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Mitt's actually making me feel sorry for him...
Not a whole lot, mind you. And not enough to make me ever want anyone to vote for him. He's just such a sorry mess of a candidate, to mock him at this point is getting way too easy. He's made ...
melissaf 09/18/2012 17 1 - 45
Jerry Sandusky "distraught" over Penn State Sanctions
...and the rest of the world screams, SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU DISGUSTING PIECE OF HORSE EXCREMENT!!!!! “He’s extremely distraught about what’s happened at Penn State,” attorney Joe Amendola ...
melissaf 08/03/2012 28 25 - 329
Gabby Douglas and God
In Salon today, Mary Elizabeth Williams shares her discomfort with Gabby Douglas's outspoken religious fervor at the Olympics. Williams says of the gymnast: As a Christian myself (albeit one of ...
melissaf 08/03/2012 68 2 - 393
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