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I AM the happy person
Crossposted from Free Speech Zone. Well, fuck a duck. Things have been picking up no end. I'm getting book orders and good feedback and people I haven't heard from in a few months, and all sorts ...
mieprowan 02/11/2010 26 13 - 40
More Insane (s-word)
Crossposted from Free Speech Zone, and for what it's worth; I would NEVER have posted this first here. This is all getting very tiresome, this business of people saying Miep is Teh Crazy. Very ...
mieprowan 02/09/2010 47 8 - 19
I commence to give away my trees
I've been thinking about this for awhile, since things are changing a lot now. Giving away my fruit trees. I bought them last year. An apricot, a pear, a Braeburn apple, and a crabapple to ...
mieprowan 02/07/2010 32 15 - 35
Stories We Tell Ourselves
We tell ourselves a lot of stories. There's nothing wrong with that; in fact we need them. But we should always be looking at what the story we're telling is, and what the underlying stories are.
mieprowan 01/31/2010 58 15 - 25
Boxes of Petitions to Legalize Marijuana in California
Bid to legalize marijuana in California takes key ...
mieprowan 01/29/2010 57 19 - 29
We need to think very clearly now
We are at war. It was not what we expected, even those of us who were hesitant about Barack Obama. And this is not about Barack Obama's failings; he is what he is and under better circumstances he ...
mieprowan 01/26/2010 17 12 - 13
Corporations vs. Humans
Since apparently we are going to have to be dealing with corporate influence even more than we already have been, like it or not; I guess it's best to keep talking about them, vs. us - i.e., humans. ...
mieprowan 01/22/2010 45 16 - 30
A Kalimba For Haiti
I bought a kalimba the other day, via the Internet. A Hugh Tracy kalimba. It cost me $98. I had a good kalimba when I was a kid, and I always remembered having it. They are neat. Kids love them.
mieprowan 01/20/2010 21 6 - 11
How To Write A Troll Diary
sigh. Okay, I'll try to help. Okay, first...the VERY first thing you do, is come in, in a way, that will catch people off guard. It helps to be confusing with a touch of humor. Get all that in the ...
mieprowan 01/17/2010 207 30 - 36
I'm 52 and Bob's dead
Catchy, no? I found out from some stalker creep on the street a few weeks ago. Bob died last October. We were part of each other's lives for ten years. We lived in the same small town, during all ...
mieprowan 01/15/2010 37 9 - 12
Community Garden News
Some recent news, some resource links.
mieprowan 01/14/2010 4 10 1 13
Running Off the Homeless
Not a happy news roundup. I'll do a happier one next.
mieprowan 01/13/2010 24 23 - 41
And How Are Your Bats Doing?
Pace of bat die-off called historic by Rinker Buck December 22, 2009 (crossposted ...
mieprowan 01/12/2010 34 25 - 31
How To Change A Bicycle Tire
I've gotten heavily into the comment threads of a few bicycle-oriented essays here recently, and got to thinking that with all these comments I've added to them, I could probably come up with an ...
mieprowan 01/09/2010 43 17 4 27
Daily Kos gives us friends
and no, I'm not trying to convince anybody about anything. I've just been thinking about this blog since Sept 2008 and about what it's done for me. It's been way more complicated than giving me ...
mieprowan 01/05/2010 27 20 - 25
Free Meep!
The Boston Globe published an article a few weeks ago, entitled "Meep! The power of the meaningless!" link below:
mieprowan 12/29/2009 30 24 - 44
Thoughts on Gifts
I like to give people stuff. Sometimes things I've collected, sometimes my time, sometimes my analysis, sometimes just cash, when I think I have a little extra. Sometimes just telling them that I ...
mieprowan 12/29/2009 17 9 - 31
Homeless Helpers
Mystery donor rents rooms for homeless in Colo. December 25, 2009 AP COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- ...
mieprowan 12/26/2009 24 23 - 76
Homeless Dead
mieprowan 12/23/2009 41 36 1 82
Yes, this is another great opportunity to express your opinions. What do you think about banning?
