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Are We Being Played On North Korea?
I will admit to being afraid. I wasn't afraid when we invaded Afghanistan, or at any point in the lead up to the Iraq war. The media and government did their best to try to make my terrified of "...
michlawa2 04/09/2013 33 10 - -
Our Progressive Meme Should Be Freedom
One of the most damaging myths in America is that the Government is the greatest threat to individual freedom. Our government, both state and local, does pose a threat to our freedom. By definition, ...
michlawa2 03/14/2013 11 3 - -
Breaking: N. Korea plans to launch nuclear and missile tests CNN reports
Has this administration conceded that N. Korea will become a nuclear power or might we soon be at war? I was hopeful four years ago that a new line of diplomacy might flourish when the president ...
michlawa2 01/23/2013 33 3 - -
The End of Money
Earth has no scarcity of resources. Our current resources may be finite and limited, but more than enough to give all 7 billion of us a decent life. *8 Billion people can be fed with more ...
michlawa2 01/20/2013 12 9 3 -
Can Democrats Fight For Texas in 2016?
Persons of Hispanic or Latino Origin, percent, 2011 (b) 38.1% Texas 16.7% Nationally White persons not Hispanic, percent, 2011 44.8% Texas 63.4% Nationally With the Democratic Party ...
michlawa2 10/26/2012 18 1 - -
If George Romney were Mexican....
...Would he have been able to immigrate to the United States? ...Would he have been able to become a member of American Auto Mobile Manufacturers Assembly? Or, more likely, have to work in a ...
michlawa2 09/18/2012 1 - - 43
"We are the ones we've been waiting for!"
"You see, the challenges we face will not be solved with one meeting in one night. It will not be resolved on even a Super Duper Tuesday. Change will not come if we wait for some other ...
michlawa2 11/22/2011 3 - - 48
Mr. President things are getting out of control
Dear President Obama, I write to you humbled by the courage of young people across the country, defying power and sacrificing their time, energy, and safety in the cause of liberty. Indeed, it was ...
michlawa2 11/21/2011 52 20 1 251
Sonnet on Occupy Wall St.
In the days in which all our progression Our values and decency, common dreams Falters, and falls into sad depression And no one listens to our silent screams Behind the sirens, concrete, the ...
michlawa2 10/19/2011 1 1 - 15
The Third Term of George W. Bush
Surge in Afghanistan, troops in Iraq in perpetuity, Gitmo, Military tribunals, Climate change, Secretary of Defense Gates, DADT, Tax Cuts for the wealthy... Tell me again that when a progressive ...
michlawa2 12/11/2010 45 6 - 38
Did President Obama Authorize the Assassination of US Citizens?
I'm watching Glenn Beck (which i often do now for comedy) and he mentioned the administration targeting a US citizen for assassination. Is this true?
michlawa2 07/19/2010 307 1 - 192
We Are At War With Corporatists
I'm watching the Kagan Hearings and Lindsey Graham had praise for the nominee. He praised her for not supporting Habeaus Corpus for Bagram detainees. Of all the things she has done in her life,
michlawa2 06/28/2010 60 7 - 21
Is Glen Beck serious?
I'm watching him give a lecture on communism that is pseudo-intellectual except for the fact that almost everything he is saying is ridiculous! From Obama's parents being a Communist, to how ...
michlawa2 06/24/2010 44 15 - 105
The Problem is YOU
For years I've listened to progressives complain about the Bush administration...we've complained about Exxon, about Corporate power, about the disparity in wealth in the country and abroad, about ...
michlawa2 05/22/2010 99 8 - 38
May Dick Cheney live forever
I pray that he never dies. That he can live to pay for what he has done. Death is too sweet an end for such an evil man. Although 'Man' is an interesting thing to call him. He has survived 5 ...
michlawa2 02/23/2010 16 2 - -
War is Peace; America's New World Order
"But as a head of state sworn to protect and defend my nation, I cannot be guided by their examples alone. I face the world as it is, and cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the ...
michlawa2 12/23/2009 44 4 - 57
Brother-in-Law Deployed To Afghanistan
He is 18 years old, enlisted in the Army a couple of months ago and just finishing basic training. In 5 months he will be helping with the fuel supply (position unclear)in Afghanistan. He's 18 ...
michlawa2 12/18/2009 20 10 - 15
A Theory On HCR, Filibuster's, And Other Things
Here is Wiki on the Filibuster: In the United States Senate, the Senate rules permit a senator, or a series of ...
michlawa2 12/17/2009 3 2 - 21
We Create The Nation's Wealth; Not The Banks and Insurance Companies.
