us blankets and derided us as drunks and whiners. But, in the end, it was the bigots who ...
megisi 11/11/2011 99 68 1 631
Reclaiming Justice Marshall: a few random thoughts
In 1930, the same year that a young Thurgood Marshall was told that the University of Maryland had no place for him in its law school because of the color of his skin, William Faulkner’s ...
megisi 06/30/2010 21 10 1 19
White House turns its back on proposed solution to Asian carp invasion
Call it a “hostile takeover” or a “slow-motion disaster,” but, either way, the threat the Asian carp poses to the Great Lakes is real and growing. And we discover today we&...
megisi 01/06/2010 98 30 2 33
Barack's back, bigotry and marching in lockstep - a few thoughts
Someone once said that bigotry is the anger of those who have no opinions. I’m beginning to wonder. The only organization I know of that functions well when blind acceptance is enforced ...
megisi 12/01/2009 44 12 - 44
Let's name that new consulting firm, shall we?
As long as Condoleezza Rice and Stephen Hadley aren't going to prison, they might as well stay busy, right? Word comes to us via TPM that these "two top Bush administration officials, whose ...
megisi 11/11/2009 50 8 - 240
Death of (yet another) Icon
O, wretched excess, what do you have to say for yourself now? With the death of yet another American cultural icon this weekend, arguments can now be expected to run non-stop over whether this ...
megisi 06/29/2009 21 2 - 73
It's all just one big 'smackdown' here, isn't it?
Obama smacks down Cheney. Hillary smacks down Obama. Obama smacks down back. Edwards smacks himself down over bloggers. Vilsack, too. Moulitsas smacks down both Kucinich and his nutty ...
megisi 02/24/2007 94 8 - 21
Bush employs cut-and-run to stifle corruption probes in Iraq
megisi 11/03/2006 9 8 1 3
Growing GOP split is deep and not easily repaired
megisi 10/20/2006 3 10 - 18
Foley had the booze, the priest and the pills
megisi 10/19/2006 25 - - 1
Own the language, own the people ... thoughts on the Spanish anthem
megisi 04/28/2006 68 21 3 49
Peace grannies bring integrity, courage (and a happy ending) to antiwar movement
megisi 04/27/2006 2 6 - 1
Pat Robertson's cash fuels pharmacy clash
megisi 01/28/2006 20 12 - 6
Crystal ball warnings before Sago mine disaster
megisi 01/11/2006 3 2 1 2
Can we talk now? Michigan religious fanatics harm Bush's `faith-based' initiative
megisi 12/07/2005 8 19 - 13
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