mieprowan 12/21/2009 224 20 - 52
Obama is not the enemy
We should seriously consider primarying him, though. We need to talk about it.
mieprowan 12/19/2009 52 - - 47
place on the hill
Blog comments, mostly. Look as you will.
mieprowan 12/19/2009 6 3 - 61
The Bad Thing
This is the story of the Bad Thing. It's scary. Don't read this without your mommy. Don't say I didn't warn you.
mieprowan 12/12/2009 57 10 1 93
He's Not Your Boyfriend
I am utterly sick of all this carrying on here about how people are not allowed to criticize Barack Obama. He's not your boyfriend.
mieprowan 12/10/2009 176 35 - 109
homeless dinner holiday 1987
The holidays are upon us, and this is a story about one such holiday, in my distant past, and the person who helped me make it the fine event it was. He got lost, a long time ago, so this is for him.
mieprowan 12/07/2009 48 14 - 259
December Music
mieprowan 12/05/2009 31 9 - 47
We should march on Washington
Too many promises betrayed, and now this new war escalation. Is this blog called "Daily Kos" or is it called "Daily Barack Obama?" I thought we were activists.
mieprowan 12/03/2009 219 32 - 132
Mexican Drought News
200 Mayan Peasants Arrested for Blocking Road in Mexico Latin American Herald Tribune November 25, 2009 ...
mieprowan 11/25/2009 17 16 1 85
Seattle Shelter May Find Itself Homeless
Got this one the other day, h/t AllisonInSeattle Every woman has a story at Mary's Place. Jessica Mackey has been homeless for three months; she was evicted from a room she was renting.
mieprowan 11/23/2009 28 19 1 120
Jailed in California for housing the homeless
This sort of conflict continues to arise, where people are living in below-code situations and shut down - to go live in below-code situations in other venues, presumably. This time somebody went ...
mieprowan 11/23/2009 57 32 - 43
Some Fall Music
A relatively small selection, with a few repeats, and a few new findings, and at least one terrific new name.
mieprowan 11/21/2009 21 5 - 73
Quit Shooting Up My Neighborhood!
I don't like it when people drive around shooting up my neighborhood.
mieprowan 11/18/2009 79 14 1 27
Homeless in Carlsbad
The Homesteader They don't leave links open for long (you have to pay $2.95 per article)
mieprowan 11/13/2009 34 16 1 111
Homeless News
With a focus on veterans, and including a few interesting videos I've run across lately, and a few other items of note. Update: watch the Homeless Karaoke video. It's incredibly upbeat and ...
mieprowan 11/12/2009 62 29 - 314
more music
Just for the hell of it. Greg Brown, "Our Little Town"
mieprowan 11/10/2009 29 9 - 73
What is Work?
An old friend of my family had a favorite saying: "Work is something unpleasant done for money." I lost touch with the fellow long ago, but the phrase has stuck in my mind and popped up ...
mieprowan 10/31/2009 55 6 - 17
spotlight on prisons, special Les Miserables issue
I found out from new pioneer this evening that there are all these great YouTube videos out (and have been for some time) of the Les Miserables Broadway play. We'll start out with "Work Song" and ...
mieprowan 10/08/2009 21 11 - 52
Ohio Food Co-op Swat Team Raid Trial This Week
John and Jackie Stower run the Manna Storehouse in LaGrange, Ohio. Last December their organic food coop and homeschool were raided by a SWAT team, who invaded their home with guns drawn, held them ...
mieprowan 10/05/2009 66 37 1 116
Spotlight on Prisons, 4 October 2009
This is a roundup of news and commentary regarding prisons and prisoners. I have focused to a fair extent (though not entirely) on stories where there is some question of prisoner abuse, or ...
mieprowan 10/04/2009 14 21 - 57
Homeless News Roundup, 3 October 2009
Homeless activists delay L.A. City Council meeting by David Zahniser L.A. Times September 29, ...
mieprowan 10/03/2009 33 22 - 39
Prison News Highlights
Prisoners’ Rights NYT editorial September 23, 2009 In 1996, Congress passed a law that made it much harder for ...
mieprowan 10/01/2009 25 14 2 14
more music videos!