We loaned the Banks our money with no interest, so that they could loan it back to us with interest. They spend their existence (banks) loaning us money at interest, producing no wealth in and of ...
michlawa2 12/15/2009 6 2 - 12
My April 2008 Anti-Obama Afghanistan Diary
I wrote a diary during the primaries calling out the President on his Afghanistan policy. Enough with the, "Why did you vote for him if you knew his policy" stuff. I voted against McCain frankly. ...
michlawa2 12/08/2009 42 7 - 22
Challenge Obama in 2012
What are we here for? Can we sit idle while the President continues the terrible occupation of two countries, while the American people suffer 10% unemployment? Is it any less evil when ...
michlawa2 12/03/2009 476 14 - 47
New York City Mayor Spends $100+ million Buys Election
What city on Planet Earth greatest represents the Taker culture than New York City. Overpopulation, pollution, gross-capitalism, greed, non-friendly people that would be offended by a friendly ...
michlawa2 11/28/2009 51 3 - 10
Afghanistan Will Show The President's True Colors
Afghanistan has already severed the head of one super-power. Not long ago, the Soviet Union made the fatal decision of following numerous empires into the dustbin of history. They invaded and ...
michlawa2 11/18/2009 22 4 - 90
Can it really be said enough?
I'm actually pretty happy that the House passed Health Care reform today. But you know, I remember President Obama and the Democrats promising "Universal Health Care". Over and over again I heard ...
michlawa2 11/07/2009 9 5 - 80
The Perils of Technological Success
Our culture tells us that an increase in technology is an increase in progress. Technology will save us from our depressed lives, increase our standard of living, become the very thing that saves ...
michlawa2 11/04/2009 24 2 - 60
President Obama is not deserving of the Nobel Prize
According to Nobel's will, the Peace Prize should be awarded "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing ...
michlawa2 10/09/2009 191 3 1 35
Population: The Locus Of Our Problems
Over-population is responsible for many of the ills our society and world face. From crime to global warming, the nearly 7 billion humans that occupy this planet is the cause. I have a modest ...
michlawa2 06/15/2009 78 3 1 92
LaRouche Pissing People Off:  A lesson to progressives
Today walking back to my hotel in Seattle I saw a few booths with a few Larouche youngsters passing out pamphlets. The first booth showed a picture of Pelosi with a banner saying: Impeach Pelosi. ...
michlawa2 06/12/2009 25 9 1 45
President Obama: Sometimes a picture says a lot
The peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq are well aware that we torture. Their families have seen American bombs dropped on their cities, they've grieved over lost loved ones, they've fled their homes ...
michlawa2 05/24/2009 18 18 - 22
Point by Point: Dick Cheney Speech Counter Part 1
The Former Vice President Dick Cheney gave a speech today in front of American Enterpise Institute -- AEI) with whom he is now a trustee. I am going to give a point by point counter and analysis of ...
michlawa2 05/21/2009 4 2 - 103
Gitmo will not be closed: Duped again
Sike! Remember feeling so elated watching President Obama using that beautiful left hand signature to declare Guantanamo would close within the year? It was a wonderful feeling right? Remember ...
michlawa2 05/19/2009 97 14 - 16
Al Qaeda is not in Afghanistan: Why are we?