John Fahey; On the Other Side of the Ocean:
mieprowan 09/28/2009 38 4 - 8
zappa youtubes
I hadn't seen these before. Maybe they are new.
mieprowan 09/26/2009 74 5 2 28
Homeless News Roundup, 25 September 2009
(crossposted at DocuDharma ) Respite in the Redwoods: Homeless vets find help in the ...
mieprowan 09/25/2009 18 18 2 124
Some Poems And Photos By Miep
( crossposted at DocuDharma ) I felt like posting something here, and no stories came to mind, so I'll retrench into poetry. Why not?
mieprowan 09/22/2009 40 23 1 209
Homeless News Roundup 18 September, 2009
(crossposted at DocuDharma) Face of homeless changing as more kinds of ...
mieprowan 09/18/2009 50 24 - 180
Homeless News Roundup, 14 September 2009
Camp Runamuck; a Glimpse of the East Providence Homeless Community Truthout September 9, 2009 Katie is 19 and would only give her first name.
mieprowan 09/13/2009 15 29 - 43
Remember the Bloggers of Yesteryear
In honor of Docudharma's 2nd anniversary. Crossposted there and on my blog.
mieprowan 09/12/2009 36 21 - 34
what have we learned from September 11?
It's tomorrow. I'd almost forgotten. It's becoming some kind of historical date like Armistice Day, or Veteran's day, or Memorial Day. I'm not sure what we've learned from any of those last three. ...
mieprowan 09/10/2009 68 10 - 101
The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!
Happy labor day everybody. Here's something from Martin Luther King:
mieprowan 09/07/2009 23 5 - 52
Homeless News Roundup
I know I need to get started on this, so bear with me, please. There are no pictures in this one, I know. But there hopefully are interesting news alerts. I am a creature of habit, so it's good for ...
mieprowan 09/04/2009 72 16 - 5
the chile is in!
The chile has been in for some weeks now, to be honest. The chile that you can buy in bushel burlap bags and get roasted at your friendly chile outlet, has been available since about the second week ...
mieprowan 08/29/2009 116 26 - 60
I lucked out today, and so did my dog
August in Carlsbad, NM. It rains or it doesn't rain, but it's overall kind of an exhausting midterm monsoon season. Don't get me wrong, I don't really want to complain about the monsoon. If it didn'...
mieprowan 08/27/2009 80 17 1 33
elephants in the room
I've been spending some time writing back and forth with people on this site whom I respect, and looking at the increasingly scientifically complex threads on nuclear energy that appear here at times.
mieprowan 08/21/2009 122 17 1 46
Posting photos here; what's legal and how to do it?
Hi everybody. I'm sure you're thinking I'm going to post a diary here explaining all of that. Alas, no. I'm asking YOU to explain all of that, and then add tags as appropriate, so that I (or anyone)
mieprowan 08/15/2009 64 12 15 42
thoughts on a creepy meme
Those of us who get fairly involved in this site sometimes take time to troll hunt. This can involve watching hidden comments, and also making choices about the resultant pile-ons. Some of us even ...
mieprowan 08/14/2009 96 16 - 21
Jose Marti poetry late night thread
I think we all need to know more about Jose Julian Marti Perez. He was born in Havana, Cuba, on January 28, 1853. He later became the national hero and cultural icon of the Cuban nation. Anyone ...
mieprowan 08/12/2009 32 5 - 39
stories of the street: dog advice
This is a DK BrokenRoots diary. We are trying to organize around issues facing and otherwise regarding homeless and otherwise disenfranchised people. Our group is ...
mieprowan 08/12/2009 22 9 1 1
How are we homeless? Let us count the ways
A few of us Kossacks have gotten started on getting organized about homeless advocacy, and I volunteered to start the Google Group. It's at We went ...
mieprowan 08/09/2009 101 14 1 3
random open thread: quotes!