The head of U.S. Central Command said Sunday that Al Qaeda is no longer operating in Afghanistan, with its senior leadership having moved to the western region of Pakistan. Gen. David ...
michlawa2 05/18/2009 141 8 - 18
Our Destiny
Certain myths upon which our society is founded perpetuate lesser myths which, whole being no less true, can be much more harmful. The biggest myth of all is our creation myth . It ...
michlawa2 05/17/2009 19 - - 6
Mr. President enough already
How often will we continue to give this President the benefit of the doubt? Simply because he is better than the alternatives we had is not enough to declare unending fealty. I for one cannot ...
michlawa2 05/15/2009 81 2 - 1
Population explosion: The forest and not the trees
The human population of Earth reached 1 billion in 1804, 2 billion in 1927, 3 billion in 1959, 4 billion in 1974 and 5 billion in late 1986. Last year on October 12th 1999, the human population ...
michlawa2 05/08/2009 81 18 1 34
Torture is Evil But Lying America Into War Deserves Prosecution
Understandably, we are all upset at the Obama administrations refusal to prosecute those who tortured in the name of America. Put in perspective though, it is on the tip of an evil iceberg that ...
michlawa2 04/20/2009 16 14 - 20
Ed Shultz has a realy good show
Is anyone else surprised at the quality of the Ed Shultz show? I must say I was skeptical when I heard he was given his own show. His program hasn't just been entertaining but its been educational.
michlawa2 04/09/2009 56 22 - 16
Enough with the term "wing-nut" already
Most of what the right has to say now days really does seem crazy. Don't get me wrong. Facts don't matter to most of them, logic doesn't seem to matter, truth doesn't seem to matter... Still, ...
michlawa2 04/06/2009 89 10 - 20
Our self-manipulation
Reading this site recently, I have noticed that some people are accepting as true facts that are clearly wrong. In noticing this trait in others I have discovered that I have also been actively ...
michlawa2 03/30/2009 18 3 - 6
CNN does not mention Spanish Torture Inquiry on their website
Shocking I know. Still, I went to to see what the headlines of the day are. Front page : Lights go out across planet for Earth Hour Mother Nature pounds ...
michlawa2 03/28/2009 20 14 - 19
There is a Market for it...Good Journalism
Waking up this morning, I thought about this portion of the Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer interview: JS: But there are literally shows called “Fast Money.” JC: I think that people...There&
michlawa2 03/17/2009 20 5 2 1
Turkish PM storms off after exchange with Shimon Peres
This is after Peres was allowed to ramble on about how just the offensive in Gaza has been. Erdogan tried to respond and, obviously, was cut off by a moderator. So he stormed off.
michlawa2 01/29/2009 112 19 - 22
John Conyers wants Single-Payer Health Care: Let Obama know you want it to!
Here is an email I received from Rep. Conyers this morning. Dear Michlawa2: President-elect Barack Obama has set up a website to gather ideas from ordinary citizens on the most important issues ...
michlawa2 12/22/2008 183 24 - 15
Bush Administration Seek To Finalize UIGEA Before Leaving Office
Bush and his fools are trying to finalize the UIGEA before he leaves office. If they DO finalize it, seems like it will be much harder/take longer to fix in our favor. PLEASE get involved and be ...
michlawa2 11/12/2008 2 1 - 1
Joe Scarborough F-Bomb Is A Perfect Example Of Why Censorship Has Gone Too Far
On Morning Joe this morning Scarborough said "Fuck You". I assume I needn't change the Fuck into an F-word as we're all adults here. In an ...
michlawa2 11/10/2008 174 29 1 20
Reply to "Obama can kiss my fat white @$$" (myspace bulletin war)
Orginal: 'Twas the night before elections And all through the town Tempers were flaring Emotions all up and down! I, in my bathrobe With a cat in my lap Had cut off the TV Tired of political crap.
michlawa2 11/06/2008 12 6 - 1
Senate races spoiling my mood.
First, how in the hell does Ted Stevens win in Alaska?! WTF is wrong with those goofy people up there. Incumbency is so powerful that not even a felony can stop one from getting knocked off. ...
michlawa2 11/05/2008 33 4 - 18
Thought on Barney Frank's Call To Reduce Military Expenditures
Frank defends call for cut in military spending Rep. Barney Frank defended his call for a 25 percent cut in military spending in a brief interview with Politico on ...
michlawa2 11/03/2008 15 6 - -
Do we need private banking institutions?
Perhaps this is too radical to even be spoken aloud, but the idea keeps coming into my radical leftist head. Private banks loan us, the people, money with interest fleecing us of our own wealth. ...
michlawa2 09/30/2008 8 - 1 -
Michael Moore is Relasing his New Film For Free!
A week ago, Michael Moore came to Daily Kos to pimp a new book he's written. I really laid into him in my comments about his diary. It was inappropriate in my opinion to post an advertisement on ...
michlawa2 09/05/2008 14 6 1 -
Dear Kossacks, Enough About Palin Let's Focus On McCain
If we'...
michlawa2 09/04/2008 36 13 - -
President Uses Gustav to Promote Off-Shore Drilling
The ...
michlawa2 09/02/2008 24 7 - 5
No Republican Convention: Is this actually bad for us?
The ...
michlawa2 09/01/2008 18 2 - -
Let's Not Give Bush A Free Pass These Final Months
With all the talk about Biden, Palin, the DNC convention, the RNC convention, Obama, and McCain, neither the media nor Daily Kos has talked much about our failed occupations. We are still ...
michlawa2 08/30/2008 1 1 - -
When the Levee Breaks
michlawa2 08/28/2008 6 5 - -
Fantasy World; Make Biden Senate Majority Leader After He Becomes Vice-President
This is going to be a radical idea, but since we currently have Harry Reid as the majority-leader in the Senate is something to think about. What if instead of having a vote for leadership, the VP ...
michlawa2 08/27/2008 24 - - -
McCain Within A Striking Distance
A new CNN poll has the race tied folks. Yes it's early. But if the race were held today let's look at what would ...
michlawa2 08/25/2008 32 1 - 1
Defending Biden on AUMF vote
Joe Biden voted for the AUMF against Iraq. Some people cannot forgive such a big mistake by members of Congress. Some people on this site actually have made the case that Congressman can also be ...
michlawa2 08/23/2008 122 - - 5
McCain loses BIG on Iraq Timetable
Can the media still play up the meme that McCain's strong point is foreign policy? After months of gaffes from not realizing the difference between Sunni and Shia, not knowing that certain ...
michlawa2 08/22/2008 39 23 - 17
Iran is a Democracy...err or are they a Republic? Are we a Democracy?
Well, actually it's a Republic (so is America). Here is a quick definition for those who use democracy in place of republic often. Democracy: Democracy is a system of government by which ...
michlawa2 08/21/2008 27 3 1 -
Breaking News: CNN=Propaganda
RUSSIA's Power Play: Pentagon No Evidence of Withdrawal From Georgia CNN "Breaking News". BTW, I broke my pledge to never watch CNN again. I was playing poker online ...
michlawa2 08/18/2008 19 6 - 1
John McCain; Sir Enough About Your POW Experience
Hearing the details of John McCain's tragic Hanoi story made me feel very proud of the man. Pride in humanity, our armed forces; proud that McCain is American. I first heard the tale in 1999 (or ...
michlawa2 08/17/2008 73 6 - 8
Against Stupidity, the Gods themselves, contend in vain.
Recently there have been a number of excellent diaries outlining the history and proper context in which to analyze the recent Russian-Georgia conflict. Through a bit of struggle most people on the ...
michlawa2 08/16/2008 6 7 - -
Brace Yourself Boys and Girls: We Are Close to Doomsday
The United States has won. We have missile defense capability which makes MAD obsolete (close to obsolete). This may actually be seen by some as a declaration of war against Russia. Imagine for ...
michlawa2 08/15/2008 108 14 - 16
Obama wants Georgia as part of NATO?!
Obama has been right on so many issues regarding foreign policy that this line of thinking is both shocking and disturbing: "I have consistently called for deepening relations between ...
michlawa2 08/13/2008 530 23 1 88
Pakistan: What happens now could change the future of the world.
Can the people overthrow a modern dictatorship complete with all the trappings of modern military killing power? Is it in Musharraf's power to arrest or kill all of his myriad enemies in Parliament?
michlawa2 08/11/2008 48 7 - 14
Why is Bush still enjoying the games at all?