Stolen from Insomniac’s Vent Hole. This random thread is for people who like to stay up late at night and, well chat. I guess. I kinda don't like that word, but whatever I like this part ...
mieprowan 07/18/2009 129 11 - 33
Welcome, New Users! The Hotlist Button
Hello to everyone here who has joined lately, and/or has not quite worked out the site functions. You can learn a lot by reading ek hornbeck 's diaries (...
mieprowan 07/09/2009 17 18 4 94
Why here?
I was reading ImpeachKingBushII's diary about how sick he is today, and read through the couple hundred comments extant at the time.
mieprowan 07/07/2009 60 14 - 33
Dogs I've Lost
This is about dogs I've lost, who were important people in my life. They were all dogs with whom some mistakes were made. But they were all wonderful dogs and I would not want to rewrite my life ...
mieprowan 07/02/2009 24 10 - 9
it rains! it rains!
After all my whining about our stage 1 moderate drought emergency down here in Carlsbad, NM; compleat with stage 1 water restrictions (a mere slight inconvenience), it has rained. Oh, how it has ...
mieprowan 06/30/2009 27 24 1 222
tarantula spring; spider emergency?
It was spring, and the tarantulas were keeping me awake. All around me their cages loomed, above me on their built-in shelves; as I lay in bed, fruitlessly attempting sleep. "Tic tic tic! Keek-keek,
mieprowan 06/18/2009 95 23 1 40
Stage One Water Restrictions; Or; Is It Time To Start A Community Garden?
The city council announced it today, here in Carlsbad, Southeast New Mexico. We are not allowed to water with hoses between 10 am and 6 pm, and not at all with hoses except on our allocated days......
mieprowan 06/10/2009 76 20 - 26
A Much of a Mulchness
Down here in the dreadful dry desert, we gardeners take mulch seriously (either that, or we have scary water bills). Mulch is useful in a variety of ways, including for those of you gardening in the ...
mieprowan 06/02/2009 68 14 - 50
Composting and its Concomitant Critters
Composting really isn’t a cut and dried activity; it’s more like what happens when you let things sit around and rot. Managing composting is about which things you let rot, and where, ...
mieprowan 05/20/2009 77 24 1 33
Why garden in the desert?
Someone here asked me the other day, “why bother trying to garden in the desert?” It hadn’t occurred to me to ask myself that question. I want to write more about how to garden in ...
mieprowan 05/17/2009 106 16 1 30
The Heat! The Horror! Argghh!!
Damn, I was going to get some kind of great diary together by now, with intro photos of dying sunflowers and everything; all this in hopes of making a small effort to get across stuff about growing ...
mieprowan 05/13/2009 12 5 2 6
The Horror of Heat
(crossposted from/to Heat as a bad thing isn’t often a topic that comes up if you live in serious temperate zones or even further north yet, where “zone envy” ...
mieprowan 05/10/2009 22 8 - 1
Musicology of the Net
Well, and how are we all tonight? Rough, ain't it? Too many missed strokes. What are we doing here, Kossacks? It's hard to try to figure it out. It goes on, and on. Are we still supposed to be ...
mieprowan 04/26/2009 5 1 - -
Kos pain reversed, revisited?
I'm admittedly unstable, though I'm really smart. I occasionally get pasted and post diaries here, and I don't even remember them until I go back and read them. With trepidation. But still, still. ...
mieprowan 04/15/2009 29 6 - 11
Blogging as oral history
I can't remember anyone bringing this idea up, but then, I don't read online as much as some. What I see here on dKos and other blogs is people writing to/at each other like we used to tell each ...
mieprowan 04/13/2009 33 2 - 1
The Voice
I've been writing on lately, and I posted a diary there about a week ago that I thought might be of interest to Kossacks generally, as it is about not only community food ...