Russia and Georgia are in open warfare. Putin and Bush are in the same country and have been talking to one another. Doesn't this require a wee bit more attention than the President is giving? I ...
michlawa2 08/10/2008 14 2 - -
CNN is not much different than Fox News
I've been watching for about 20 minutes and the main stories have been a long segment on how people in a small city in Tennessee believe Obama is Muslim no matter what he says. Blitzer asked the ...
michlawa2 07/31/2008 33 16 - 32
Our Republic is Worth Fighting For
Recently my father's lung cancer has spread. He is now in Stage IV and while his cancer is not curable the doctors say that it is treatable (whatever that means). Two of my close friends have lost ...
michlawa2 07/26/2008 5 7 1 -
U.S. Aid to Pakistan's "democratically elected government" is appalling
Especially given a shift now of 230 million dollars from counter-terrorism to upgrade the countries F-16 fighter jets.
michlawa2 07/25/2008 1 1 - 4
Obama attacks MoveOn as move to the right (err center) continues
Just how far will Obama go in his pursuit of the Presidency? He has repudiated his own pastor after vowing not to do so, toughened his language on Iran, supported the death penalty, supports a bill ...
michlawa2 06/30/2008 105 2 - 19
Donate to the Bob Barr for President Campaign
Bob Barr could be responsible for handing Obama one or two Southern states this election. He has been as high as 8 points in Alabama. It's early but everyone knows that those die-hard southern ...
michlawa2 06/22/2008 46 9 - 16
Convince me to vote for Obama this fall
These are my thoughts and my thoughts only. Stream on consciousness type thoughts not asking anyone else to accept them. This is a painful conclusion I am coming to. It'...
michlawa2 04/26/2008 198 2 - 25
Andy Kaufman sums up my feelings here best: I trusted you!
There is a scene in the book 1984 in which the protagonist remembers the days before "the party" came into power. He remembers a man sitting in shock after some terrible bombing. He repeats over ...
michlawa2 04/25/2008 28 3 1 -
WAR: General David Petreus CentCom Commander
On March 11, General William Fallon resigned as Commander of Central Command. For some strange reason, the general believed that war with Iran was not a good idea. Double-plus ungood in fact. ...
michlawa2 04/23/2008 8 8 - -
Sen. Hillary Clinton has finally gone completely over the deep end regarding Iran. Scary.
Via Political Punch. .. Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, told Chris Cuomo on GMA this morning that should Iran attack ...
michlawa2 04/22/2008 98 42 - 19
Obama's Foreign Policy regarding Afghanistan is Bullshit
A presumption exists amongst most Americans, even liberals, that the war and occupation of Afghanistan was justified. The Afghan war is the "good" war because there are terrorists there that want ...
michlawa2 04/18/2008 103 2 1 34
"What torture?"
Im on vacation in Isla Mujeres and I called my dad today to see how hes doing. Excuse the lack of apostrophes Im on a spanish speaking keyboard and honestly cant find the button! Anyway, having ...
michlawa2 04/14/2008 3 2 - -
American Freedom Campaign: John Yoo
Here is a letter I received via email.... Dear Dante, What would you do if you found out that a pyromaniac worked in the fire department in your town? You would urge the fire department to fire ...
michlawa2 04/10/2008 22 7 - -
"Stare like a junkie into the tv, stare like a zombie..."
I'm sitting in a bar/restaurant called Jax in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. They have free wireless internet here and I'm playing poker and checking email, kos, etc. Well they have about 7 televisions ...
michlawa2 04/05/2008 3 3 - -
1984: Sanity is not statistical
I wrote this on a beach the other day in wordpad. The text is kinda odd for that reason. I debated whether to publish this it really is a rant. I've decided to though I'm curious what others will ...
michlawa2 04/03/2008 13 4 - 8
REP. John Dingell's reply to a letter I wrote
I wrote a letter to my representative a while back expressing my outrage at the firing to the U.S. attorneys, and the failure of Bolten and Miers to appear before the judiciary committee. Here is ...
michlawa2 03/26/2008 4 2 - -
Obama's impact: Chris Wallace called out Fox anchors for bias?!!
The most memorable thing about Chris Wallace (to me) before today was his interview with Bill Clinton in which Olbermann commented "(would) get a journalist fired but a propagandist promoted." I'
michlawa2 03/21/2008 11 5 1 -
This needs to be said: Obama did not LIE regarding the Wright sermons.
Obama said he was not in attendance during the fiery sermons that are being replayed over and over as much as the WTC attacks were replayed. Even Fox News verifies this: Reports ...
michlawa2 03/20/2008 19 8 - -
Will George W. Bush's Iraq War Speech Get Cut Off By Obama's Iraq Speech?
Today is the 5th Anniversity of the Iraq War. Actually it is the 5th year of occupation. Before and since the start of the conflict, Bush has lied ot and terrorized the American populace. After ...
michlawa2 03/19/2008 11 - - 1
Foreign Policy De-humanization is a Domestic Issue
I've seen several blog posts about the cost of the Iraq war being both a domestic an foreign policy issue. Something always precedes these wars we launch though, and that is the De-humanization of ...
michlawa2 03/14/2008 5 3 - -
Olbermann (finally) Launches Special comment against Hillary Clinton
The first time I saw a Keith Olbermann special comment I cried. It had to do with 9/11, the war in Iraq, and generally the horrible Bush administrations fear mongering. I've wondered since then ...
michlawa2 03/12/2008 416 189 10 31
Myths II
Myth: a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone. There are several myths being created and circulated right now. This diary is an attempt ...
michlawa2 03/10/2008 1 3 - -
Myth: a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone. There are several myths being created and circulated right now. This diary is an attempt ...
michlawa2 03/09/2008 19 10 - -
Orwellian Clinton uses NAFTAGATE To Attack Obama...Only They Are The Ones Who Contacted Canada
In an Orwellian stroke I just watched Hillary Clinton respond to the Samantha Power( Obama aide) "monster" quote thusly: "Particularly when they're talking to foreign governments and ...
michlawa2 03/07/2008 25 10 1 19
The Divisive Demographics Needs To Stop
All the news networks chop and divide the electorate into different groups. There is the Latino vote, the ethic white vote, white males, white female (as though female/male weren't enough division),
michlawa2 03/05/2008 12 1 - -
Pyrrhic Victory
A Pyrrhic victory (IPA: /ˈpɪrɪk/) is a victory with devastating cost to the victor. The phrase is an allusion to King Pyrrhus of Epirus, whose army suffered irreplaceable casualties ...
michlawa2 03/04/2008 9 8 - -
Pat Buchanan, Scarborough, even Maddow skewing what March 4th means!
Pat Buchanan has consistently been Pro-Clinton for the last year. That's no big surprise. So this quote (approx.) isn't surprising: If Clinton wins Ohio and Texas it will mean that ...
michlawa2 03/04/2008 49 8 - 9
A Daydream About A Protest
Today I was reading a book (a chomsky book my gf owns) and went into a weird the dream I was speaking at a huge protest of some sort here in Ann Arbor. When I snapped out of it i ...
michlawa2 02/26/2008 1 2 1 -
Message to Nader: Bring it On!!!!!!
The progressive community should have deep respect for Ralph Nader. Unsafe at Any Speed exposed the threat many American cars exposed to the public. He has been an activist for 40 years fighting ...
michlawa2 02/24/2008 32 3 - -
WARNING: We Must Not Allow A Reptition Of The 1968 Democratic Convention!
The story behind the nomination of Hubert Humphrey in 1968 is eerily similar to this election. Eugene McCarthy ran an anti-war campaign that called for the removal of all troops from Vietnam, while ...
michlawa2 02/23/2008 177 7 - 11
Elephant in the room: Population Explosion a bigger threat to life on Earth than Global Warming
"Unlike plagues of the dark ages or contemporary diseases we do not understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means we have discovered and with resources we posses. ...
michlawa2 02/22/2008 137 28 1 29
KERRY, HAGEL, Biden safe :)
Afghanistan is still a hot zone. Their helicopter has been forced to make an emergency landing. We don't know if it was from enemy fire or not or simply a mechanical error. Let's pray they are ...
michlawa2 02/21/2008 41 12 - 6
US Weapons Test Could Endanger Entire Planet
I'm greatly troubled by our governments upcoming weapons test. Not only is our government provoking the Asian powers with this test, they are purposely deceiving the American people. The news ...
michlawa2 02/20/2008 49 6 - 4
Israel is destroying United States Foreign Policy
In this diary I do not seek to debate whether the creation of Israel was a good idea. You will not find any moral indignation about past Israeli (changed from Jewish. Israeli aggression does not ...
michlawa2 02/19/2008 242 4 - 8
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