mieprowan 02/26/2009 13 9 - 18
Rules of Kossacks
I've been here about five months now, gone through some stuff, and I thought I'd post a meta diary. It was going through my head some over the last month, and I thought it would be fun to see what ...
mieprowan 01/29/2009 49 8 1 4
The Gaza strip comprises about 25 square miles. There about about 1.5 million people living there. That's about seven times the population density of urban Los Angeles. The people there aren't ...
mieprowan 01/02/2009 412 16 2 18
Cruciferous Friday
I am a peculiar person and sometimes I do peculiar things, and one of my favorites is to write on walls. I have the (admittedly mixed) good fortune to own a couple of rundown houses with ...
mieprowan 12/26/2008 27 9 - 173
Solanum Tuesday
There are a number of plant families of which I am especially fond. The mints and the legumes alone could keep one busy for a lifetime. But there is nothing that quite captures my imagination so ...
mieprowan 12/23/2008 44 10 1 219
Gardening, not craziness
After posting my last blog, it became clear to me that, of the many problems I have with Daily Kos, the biggest one, ironically, has to do with how many inordinately kind people there are here. I&...
mieprowan 12/21/2008 41 6 1 -
I live here, hiding
I have a couple of houses I own, that are broken in lots of ways. The infrastructure is questionable. The locals don't like me. I have a little money that comes in from my family, thank god. But ...
mieprowan 12/17/2008 63 9 - 8
fox visitation
I walk my dog down the acequia now and then. It's in town, but it's not a bad walk. It's pretty nice in a lot of ways - quiet, and the irrigation district keeps it pretty clean. It's not wilderness, ...
mieprowan 11/28/2008 49 15 - 18
A day off for the homeless, 1987
The holidays are upon us, and this is a story about one such holiday, in my distant past, and the person who helped me make it the fine event it was. He got lost, a long time ago, so this is for him.
mieprowan 11/21/2008 15 4 2 156
Tell me what you need
This diary is actually an offer of money. You get $50 if you convince me you need it most. I am in charge far as that $50 goes. That's my stake I'm putting up here, to get this started. I'll mail it ...
mieprowan 11/16/2008 41 7 3 4
You got set up, you all got set up
This is about Proposition 8 in California. I keep seeing the vitriol increase, and I keep seeing the same thing; you got set up. I wouldn't normally write a diary like this, because it's going to ...
mieprowan 11/08/2008 108 18 1 18
Dog-doctoring on the eve of the election
We talk about health care for humans, but not so much that for animals. How the latter works is another aspect to examine, in seeing how the whole system works, because there are similar assumptions ...
mieprowan 11/03/2008 23 6 - 2
Dumpster Diaries
Years ago, I lived next door to a grocery store of a large chain. The back yard where I lived was next to the alley where the store's trash bins were, and there was only a low wall between. The ...
mieprowan 10/13/2008 43 11 1 8
leave everything on the road
Markos is telling us that. What things might we leave on the road? It's a pretty extreme request, right? What shall we give up, to leave everything on the road? Where do we start? What do we ...
mieprowan 10/10/2008 33 1 - 5
various poetry
These are some poems I would hope people might remember. A few from me, that I think I did a good job on, and one much better from Sidney Keyes, about the ongoing and endless horror of war. Now ...
mieprowan 09/27/2008 14 3 - -
Ninety-odd votes
I live in Carlsbad, New Mexico. It is not all that far from Mexico, or Texas either. A recent Daily Kos blogger encouraged political activists to target our part of southeast New Mexico as being ...
mieprowan 09/22/2008 1 2 - 2
talking about signs in the south
I ran into a hugely long Kagro X comment thread here about how much trouble people are having acquiring Obama signs from the campaign. This appears to be a point of complaint all over the place. ...
mieprowan 09/20/2008 4 3 - -
Please don't vote for wolf-killers
Please vote for Obama, please don't vote for people who shoot wolves. That is wrong. I loved the article about Greenpeace setting up the polar bear mannequins in Washington DC, but I fear they are ...
mieprowan 09/19/2008 16 9 1 -
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